What a bloody prince! Chapter 6- the prince likes sugar

I haven't updated for a while…But here I am, with a new chapter! Again, I've had lots on my mind, mostly school (but I know, I'm still horrible for not updating). But I've also started working on a certain cosplay. I'll give you a hint so you may guess who it's gonna be; tiara.

"If every human held darkness somewhere deep within their hearts, he would be the reason for her darkness."

Azura quickly followed the floating little infant in front of her, crossing through one fancy room after another. She couldn't believe that she let that infant boss her around; she was like…15 years older than him! Besides that, he had mentioned that Bel wanted her to follow him, so she should just go the other way. "Man, I'm so pathetic right now…" she thought as she focused her pretty blue eyes on the floor, like she was worried about tripping because of how clean it was.

"Oi," the baby said, as he kept on floating, not even bothering facing her.

"Yeah?" Azura answered. "I should just follow him, he seems like a reasonable…baby. Unlike that loud idiot and Belphegor, he doesn't look crazy. No, Belphegor definitely isn't sane!" Just the fact that she used Bel's full name was enough to tell that she didn't like him.

"Those blue eyes do not match your hair, you look weird."

"…" Azura's left eye twitched, and she actually thought that he had something important to say!

"Well, for your information, I like it this way; it's not something you should concern yourself with."

"I don't, I was just making conversation." The infant stopped floating, sitting down on Azura's head.

"Hey, who said you could sit on my he-" she stopped talking, as she thought about how cute it must look with him sitting on her head. She squealed quietly, as she kept on walking, although more carefully now, since she didn't want the baby to fall off.

-Meanwhile, in the dinning-room-

Nothing was heard but silence. It looked like no one dared speak a word, not even the 'prince'. The red-eyed man had full control, and the power to shut even the loud Squalo up. Finally, after a long time of silence, the spiky-haired one spoke up.

"So, boss…What do you think we should do?" he looked at the red-eyed man, without making unnecessary eye-contact, he was nervous. The man didn't answer, just giving the spiky one a glance. Bel looked at the situation in amusement, dropping three more cubes of sugar into his coffee.

"We just have to take care of it. Take care of the original target, and kill the girl," Lussuria said, pointing his pinkie at Bel.

"No way, the prince won't allow you to kill his toy!" Belphegor smirked and pulled out a load of knifes from his pockets, making them look like a fan made out of metal.

"Oh, just because you have a new plaything, you can't quit doing you job, you know," Lussuria answered, crossing his arms on his chest. The blonde, who suddenly had to meet everyone's angry stares, put his knifes away as an even larger smile crossed his face.

"Then I'll just use her as a bait, from what I've seen of her, it shouldn't be a probl-"

"Hey, I can't see if you do that! Argh!" the door was forced open with a load "BANG!" as Azura hit the floor with her forehead first. She quickly sat up, massaging her forehead, mumbling nonsense to herself. "Shoes. Man, I'm looking at shoes. Oh shit, am I in the dinning room? Okay, act normal…" She looked up, meeting the eyes of Squalo, Lussuria and Bel. The spiky one and the boss didn't look at her, but at the baby on her back.

"VOOOI! What the hell are you doing, Marmon? She's not allowed in here! Take her out!" Squalo was brutally cut off from speaking, as a glass of, what appeared to be Tequila, hit his head. The glass shattered, making the liquor drench his silvery-hair and his face.

"This meeting is over, get out of here," the red-eyes boss said, glairing at Squalo with eyes that would make the strongest boxer go sit in a corner and cry.

Without having her resisting at all, he put the patch on her forehead, she had hurt herself when crashing the Varia-meeting they had had in the dinning-room He was the one who invited her, but still...

She had those beautiful, dreamy eyes closed, only because he had told her to, of course. She didn't trust him enough to let her guard down, but somehow, she did now. The prince took out another patch, preparing to put it on as well. He looked at her face, and quietly leaned his face closer. He was so close, he could smell the sweet smell of peaches, and he figured she was using peach-shampoo. It was hard to resist getting closer, but for now he endured. No way he was going to let go of her, she was too interesting.

