Our little Naruto gets kind of slutty in this one... Yeah? I don't know, I kind of like innocent, naive Naruto better. Tell me what you think!

"Naruto will call Sasuke 'Sasuke-sama' during sex. Valid one night only."

Naruto kicked Sasuke out of the apartment for the day following the previous coupon incident. Sasuke pouted for a while in his car, then drove off to the only place he could think of – Itachi and Deidara's. Deidara would be at the shop, so Itachi wouldn't be molesting him while Sasuke tried to talk (or, in this case, pout – though Sasuke called it brooding, refusing to admit he pouted). Yes, it would be ideal to not have his brother molesting his uke – it only made Sasuke want to molest his own blonde.

When he got there, however, Itachi wasn't there. He must have been at work, Sasuke thought sourly, slightly pissed his only option left was to hang out in a sex shop with his brother's boyfriend. It wasn't that he didn't like Deidara, but, like Naruto, he tended to be high maintenance and childish. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad... Maybe he could get more things for him and Naruto to play with. Sasuke smirked. It was suddenly a much more appealing idea.

It wasn't so appealing, however, when he walked into the shop to fine Deidara perched on the counter top and Itachi with one hand up the blonde's shirt, the other palming his crotch, and his lips firmly attached to his neck. The shop's owner had his head tilted back, his face contorted in pleasure, his hands buried in his boyfriend's raven locks. Without a word, the youngest Uchiha left, scowling bitterly.

Everybody was getting some but him.

He really, really didn't want to do it. He would rather walk into the office naked first. Well, maybe not naked, but in his boxers or something. The point was, he simply dreaded having to go to his last resort. However, he was desperate for something to do (besides Naruto).

"Please don't be the freak," Sasuke mumbled to himself as he heard footsteps on the other side of the door. "Please, please, please-"

"Sasuke, my youthful friend!"

Shit. Sasuke punched Lee when he tried to hug him. Scowl set firmly in place, he strode passed Lee as he stumbled into the umbrella stand.

"It is always a pleasure to see your bright, shining face, Sasuke-san!" Lee called after him, still doubled over and clutching his stomach.

He found Sakura in the kitchen making tea and humming to herself. She glanced up at him and said, "Hey Sasuke."

"Hn," was his predictable reply as he slumped into a seat. She frowned wearily at him.

"What's the matter?"

Before the raven was able to answer, though, the phone rang. He scowled once more and watched Sakura as she answered it.

"Hello? Hi, Naruto! I just-"

She stopped, frowning slightly, and stared at the ground. Her eyes flicked up to Sasuke and narrowed.

"Oh he did, did he?" she said, venom lacing her voice. She reached out one of her claws (hands, but Sasuke thought them to be claws), and swiped at him, but he jumped back and hurried from the kitchen. Lee was in the front hall, picking up all the umbrellas and what not, when Sasuke came in.

"Leaving already, my cheerful comrade?" he asked pleasantly. Sasuke ignored him and walked out.

"Alright, well, have a wonderful, youthful day, Sasuke-san!" Lee called after him. The only form of a response he got was the door slamming in his face for the second time that month.

Sasuke stomped back to his car indignantly, scowling unhappily. He couldn't visit either Deidara or Itachi because they were no doubt still going at it like bunnies (which he was still rather pissed about), Lee annoyed the hell out of him, and Sakura wanted to hurt him for making Naruto mad. He supposed he could go to the office and try to get some work done, but he figured that he would be too distracted with thoughts of Naruto to get anything done. His scowl deepened as he turned the car on and sped down the street. There wasn't anything for him to do without Naruto around. It sucked.

He drove around aimlessly for at least an hour, and then finally decided that maybe if he went and got some ramen Naruto would let him back in. So he went to Ichiraku's, got the blonde enough ramen for at least four people, and drove home as fast as he could.

"Naruto!" Sasuke called as he entered the apartment. He threw his keys in the bowl by the door and kicked his shoes off. "Come here!"

Scowling a scowl that could rival one of his boyfriend's, Naruto stomped out of his art studio. He wore a white tank top, showing off his paint splattered, muscled arms, and a pair of Sasuke's black sweats (the raven knew they were his because they were too big for Naruto).

"Bastard, I told you – did you go to Ichiraku's?"

The blonde tried to snatch the bag from the raven's hands, but the teme held it just out of his reach.

"That depends," he replied airily. "Are you going to let me back in the apartment?"

"Yes, just give me the ramen!" Naruto snapped, jumping to try and get it. Curse his (adorable) shortness!

Smirking slight, Sasuke lowered the bag and allowed the blonde to snatch it from him. He glared at Sasuke, then kissed his cheek and mumbled a quiet thanks before turning to the kitchen. He plopped down at the table and tore the bag opening, grinning as he saw just how much ramen his boyfriend had gotten him. He turned and showed his bright smile to Sasuke, then quickly tore into the food.

