What a bloody prince! Chapter 1- The silent stalker

Um, hi mina-san, this is my first fanfiction, so please bare with me, I'll get better^^;

Azura stopped and looked around. Of course no one was there, how silly of her. Yet, she could not escape that creepy feeling that someone was watching her. As she kept on walking, though a little faster, she started to think about how much fun she was going to have tomorrow. How she had longed for it the whole week; going to the movies with her best friends! Once again, she looked around, only darkness. With the silence getting uncomfortable, she picked up her phone and called Misa, one of the two friends whom she was going to the movies with.

"Yes, Misa speaking!" A happy voice said in the other end of the phone.

"Hi, it's me, Azura. Sorry about calling you this late, but, it's kind of scary outside at night…"

"No problem, what's up? Hey, about that movie we are going to see tomorrow, where do we meet up?" Azura smiled, Misa didn't have that good memory.

"9 o´clock in front of the theater, if you're broke, then you can bring your own popcorn", Azura said jokingly.

The blonde smiled. He had gotten his hands on some good information, too bad that he already had it. But this was going to be fun; he was getting a new toy, since Marmon wasn't that much of a playmate, always charging him and all. His smile grew wider, as he looked down on the pretty girl he was stalking. She stood there, talking to someone; probably she hadn't even noticed that she had stopped walking. He let his tongue slide over his lips, softly licking, making them wet of saliva.

"Ushishi" the blonde laughed, and watched as his stalking object but her phone back in her pocket, drew her hands through her brown, axel long hair, and begun to run home.

-The next day-

Saturday morning, nothing special about it, if Azura hadn't woken up to find a letter from her mom;

"Hi there sweetheart, just wanted to remind you, today was the day I went abroad, you probably forgot about it, right? Please watch the house for me; I'll be back in a month. Expect souvenirs when I get back!

PS: don't live on junk food, go out shopping so you can eat properly! Take care/ Mother\(^_^)/"

Azura sighted, what a way to start her day. Okay then, so she had completely forgotten about that her mother was going abroad today, but she could at least have told her yesterday, or put some food in the fridge! "Yeesh, 'guess I'll have to go get some food then…"

Azura quickly finished her breakfast and decided to take a shower before going out to do the shopping. As she went inside the bathroom, she let her clothes slide to the floor, and then got in the shower.

"Feels good, I can't believe I'm having the house to myself for a whole month! Maybe I'll have to invite a friend over, so I won't get lonely..."


"So much tasty food, so little time." Azura thought, standing in front of the meat disc. She must have looked pathetic, since the woman working at the disc smiled and asked, a bit annoyed;

"What do you want to order? Other costumers are waiting, you know!" She pointed at the line behind Azura, not too long, not too short.

"Ah, sorry, ehm, I'll just take some pork and one chicken fillet, please..." she quickly got the meat and the chicken, paid for it and left the store, she already had rice, potatoes or whatever she'd need at home.

"Azura, wait up!" She hears someone scream from behind her, as she left the store. She quickly turned around, to see Alex running towards her.

"A- Alex, hi! She happily said and blushed a little, she kind of liked him, but she wasn't sure.

"What's up, I thought you never went shopping, especially not food…" He now stood in front of her, looking at the little bag of meat she was holding in her left hand.

"Yeah, but since my mother is going to be out of the country for some time, I had to buy some food, or I'd starve to death." She said, a little annoyed. Alex grabbed the bag and placed it on his shoulder.

"Well, it looked heavy, so I can carry it for you, where do you live?" he said and blushed a little.

The blonde frowned, no way he was going to let that guy go to Azuras home. He straightened the silver- colored tiara on his head and took out one of his knives. But just as he was about to throw the knife and bury it in that guys back, the girl started speaking. Maybe he didn't have to blow his cover just yet. ~

"I'm sorry, but I'm really busy today… But maybe we can hang out some other day?" "Please say yes, please!"

"Ah, sure, just let me know when!" Alex said with a big smile on his lips. Azura couldn't believe she had just turned that sweet guy down, but she decided not to let him come with her today. But next time, she was definitely going to cook for him! But now, she had to hurry back and get ready for the movie, even though it was only 4 o'clock. She just had to get her mind away from the disappointment of not inviting Alex over…

I'm really sorry that nothing has happened yet, but I just felt that I had to write the later stuff in order to get the story to work. I promise that things will start to happen in the next chapter, so please stick around~!