I've never seen Kaoru look so sick and weak. Of course he's been sick before, but now was different. It had been days. He was always so pale I knew something was wrong but he always said he was fine.

That was, until he collapsed right in the middle of a host club meeting. I've never been so scared in my life. Right now, I'm waiting in the waiting room of a hospital. Not sure what to do. People staring, it was probably my uniform that I hadn't changed out of yet . I clearly stood out.

Tono and the others were coming soon, they had to finish the club even with this "minor interruption". as it was referred to. Didn't want to worry the guests right?

Of course, what do the guests matter? In my life, all that mattered was Kaoru. My twin brother. If anything's wrong, all I can think is…Is what can I do?

Tamaki walked though the door of the hospital. "Hikauru!" he asked, as saw me sitting on one of the chairs. Girls were obviously smiling and staring as he and the other host club boys entered the hospital waiting room. he walked over to him and sat down. "Is Kaoru okay?" he asked a bit worriedly.

I shrugged and just stared at my feet. Haruhi sat down on the other side of me and despite her changing out of her uniform, she still looked like a boy wearing shorts and a tee shirt. "Do you think he's okay?…" I didn't answer immediately. I knew she had lost a family member, so she was probably worried like I was. I could often relate to her, but she wasn't nearly as important to me as Kaoru. I could feel a tear stroke down my face. "I-I don't know" I finally answered. Mori, who was carrying Hunny on his shoulders, walked over slowly and put a hand on my shoulder. I didn't look up to see Hunny's annoyingly cute face pity me. Kyouya was probably just standing there writing. As usual.

A few minutes later, a nurse walked out of the room Kaoru was in. Tamaki, being Tamaki, rushed up and took the young nurse's hands in his own "Is he all right?" he asked dramatically. He then took one of his hands and stroked it though his blonde hair. "I couldn't bear to see our family split up…"

The nurse blushed "T-that's so considerate of you but…are you really part of his family? I see no resemblance."

A few seconds later Tamaki was in the corner sulking. The nurse looked puzzled.

Kyouya pushed his glasses further onto his face. "Oh, don't worry, that's normal. And, no I'm sorry none of us are his family. Just him." he pointed at me. I looked up to see the nurse laugh. "Oh, now you have a resemblance! I could never tell you apart if I tried!" Hikauru stood up sighing. "Yeah, I'm his twin brother. What's he got?"

The nurse's smile faded as she looked at her chart. "He has-"

"Does he know yet? Is he awake?"

The startled nurse nodded.

"Then I'll ask him myself."

"Hikauru Chan?…" Hunny asked as I started to walk though the door of the hospital room. I felt him tug on my uniform. He help up his stuffed bunny. "You wanna hold Usa-chan?" he asked innocently as I turned around. I smiled. "No thanks. I bet he'd be lonely without you." Hunny nodded and walked back over to Mori.

I opened the door to see Kaoru sitting up again. "Kaoru!" I smiled as I rushed over to him.

"Hikauru!" he smiled as he hugged me.

I laughed in delight. "I'm so glad to see you. I was so worried."

"I was worried too." he said kind of weakly.

"At least you're okay. It was just stress right? I'll never leave you alone again." I promised.

Kaoru let go of me and leaned backwards a bit. "Hikauru. It wasn't just stress…"

Hikauru's eyes widened. "What is it then Kaoru?…"

"It's leukemia."