First of all I would like to say that this was inspired by Love Never Dies..which is awesome! Although I prefer the Phantom as in my mind there was a happier ending.

I do not own the characters...and if I did well they might not be a big a hit as they are now.

Christine thought back to when she had left her old life and set out with Raoul to start afresh. For several days they talked nothing but of the wedding. Looking back it all become too much, she wanted something simple, something personal but no Raoul wanted big and elaborate, talking of hundreds of guests. When Christine pointed out that she only had a few, Raoul scoffed at her and pointed out that there were many important families out there that needed to be invited. "After all my dear this is the wedding of the centaury in Paris and if we do not invite certain members of the community well where we be without our contacts."

A little taken aback Christine never the less agreed and things just got worse from there..."more flowers I think"..."bigger maybe we should make that two.."

The wedding was now two weeks ago and back from a short trip to her childhood home, Christine was practicing some songs from with a bid to try out for her grand return to the Opera. Something was different though, she was hitting all of the high notes perfectly but something was missing as she sang, there was a lack of connection with the words. As she burst into her favourite song Think of Me, her first debut, Raoul burst into the room "Christine, What in gods name are you singing that for?" He yells.

"Raoul, what's wrong? I'm just singing."

"I dont care what you are singing." He cuts in, seeing her wince, he tries to sooth her "Christine, you are soon to be my wife and you wont have to sing for money. I can give you your hearts desire."

"But Raoul, I love to sing."

"No Christine, I forbid it. After all we have been through. All because of him and that music...No. I will not stand for it."


"No Christine, not another word. As your husband I ask that you not sing that ever again."

She didn't know what to say, her husband, the man she loves denying her passion..her being. She nodded and rushed out of the house. Waving off the servants she just kept walking, thinking over all of the things since that night..the night the opera house burnt down..the night she chose between the two men in her life.

Before she knew it she was outside the entrance they had escaped from the lake.

Then she found herself walking the tunnels down back into the tunnels.

Would he be there still waiting for her..

What if she had chosen to be with him...

What if...

Once upon another time.

A/N: I'm sorry but i'll ruin Lover Never Dies if I continue. Just be prepared for twists, turns, some old friends, new foes and a boy of ten. Tissues are essential.