He slowly moved his royal fingers over her forehead, and when she asked "what he was doing", he simply answered that he was just moving some hair out of the way.

Azura rubbed her forehead, debating with herself on whether to take the patches off or not. She knew that the best would be if they remained on her forehead, at least until it didn't hurt as much, but knowing who had placed them there was nagging at her.

She sat in a chair in of the many living-rooms the mansion had, but she guessed this was the smallest of them. She didn't want to run into someone, and since she didn't feel like her room was safe, she had just strolled around the mansion as soon as Bel was done "patching her up". You could safety assume that he was the one she wanted to meet the least right now.

She sighted, and, looked around, only seeing a fancy table on an even fancier carpet, a couch and two other chairs, looking just like hers.

"What to do now… It doesn't look like they're gonna let me go, and I can't escape on my own. At least not right now…" Azura ran her fingers through her brown hair, and sighted loudly. Depressing thoughts kept on appearing in her head, and she didn't even bother ignoring them. "I wonder if mom knows I'm gone… has she even tried to call once since I got kidnapped? I hope they haven't done anything to her, too," Her fingers started playing with her hair, but soon ended up touching the patches on her forehead. And so the thought's she had waved away surfaced again.

She hated him. That right, he was the worst person she had ever met. If every human held darkness somewhere deep within their hearts, he would be the reason for her darkness. She hated him, detested him…but couldn't do anything. Thinking back, she did know a little taekwondo that her friend taught her, but it was nowhere near enough to escape from him. He had already got her twice, and God knows what he would've done if Squalo hadn't stopped him that time in the library! Se shivered, looking at her hands, and at the cuts on them. "I hate him," she clenched her fists for a second, and then relaxed them again. "And myself…"

Azura couldn't defend herself from Belphegor, aka Prince the ripper. And she hated him for hurting her, and almost killing her! But…

She also hated herself.

Maybe not as much as she hated the arrogant prince, but hate is still hate.

She hated how helpless she was. Hated the fact that when Bel smiled that creepy, sadistic smile of his, she could only look away, and hope that he hadn't noticed her creeping fear.

She was scared by how he, even though she had been in the mansion for only one day, seemed to know so much about her, and seemed to…get pleasure out of seeing her begging him to stop hurting her. It was all because of her…her weakness. She buried her face in her hands, her body shaking as she cried. The tears wouldn't stop, and she cried even louder.

-Later, in the evening-

Despite her eyes being swollen from crying, she felt quite alright. Azura had, after crying nonstop for 10 minutes, finally "sobered-up", and went back to her room. Luckily, the corridors were silent like the dead, so she had been able to avoid running into someone. She lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She yawned, realising how tired she was. Her eye-lids got heavier for each breath she took, and she had trouble keeping them open.

Knock, knock.

"Argh man, who's knocking now?..." As she was too tired to open, she ignored it. Knock, knock. Ignored. BANG BANG!

"…" she sat up, and quickly left the comfortable bed, and walked up to the door. The door was locked, so it wasn't going to open unless she opened it. She reached out a hand, and slowly opened the door, carefully checking who was on the other side.

"Ushishi, how's the head?" "Damn," she thought, and tried shutting the door quickly, but the intruder got his hand in the way, pushing it open.

"Don't shut the prince out, he's just checking up on you," the blonde said, and entered the room. Azura, knowing how he was, didn't take her eyes off of him, and made sure she kept her distance.

"How do you think I'm doing? Get out, I wanna sleep," she said and rubbed her forehead to demonstrate how it hurt. She was too tired to be afraid of him for the time being.

"If you want to sleep, you can just come to my room ~"

"I doubt I'd get any sleep if I came to your room, Bel."

"Ushishi, let's find out~" Belphegor said, and smiled big. Azura grabbed one of her shoes, and threw it on his head, making the prince rub his forehead, before violently shoving him out of the room.