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2 – The Set

"No, no, no, no!"

"…can you let me explain?"


"Ville…" Deuce was being glared at by Ville and they were on the set, nobody besides them were there.

"I can make them better!"

"…I don't want you turn my precious love metal into something so-"

"No, no, no!" Deuce started to pitch in, grinning, 'I want to do videos and stuff for it! Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I?"


"Yo, look at the two chicks! Deuce, couldn't you do better?!" Johnny 3 Tears made his way towards them, grinning like Hell. In his hand, he had a cuff and Deuce looked it, grabbing onto it. "Why are you walking around with a cuff?"

Johnny rolled his eyes. "Bam doesn't know us by name. I told him I was in jail. He gave me this."

Deuce laughed. "Dude, so now 'you're the one who went to jail?'

"Imagine Charlie. He's making him carry around a beer everywhere he goes."

"Not shocking of Charlie to do. What's he making Da Kurlzz do?"

"…wear a thong."

Deuce just burst into laughter. "JDog?"

"He brought him a leash!"

"This is priceless!" Deuce didn't want to question why he didn't just remember them by their masks but he didn't want to break the mood as he looked back from Ville to Johnny and then he cuffed them both together.

Ville and Johnny stared at each other then at Deuce.

"Annoying bitch. Imma kill you!" Johnny exclaimed, grabbing onto Deuce as he tried to catch him but Deuce ran off. Johnny didn't even bother thinking before he ran off, rushing after the other guy, dragging Ville behind him.

Deuce's laughter erupted through the air.

"Stop. Stop. Stop!" Ville tried to stop Johnny by his arm but that was no use. Hell, if anything, he was just tiring himself out.

Johnny looked down at Ville. "Who's the chick?"

"Him? I got him for $5 instead of Da Kurlzz."

"HEY!" as if on cue, Da Kurlzz, along with Bam, had entered towards the set, Bam exploding with laughter at the sight of Ville trapped along with… that jail guy. Da Kurlzz was just staring down at him before he ran towards Ville and hid behind him. "Save me."

Bam looked at Ville. "In all my life, I never thought I'd find anyone girlier than you, man but this…this takes the cake!"

Da Kurlzz whimpered. "HE HURT ME!"

"I did not! He's just making stuff up!"

"You did! You did! You did! I'm telling Johnny!"

"Faggot," Johnny breathed in Da Kurlzz's ear, making his eyes prick with tears.

"Everyone wants to make me unhappy."

Ville looked at Da Kurlzz than at Bam than back at the supposedly perky black haired male, 'I like him."

"That's a first." Deuce pitched in.


'Destiny Unveiled' had entered inside. Jeff skipped, his skirt flying to show his lacy underwear and he walked towards the two bands. "Everything alright in here?"

Deuce pointed to the cuffs. "Ville and Johnny are getting married."

Bam twitched a bit. "Yeah?"

Ville looked at Johnny than back at Deuce. "YOU, YOU ARE NOT RUINING MY ACT!"

Deuce went over there to hug him, nearly crushing him, 'see? We're the bestest of bestest of friends! We even share pants and underwear right now! The little whore is giving me tips on which angle is best to be fucked at! Ha! That's right, baby!"

Jeff giggled. "Bam?"

Bam just nodded his head. "I love the band."

"Well, he's a better manager than Shady Jeff, 'Johnny said, then looked over at Da Kurlzz who was shaking his head, his purple thong peering from his low-rise jeans. "Damn, Kurlzz, you really got something back there!"


"Damn, what a baby." Jeff giggled.

Matt stared at Jeff before starting to laugh, bursting and erupting into complete laughter. "Says Jeffro, the biggest baby in the world…that must mean something, right?"

Jeff pouted. "HEY, MATTY!"


Da Kurlzz pouted. "You guys aren't nice, you know, assholes."

"The baby learned a new word!" Johnny perked in and Da Kurlzz ran off, looking as if he was going to cry as Jeff grinned at Ville. "So, Ville, how's your act coming? Did you practice enough?"

"Only twenty-two times. I never made it to the end 'cause-"

Deuce just grabbed onto Ville's shoulders and crushed his lips towards Ville's.

Ville tried to pull off but Deuce kept his grip firm before leaning away, breathlessly, 'damn, bitch. That's your 'not kissing' kiss?"

Ville glared at him.

Deuce whispered something in Jeff's ear.

"If he knows that he really messed up, he's gonna throw the biggest tantrum of all…trust me, it's so ugly even Johnny here shudders at the mere thought of it, so play along!" Deuce whispered before turning to Jeff and grinning.

Ville sighed. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Doing what?" Jeff heard, his going-to-pout look was crumpling to form itself.

Deuce wrapped his arms around Ville, 'that he has such an awesome buddy to help him with the videos and editing right now!"

Ville's eyes widened but he nodded his head anyways. Ville leaned towards Deuce's ear, 'why not? You already took away everything."

"Good to hear, baby."

"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" Jeff was jumping up and down before looking at Matt. "See, Matty?! I didn't mess up!"

Deuce was about to go towards the Hollywood Undead trailer to see how much of a mess they were and then as he looked through the trailer, he let out a gasp. They were fine…and happy…no, he was supposed to make the band better…but it seemed so much better without him. So many smiles.

Deuce turned around, his smile had disappeared.

"I'm supposed to be the one who brings us all together/Weak or strong, not just a song/We sing along when things go wrong/You will need me when you fall/And I will need you when I'm wrong/Tears lead me on/They let me lead you so far/Weak or strong, I'll hold your arm…"

Ville just watched as Deuce played the chorus, then he flipped around his guitar, sighing softly.

He was going to regret this but he sat down anyways. Half of the cuff was still around Ville since they had to burn it into melting at the centre so they'd be freed. Ville sat down and watched as Deuce stared down, pouting.


Deuce looked back at Ville. "They're all happy without me."


"My band."

Deuce stared down at Ville's cuff and started laughing while Ville glared. "Do you want this supposed to be compassionate moment or not?"

"…yeah, yeah, I do."

Deuce grinned as he started to try and speak. "You know, I'm the one who puts in most work in the band, I just thought that because I'm gone, everything will fall apart, people will learn their lesson…"

"So let me get this straight: you want your band to break?"

"Do I?"

Silence roamed.

"I'm craving some ice cream right now…"

Deuce put his guitar down and walked off.

Ville raised his eyebrow. "What just happened?"

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