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What if...

Once upon another time.

Nothing, the caves were empty. Within the dim lights the place looked empty and without the music that was once here, it was so lifeless.

Picking a route carefully through the debris, left from what she could only assume was the mob, she found his room..the room with music..the sweet music which filled her soul.

She remembers saying to Raoul that she now fears that which she once loved. But was that really true...

How could she think of sucha thing, he was a murderer after all. How many lives had he claimed?

But he was her angel of music and he was no where to be found.

She had been twice more to the underground lake, looking for an escape from her arguments with Raoul, which always ended up the same.

"Christine I don't want you to be paraded around for all to gawp at. You are now my wife... a countess and I expect you to take up this role." Then he would want to go off to the casino as it was the place to be seen.

Tonight would be the final time she promised herself, no matter what happens she must become the countess, after all she was committed and there was no return.

As she made her way from the boat she realised that the place was tidy...there was more light up ahead..moving closer she could see the flicker of candles. As she rounded the corner she saw him... he was alive... her heart fluttered...stepping gently forward it was as if she was seeing him for the first time.

"Christine" the whisper was musical...her angel was alive.

He turned around slowly as if he thought this was a dream and if he moved too quickly she would disappear.

When she didn't fade away tonight as she had on so many others, he jumped up off his stool and stepped forward but then stopped in case he startled her.

Looking into his lost eyes, begging for this to be real... she questioned had she really made the right choice?