An Emporer Sea Strider walks solitary across the purple-green matrix of the Ameobic Sea, standing erect, and proud. The biolights painted across the back of the tremendous beast illuminated the sea. The crown of the head was being whipped at by torrents of rain, it was licked by archs of lightning. Wind gusts faster than anything recorded on Earth batter the hulking creature. It seemed to be the immortal image of life on Darwin IV.

It's Sonar, so loud it may even break steel, detected a pod of 10 or so of Skewers. It swung it's massive head to the right, facing the dark phantoms jetting across the purple clouds. The First Skewer compressed it's wing, making it a living torpedo. The horrid javelin -like mouth peirces the hide of the living tower, and the Sea Strider begins emitting distress sounds. After a moment, the Skewer emerges from the other side, covered in the Sea strider's black blood. Another Skewer's lance sluices through the tail and pseudo-phallus. more plunge into the massive beast; One through the gills; One through the crest on it's head; One straight through the knee. As the weakened beast begins toppling into the gelatinous sea below, one last Skewer blasts a direct hole through the Sea strider's brain. The creature collapses into the matrix, creating waves larger than Taipei 101.

The Skewers fly away, satisfied at killing the biggest organism every known to man.