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We've all herd: Your teenage years are the hardest years of your life. That is so not true. Granted they aren't the most pleasant. Adolescent years do suck. I mean, your basically expected to find yourself, all in four short years.

You need to become comfortable in your skin, get good grades, figure out what your going to be when you "grow up", "grow up", balance: school, work, friends, and family, make the most of your youth, date, get your drivers license, hear about the latest sex scandal, fabricate own sex scandal, go to parties and either a.) get wasted, or b.) drive your wasted friends home, hopefully get your very first minimum wage dead-end job, learn responsibilities, get jipped on your allowance, watch your younger siblings, set personal boundaries, keep your family out of your life, sneak out at midnight, sneak in at five, you get the point.

All this while your hormones are raging, and you and your peers are trying to both follow the sheep mentality and stand out. Somewhere in between there we cram for tests and binge food or alcohol.

It's fun huh? Your probably going through it now, and I wish you the best of luck. Oh yes, teen years are bad. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friends, just the tip.

When I was just a teenager, and believe me, it wasn't that long ago, I just knew it had to get better, I mean, from day one of high school it's jammed, crammed, and slammed into our heads that high school is the most important, and difficult time of our lives, and like good little sheep, we believe them. They lied.

I would give anything to go back to those days; life gets so complicated after high school. Relationships get serious, work gets harder, there are suddenly bills to pay, etc...

Real life isn't always fun, in fact you'll be knocked on your ass the first few times, and your safety net (A.K.A your parents) have long gone and are probably partying in Guatemala. Trust me I lived it, and my first fall was the worst.

Because the title of adult is thrust upon us, we must automatically know everything, especially about love. Particularly: one night stands, you know that thing that is overly glamourized in the media. Lady Gaga wasn't lying when she said it's as easy as:

"I won't tell you that I love you, kiss or hug you, cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin,"

and suddenly you have no connection to the person your currently sharing your bed with. It really is that easy, it's the next morning when you find out that your, HIV positive, pregnant, or that you have to either get out of some strangers house, or try to get some overly clingy love starved stranger out of you house, while they ask for your number because they want to stay in touch, that's when it gets hard.

This is how my very first fall began. In a drunken haze of stupidity I agreed to go home with a complete and total stranger. Now I should tell you there are two ways to come out of a haze of stupidity. The first is preferable, basically you sleep through it, wake up and sneak out quickly and quietly, and hopefully get away scot-free or with nothing more than a killer hangover.

The second is defiantly less than desirable, when you wake up midway through your night and realize the beastly person under you isn't a attractive as you originally thought.

I luckily got away with the former, or at least part way. I didn't pick up any venereal diseases, and I didn't get pregnant. Most would say I got really lucky. I'm not so sure. Because there is something equally harmful about one night stands. When you wake up to the most beautiful man on God's green earth, so beautiful it hurts, and fall in love with him. The worst part is that he doesn't love you back and you become that overly clingy love starved stranger, asking for his number because you want to stay in touch. That bites.

I'm not going to sugar coat things, this isn't some happy romantic comedy where after a sires of trials my counterpart and I fall madly in love. I didn't get the guy at the end. This is real life and it usually doesn't work out perfectly, in fact, it never does. So if your looking for a feel good, turn of the century story that gives you the warm fuzzies go read something else because your not going to find it here.