The raven smiled softly to himself, leaning against the doorway as he watched the blonde eat. The poor, ignorant dobe. He didn't really think that he could kick Sasuke out and not get away with it, did he? Oh, the blonde was so naïve...

That night, Naruto was in bed flipping channels, waiting for Sasuke to finish in the bathroom. He always took forever in there, every night and every morning. He was like a girl, taking an eternity to make sure he looked perfect. But Naruto thought it was cute. He'd told Sasuke that once, and he got made at the blonde because he was not cute, he was manly, and had kept Naruto in bed for the whole day proving it. And what a day it was.

Sasuke finally came out of the bathroom and sauntered over to the bed. Naruto didn't notice his smirk as he stalked towards the unsuspecting blonde.

"Finally, bastard, I thought I'd have to force you away from the mirror," he mumbled, eyes still glued to the TV. Sasuke's smirk grew.

"Naruto," he purred lowly. Immediately, sky blue eyes snapped to him and narrowed threateningly.

"Don't even think about it, perverted teme! I – I'm still mad at you!" Naruto exclaimed, scrambling to the edge of the bed. Sasuke tutted and picked up the remote. After turning off the television, he tossed the device over his shoulder, not caring where it landed.

"Ah ah, Naru-chan, 'perverted teme' isn't my name. Neither is 'bastard'," he purred. "It's Sasuke-sama. Or Master. Or Master-sama. Oo, I like that one. Don't you?"

Naruto groaned, eyes darting around to try to find a way to escape. "N-no," he stuttered. "Bastard, you're using this present against me!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, snatching the blonde by the waist and straddling him. "Wasn't that the entire point? It's a coupon book for things for us to do during sex, Naruto. Was I just supposed to let it sit on my nightstand and admire it? Besides, this-" He shoved a small rectangular piece of paper at the blonde. "-says that you've already agreed to calling me 'Sasuke-sama'."

Naruto pouted. "...Fine. But this is never happening again!"

'We'll see about that,' Sasuke thought. But he nodded anyways, then quickly moved on to their newest game. "Now Naruto, you've neglected to call me by the proper name three times now. I suppose you'll just have to be punished, now. Wouldn't you agree?"

As he spoke, his hand snaked over to the nightstand. He snatched up the handcuffs, and before Naruto could blink, had the blonde's hands attached to the headboard. Of course, the blonde snapped at his boyfriend, twisting to get away, but it was all in vain; Sasuke wasn't letting him get anywhere soon. Indeed, it seemed they were starting already. Sasuke had grasped his boyfriend's cock and stroked it languidly. Naruto moaned and pushed his hips up, straining against his bonds.

"Hm, let's see... You failed to call me by the proper name three times. What do you think would be a suitable punishment for that? I could get you hard and just leave you here... Ten minutes for every little slip up... that's thirty minutes, Naru. What to you think of that?"

Naruto shook his head frantically, blonde locks flying everywhere. Sasuke smirked slightly. "I didn't think you'd like that. No, we won't do that. But we still have to figure something out for you."

"Sasuke-sama!" Naruto gasped, shoving his hips up. "Please!"

The feather light touches were driving him insane, and he needed more contact. Sasuke chuckled lowly and replied, "No, not yet. You still have to be punished."

Thinking quickly, he removed himself from his position on top of Naruto and climbed from the bed. Sasuke chuckled again as the blonde's eyes went wide and he panicked, twisting himself towards the raven.

"S-Sasuke-sama!" he wailed. "Y-you promised th-that you wouldn't leave me h-here!"

"I never promised, dobe, I just said we had to figure something out. But don't worry, I'm not doing that. Oh no." His smirk returned as he sauntered to the closet, stripping himself of his boxers as he went. He opened the door and withdrew a black bag. He was faced at an angle that Naruto couldn't see what he was doing, but he preferred that. He found what he had been looking for, replaced the bag, and turned to face Naruto again.

The blonde gulped. The look on the other man's face could be described as nearly sadistic. He stalked to the bed again and crawled on top of his boyfriend; never once did Sasuke let him see what he had gotten from the closet.

To keep his dobe distracted, Sasuke kissed him. Softly at first, then quickly building up in passion. Then, out of nowhere, a noise broke through the otherwise silence in the bedroom.


Naruto jerked away from Sasuke, yelping and breaking the kiss.

"What the hell!" he yelled. "Bastard, take it off!"

"Hn. No. Not if you're going to keep calling me 'bastard' when you know that's not my name, Naru."

