Let's find everyone else: Kensi's POV

"Come on, we need to go find G, Sam and Dom and see if they would like to go back to work, too," I nodded. Everyone looked at me and smiled. I looked at Hetty. I pulled out my cell phone and speed-dialled G, mainly because he's more reliable than Sam is. "Hey G, this is Kens," I smiled.

"Yes? I'm kind of busy… ow!"

"Are you all right?" I blinked.

"I'm getting pummelled by snowballs being thrown by Sam!" He grunted.

"Hang on, Sam's there with you? Well, we have a question. We miss you can we'd love to come back to work, but we're not going to unless the others want to as well," I smiled.

"Kens, I'd love to go back to work!" He replied happily. I heard some talking in the background. "Sam wants to come back too. Well, I have to go, otherwise, Sam will defeat me in combat! Bye Kens!"

"Bye, G," I hung up. "G said yes and Sam was with them, he said yes too!" I grinned. Everyone grinned too.

"Yes!" They all said in unison.