This is my first yaoi story!!! It's SasuNaru (obviously), and there's going to be smut in pretty much every chapter. In fact, there's hardly any plot... but as long as there's yummy SasuNaru lemony goodness, who cares?!

"Cute" was not a word that Sasuke Uchiha used frequently – if ever. It wasn't a part of his vocabulary, quite simply. However, watching his hyperactive blonde boyfriend tear his Christmas present open, he couldn't help but think anything besides "cute".

"Sasuke!" he squealed – in an extremely manly way, of course. "This is awesome! Thank you so much!"

"Hn," the raven replied, smirking. "You like it?"

Naruto grinned widely and nodded, his blonde hair flapping everywhere. He launched himself at his dark haired boyfriend and crushed their lips together. Before Sasuke had a chance to deepen it, though, Naruto pulled away. Naruto said he pouted, but that wasn't true – Uchiha's do not pout. Even if he had pouted (which he hadn't!), it would have been for a very plausible reason. Naruto's lips were simply sinful.

Naruto reverently set down the coupons to Ichiraku's Ramen Bar – only the best place on earth.

"Five coupons for free ramen!" the blonde crooned happily. "Five!"

"Yeah, dobe, I know how many there are, seeing as I bought them," Sasuke smirked back.

His boyfriend pouted and folded his arms over his chest. "You're mean, Sasuke-teme! I don't think I want to give you your present anymore!"

And with that, he turned around and faced away from the raven. Sasuke rolled his eyes. His boyfriend, although very hot, was very childish at times – a lot of the time. With an inaudible sigh, he slid his arms around his boyfriend from behind and started to suck lightly on his tan neck.

"Naru-chan...," he purred. "I gave you your present, it's only far that I get mine now."

Naruto pouted, but nodded after a minute of internal debate. He crawled away from the raven, giving him a wonderful view of the blonde's perfect ass. He leered openly, making the blonde blush and whack the side of his head when he turned back around.

"Here," Naruto mumbled, shoving a small, rectangular box into the raven's hands. His checks were flushing quickly, which made Sasuke smirked. Red was a good color on his dobe.

Unlike his boyfriend, Sasuke didn't rip his present open. He slid the paper off carefully, slowly, taking his time. This aggravated Naruto, of course, but Sasuke didn't speed up.

"I made it myself!" Naruto exclaimed, suddenly excited again. "Well, Sakura-chan taught me how to do the fancy writing, because I didn't know how and it was really hard – but I did everything by myself!"

Sasuke chuckled and slipped the lid off the box to reveal a small stack of papers stapled together. Written very carefully on the front in calligraphy was "Sasuke's Coupon Book". It was made of different colored paper and decorated in Christmas stickers. The pages were all different sizes, but Sasuke assumed that was Naruto trying to be creative. It was cute, he thought. Until he opened the book, for the first coupon read:

"For the use of one costume of Sasuke's choice. Valid one night only."

The raven's eyes went wide. Sasuke was always trying to coerce Naruto into a steamy night of kinky sex – but their ideas of kinky weren't the same. Naruto thought of a new position when it came to being kinky, while Sasuke was thinking of ropes, role play, etc. So this – well, this was very exciting.

Eagerly, Sasuke tore through the rest of the book, reading the total eleven coupons that Naruto had made for him. The were amazing. One night of role play, one costume, one strip tease or a dance...!

"Do you...," Naruto began, sounding nervous when Sasuke stopped at the coupon entitled "Sasuke-sama" and no longer moved, " you not like it, Sasu?"

"God, Naruto! I love it!" Sasuke growled, tackling him to the ground. Naruto squeaked as his boyfriend claimed his lips roughly, unable to do anything but moan wantonly and kiss back.

"I'm using one now," snarled the raven, reaching for the coupon book.

"Iie, Sasuke!" Naruto whined, squirming as his boyfriend sampled his neck. "Sakura, Lee, Kakashi and Iruka are going to be here soon! We can't do any – ah! – anything right now!"

"I'll be damned if I'm going to let some old pervert and a 'youthful' freak stop me from pounding into that tight little ass of yours, Naruto," Sasuke growled.

"Sas – Sasuke!" Naruto moaned, trying to push his boyfriend off. He only pulled off Naruto's top and latched onto the dusty nipple his actions revealed. "R-really, teme, st-stop it!"

"Well Merry Christmas indeed."

"Oh my! What a wonderful and youthful display of youth!"

The pair on the floor froze, before, in unison, looking up at the four people in the doorway. Kakashi was laughing his head off and Lee was grinning stupidly, while Iruka was bright red and Sakura was pinching her nose to stop blood from spurting out.

Mortified, Naruto pushed Sasuke off and frantically pulled his shirt back on.

"Should we come back later, perhaps?" Kakashi grinned.

"No!" Naruto squeaked at the exact same time Sasuke snapped "Yes."

"No," Naruto repeated, glaring at his boyfriend as he stood up. "Of course not. It's Christmas and you're family. Today we're spending the day together, the six of us." He stressed the last four words and glared once more at his boyfriend.

Reluctantly and very pissed off, Sasuke stood and followed the others into the kitchen. How could his little blonde deny him from using his Christmas present! It was a gift, and he was entitle to use it whenever he wanted! Just because some of their friends had shown up they couldn't have sex?! Sasuke had no problem doing it in front of other people!.... Well, maybe not – he didn't want anyone, no matter who they were, to see his Naruto like that. Naruto naked was a sight for his eyes only.

But... it couldn't be all bad, he supposed, watching Naruto with a smirk. This just gave him more time to plan what he was going to do his sexy little dobe and when he would use each and every one of those fantastic coupons. His smirk grew. Whether or not Naruto knew it, Sasuke intended on using a coupon the second the four left.

Oh, this was going to be a very Merry Christmas.

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