Saving Noel

Chapter 1 – Saved from the fall


I cowered in the corner as my father came home from the bar. He had never been this gone before. When he came into my room with a knife from the kitchen, tears fell, and my heart hammered dangerously in my chest. He came closer as I tried to disappear into the shadows, but he continued.

"You little useless piece of trash!" he bellowed. I cried harder. He was furious at me. "You cant do anything right! You will never be able to live up to your brother!" he said. "He would still be alive if you were never born!" his knife stabbed me, and I screamed out in pain. The edges of my vision faded, and my body went numb.

"I hate you!" and I was gone.

After that, I found myself falling in the middle of the sky. I looked around at the beautiful scenery around me. It was stunning. Then suddenly it hit me. I was falling from the sky. A ear wrenching scream emitted from my throat as my shoulder-length dark brown hair blew in different directions. I was wearing a long white dress, and it pressed against me as wind pushed on.

I closed my eyes, and hoped it would end soon, when suddenly, a pair of strong, yet slim arms, wrapped around me. I looked up, and saw a boy wearing a pure green outfit holding me tight. What was weird was that he was smiling quite goofily. It seemed to be contagious, because I smiled too. He seemed to be emitting waves of joy, and I couldn't help but share his happiness.

"Who are you?" I asked when he set me down on the shore of a beautiful island. "And where are we?" I looked around me both towards the island, and the sea where I saw a pirate ship.

"Oh!" he said, remembering I didn't know who he was. "I'm Peter Pan!" he said happily. "And this is Neverland!" I smiled and nodded in understanding. "By the way," he continued. "Why where you falling from the sky?"

My smile disappeared when I remembered the earlier events of the day, and tears came to my eyes. He saw this, and started to look panicked. "Oh, it's okay!" he said quickly. "You can tell me when your ready." I smiled in appreciation.

"Come with me!" He said, taking my hand. "You can live with me!" He picked me up and put me on his back. I gawked at everything around me. This was simply too good to be true, but it was. I could feel it in my bones. It was real. Everything around me, everything that had happened.

It had really happened.

I had come to Neverland.