Here you go guys, full of Drama here. Basically what happens when I'm too lazy to have the parents give a crap. Pft.

I just stared. Not even our own parents cared. Stupid work, I sometimes wish weren't so rich…I turned away from them and snatched my cell phone from my pocket and called my parents.

"Master Hikaru?" It was one of the butlers.

"I want to talk to mother."

"I'm sorry, both your mother and father are busy."

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT CRAP. I need to talk to them personally."

The butler sighed though the phone. "It's not that I don't agree with you about this. I'm sorry, all I can do is leave them a message.

"Then you tell those assholes that they can easily afford a couple million yen to check up on there son who's sick. I'm also not going home tonight."

"Are you sure you should refer to your parents like that?"

" Are you sure they should leave there son ant the hospital with leukemia?" I hung up the phone before he could respond.

"Hikaru? Do you need to stay at my place tonight?" Tono asked.

"Y-Yes." I had no where to go. Once again tears strolled down my already tear stained face.

Tono turned back to the Host Club. "Everyone, I think you should head home. Leave Hikaru to me."

The others turned and headed towards the door Haruhi stopped to look back once. "I'm so sorry…" she whispered as she began to open the glass doors.

"I'll have a limo here as soon as possible."

"No…can we just, walk there instead?"

"That's probably an hour from here on foot. Are you sure?"

I looked back at Kaoru's room. I didn't want to leave. "It's fine, Tono. I just need the time to think."

Tamaki put his hand on my shoulder and smiled. "as long as you're fine with it. I have to call home and tell them though."

The road to Tono's place was long. It was late so it was dark out as well. Tono walked two steps ahead of me. I just stared at the sidewalk. Somehow managing to keep myself from crying.

I had no idea what to do. My brother, who I love in a different than I had thought, was dying, My parents don't give a shit, and neither dose anyone else. At least Tono and Haruhi cared. Maybe the host club is a family. It makes a hell of a lot better one then mine.



I gripped his sleeve. "Will you guys be me and Kaoru's family?"

Tamaki smiled. "Of course we will."

I spent the night with Tamaki that night Although I couldn't get any sleep. I was scared, heartbroken, and powerless. I love him so much.

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