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An Untwisted Truth

By: MoonBunny116

Chapter 1

"Kunzite, I want you to travel to China to find more trainees! Zoicyte's training has been over for a very long time and we still haven't destroyed those pesky sailor Senshi!" Queen Beryl howled.

"As you wish, your majesty." Kunzite bowed deeply. He found this to be quite difficult for my arms were wrapped tightly around his waist. We teleported away and materialized in his bed chamber. "Zoicyte, might I suggest you release me?"

"Is there something wrong, Lord Kunzite?" I asked innocently. "We're going to China, why should we both waste our energy when you could simply teleport us both?" I drew out my lower lip in a pout that I know he cannot resist, I released the full wrath of my eyes on him. "Am I not good enough for you anymore?"

"I'm going to China, this is good timing. I'm going alone, as in you will not be accompanying me. I think I need a little space." The word space came out through his teeth and it took me a moment to grasp.

"You…need space? Space from…me?" My eyes began to water and I turned away. "Fine! I don't need you! I can have any man I want!" I just walked out after that. I could not control myself, the tears overflowed from my eyes. There was only one person I could go to at a time like this…