Naruto pouted, falling back against the pillows with a huff. He knew there was no way Sasuke would take the cock ring off any time soon – but it wasn't like he couldn't try. Resisting the urge to give an evil, Sasuke-like smirk, he threw his head back, moaned, and lifted his hips to grind against Sasuke. The raven's eyes widened at the erotic display. He never would have thought Naruto would cave so early. Maybe he though Sasuke would take the cock ring off if he was good.

"Master!" he whined. "Master, please at least take off the handcuffs. I want to pleasure you, too."

Sasuke, eyes still wide, reached up and took the handcuffs off. Naruto rubbed his wrists, and then, taking advantage of Sasuke being off guard, flipped them over.

"Dobe!" the raven exclaimed angrily.

"Shh," Naruto purred, straddling his boyfriend. He pressed their lips together, but drew back before Sasuke could react. "I have to take care of my master, now don't I?"

Sasuke watched, entranced, as Naruto crawled down the pale torso and gave a long lick to the head of the raven's cock. His breath hitched and his hands snaked down to grasp Naruto's sunshine yellow locks. After a warning glare from Naruto, though, he loosened his grip and settled for massaging the blonde's head as he sucked him.

Naruto had sucked Sasuke off only three times before (and one of those times the blonde was drunk); Sasuke was usually the one doing the sucking. But this turn of events wasn't at all unappreciated – Sasuke was going to get Naruto to do this more often. God, the blonde knew how to use that tongue!

Said blonde continued to suck happily on his boyfriend's cock. He didn't do this too often, but he did enjoy Sasuke's taste (he refused to admit that to the raven, though). He sucked contentedly and lapped at the head with his tongue. Sasuke moaned quietly, letting his eyes slip closed. What had he done to deserve this...?

Naruto deep throated Sasuke, making him groan the blonde's name, push his hips up, and explode inside Naruto's mouth after only a few sucks. He usually didn't let himself go so quickly, but his boyfriend's mouth was just so warm, so perfect that he couldn't help himself.

Naruto tilted his head to one side cutely, watching Sasuke as he panted for breath. A few flecks of cum had landed on his face, and Sasuke groaned at the purely sexy sight. He leaned forward and licked them off, ignoring the blonde's mortified squeak.

"God, Naru," Sasuke groaned, tugging the blonde forward so they were chest to chest. "Why are you so perfect?"

Naruto flushed again, sputtering. Sasuke smiled and pushed some hair from his face, kissing his forehead. He rolled them over again, so he was once more settled on top of the blonde's hips, and started grinding against him. Their mouths met in a sloppy yet passionate mess of teeth and tongues. Sasuke reached for the jar of lube on the nightstand, blindly coating three fingers in the substance, and then pressed two of them right into the blonde's entrance.

"Sasuke-sama!" Naruto gasped, pushing back against the fingers. He was painfully hard now, and desperate for the cock ring to come off. "T-take it off, pl-please, take it o-off!"

"Not yet," Sasuke whispered, kissing along his jaw. "Soon, I promise."

Naruto groaned, throwing an arm over his eyes. He couldn't take this torture, Sasuke either had to take off the cock ring soon or get inside of him ASAP. He voiced this to the raven, making him chuckle.

"Fine, have it your way," he murmured. He removed his fingers, lubed his cock up, and slid inside the blonde. Both of them groaned, and Naruto arched his back and Sasuke sunk his teeth into the tan neck before him, marking his property possessively.

"Move! D-damn it, Sasuke-sama, move!" Naruto demanded, rolling his hips to encourage his statement.

Sasuke groaned quietly and nodded, immediately beginning to thrust hard and fast. Naruto cried his name out, pushing his hips up to meet Sasuke's thrusts, and sucking on the raven's neck. He left bite mark after bite mark on the pale column, moving down to his collarbone only when he felt his neck had been sufficiently marked. Just because he was uke didn't mean he wasn't as possessive as Sasuke was at times.

The headboard banged loudly against the wall and small cracks were beginning to appear, but neither cared. Both were too bent on finding their release to notice anything but the other.

Finally, finally, a pale hand snaked down between the two wildly thrusting bodies, and Sasuke took the cock ring off. Almost at once, Naruto came, screaming out his boyfriend's name. With a shudder and rather loud cry, Sasuke followed suit. He collapsed on top of his boyfriend and tossed the cock ring on the floor. Naruto yawned and rubbed his cheek against Sasuke's, mumbling incoherently.

"...That was great," he finally managed to get out.

"Mm... perfect," Sasuke agreed. For a moment, a comfortable silence stretched between the two, before Sasuke said with a smirk, "So, dobe... ready for another round?"

"Huh? What – no! Bastard, get your fingers out of there!"

"Naruto, that's not my name."

"Teme, I mean it-"

"I just told you, that's not my name, dobe... Now let's see, where did that cock ring go...?"