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Chapter 1:Prologue

Three years ago, she had walked away.

She had literally slammed the door on a possible relationship or whatever it was. She tried not to dwell on it these last three years. It had been three years since she seen his face. It was was one face that had haunted her dreams every night for three years. She could still remember his hair,his piercing blue eyes that bored into her soul haunted her dreams She remembered the last thing she said to him. With eyes full of anger, she had left her home. She had been wondering the world aimlessly for the last three years. She didn't want to go back and confront that person so she continued to travel.

If she stayed in one place for too long, she grew restless and continued her trek around the world. She had seen and met some every interesting people. Some good, some bad. It was during this journey she had been able to do a little soul searching. She discovered things she didn't even know about herself. She was rude, impatient, foolish, as well as a long list of other adjectives she had discovered. She thought back to that fateful day. There wer words exchanged hurtful words that caused her to leave. When she had turned her back on the Hidden Leaf Village, formally known as Konoha, she had done it in a very irrational almost childish way. She was only 18 years old so therefore she didn't know any better. As she thought about it one day on her journey, she realized that she had let her feelings get in the way. Necessarily, she hadn't turned her back on the Hidden Leaf itself but more so she had turned her back on its Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

But, now it was time to go back and face what would have been.

She wasn't scared. She was terrified.

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