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Sasuke Uchiha was frustrated.

There was very little he did not have in his life. If any need arose, there was no problem getting it – he was an Uchiha, after all. He had the perfect apartment, the perfect job, and the perfect boyfriend. There wasn't much more that he could possibly want. He wasn't frustrated with what he didn't have; rather, it was with what he already had.

Naruto Uzumaki. They had been together for just over a year, though they had known each other their entire lives. They were such foils to each other that they instantly clicked; it was true, Sasuke mused, that opposites really do attract. They fought constantly and it would seem to others that they hated each other; but if one was picked on, the other was instantly at their side.

It was during Naruto's last year of college that they finally got together. Sasuke had started at his father's company as soon as he himself was out of school and quickly rose through the ranks. He shared an apartment with the hyperactive blonde, much to his father's chagrin, and all was well with the world.

Until, that is, Sasuke returned from work to find Naruto and his dumber than shit friend Kiba together on the couch. The idiotic brunette was pressed up against the blonde, sucking lewdly at his neck and running a hand over his stomach. Naruto was bright red, his face screwed up in a mixture of uncertainty and pleasure. Sasuke saw red; no one else should have been touching his kitsune.

He kicked Kiba's ass and then promptly threw him from the apartment. He stormed up to a ranting Naruto and kissed him squarely on the lips. They had been together ever since.

So how was the blonde the source of Sasuke's frustration, you might wonder? It was simple; they had been together for more than a year, and they hadn't had sex yet.

It wasn't like Sasuke was unhappy with the relationship. Naruto always kept him on his toes, they always enjoyed each other (aside from the arguments that more often than not led to them making out), and they were happily stable. He loved his little blonde, and he wouldn't give him up for the world. But fuck – he was a man with needs!

At least one person seemed to benefit from Sasuke's frustration, though – Itachi, Sasuke's older brother. It was like the bastard knew about his frustration. And he probably did, considering that his lover, Deidara, and Naruto were nearly inseparable since meeting. But the point was, Itachi took great amusement out of it and took every opportunity to tease his little brother.

And today was just a perfect example of that.

Sasuke hadn't began the day well to begin with. He had woken up from a wonderful dream featuring his blonde with a raging hard on. Naruto was still passed out on his side of the bed. For a brief moment, Sasuke considered waking him up to see where it would lead. But that was something that he had tried before, and it hadn't gone well.

So, frustratedly, he went to the bathroom to take care of his not so little problem by himself. He was nearly finished when Naruto burst in, good-naturedly complaining about how long Sasuke always took in the bathroom. As soon as he saw what his boyfriend was doing, he clapped a hand over his eyes, burned bright red, and tried to run from the bathroom.

Key word: tried. With his hand over his eyes and unable to see anything, the blonde ran into the door frame instead of through the door. Sasuke, now frustrated for more than one reason, had had to take care of his slightly hysterical kitsune. He barely had time for a shower and was almost late to work. On top of that, Naruto refused to meet his eyes or stay in the same room with the raven for long.

By the time he'd made it to work, he only had five minutes to make it to Itachi's office for a meeting. Without even stopping at his own office, he went straight to his brother's... only to walk in to find the older raven and his blonde going at it against his desk.

It was barely eight AM and Sasuke was already more than ready to kill someone. His brother got it whenever he wanted and Sasuke's boyfriend got embarrassed if he caught Sasuke without a shirt. How was that fair?

Needless to say, the event didn't put Sasuke in too good of a mood for the day. Especially not when Itachi came strolling into his office thirty minutes later than planned for their meeting, still debauched and smelling of sex. The bastard just loved to rub it in.

He sat across from his younger brother, folded his hands neatly, and smirked when the little vein in Sasuke's head made an appearance.

"Otouto, is something the matter?" he asked in what would seem to be a polite way. "You seem rather tense. Isn't Naruto helping you unwind after all your long days at the office?"

"Shut up," Sasuke snarled back. He slammed a file on the desk and nearly threw it at his brother. "About the merger-"

"Yes, about that," Itachi said calmly. He slid the folder back. "Father and I have discussed it already."

"...Without me?"

"Yes, without you. Keep in mind, Sasuke, you may be an Uchiha, but you are still a junior partner. Not every decision requires your input or opinion. Yes, we've decided to send you to represent Uchiha Corp at the merger in Suna. You'll be leaving on Monday, and I've already had Hinata book you a flight."

Sasuke's eye twitched. Illegal or not, homicide seemed like the best way to proceed at this point. They had decided that he would go to the merger? What's more, they had made the decision without him?

"This is absurd!" Sasuke snapped. "You're more experienced than I am! It should be you going on the merger! God only knows how hard those Sabaku bastards at Tanuki Corporation are! And Gaara's fucking creepy!"

Itachi raised one smooth eyebrow. "'Creepy' as he might be, Neji has informed me that Naruto and Gaara are actually quite close companions. They reconnected quite well after high school, so it would seem." He stood, brushing imaginary dirt from his expensive suit jacket. "Perhaps Naruto could call and put in a good word for you. I'm sure he'd only ask for some oral-"


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