Chapter 4 – Welcome Home

Date written – 2/28/2010

Though at the time I didn't know it, Peter was outside as we and Tink talked, fighting his butt off against a bunch of angry, bloodthirsty Pirates. He was determined to save me, that was for sure. He was willing to give his life for me, so he had no mercy. He simply fought and fought, never tiring.

"How dare you touch her!" He bellowed, slicing a pirates arm. He went through them like a lawn mower. By the time all of Hook's crew had been brought to their knees, Hook had gotten his best sword, and came out on to the deck to face Peter.

"Has little Peter Pan fell in love?" cooed Hook ever so sarcastically. Peter blushed and came at Hook hard, leaving a nice gash in his arm.

"That is no business of yours!" he exclaimed. He kept on coming, and left gashes all over Hook, while the old Captin couldn't land a single attack on the agile boy.

"So your not denying it?" he teased, just barley dodging a jab of Peter's knife. "Isn't that sweet? Little Peter Pan has found love!" he said sarcastically. Peter smirked.

"So what?" he asked, landing a blow to Hook's thigh. "At least I can find a girl who cares about me as much as I care about her!" he backed Hook on to the edge of the plank. "Your going to be alone forever you sad old man!" Hook froze on the spot. He obviously had not been expecting that.

In the distance, you could hear a ticking sound, one that was all too familiar to both of them. Peter smirked and came closer to Hook with his knife. "Hear that Hook?" he asked cockily. On Hook's face was an expression of pure terror. "Looks like that old crocodile is back for seconds!"

Soon, Peter was so close, that Hook tipped backwards to his toothy end. The crocodile's mouth closed with a snap, and just like that, the malevolent Captin was gone.

Peter ran through the hallway, where he called my name.

-line break-

Back in the dark room, Tink and me smiled widely when Peter's voice rang through the hallway.

"I'm in here!" I yelled. His footsteps came closer, then the door swung open. In the doorframe was none other than Peter Pan, looking quite worn. He ran up to me and hugged me tight, causing me to blush. There was no doubt about it. I had fallen for Peter.

"I'm so glad you're safe." He murmured in my ear. I smirked when Tinkerbell pulled on his ear, and made him face her. He grinned like a little kid when he saw Tink, and grabbed her in his hand. "I'm glad your safe too Tink!" she smiled.

"Let's go home." He said, picking me up and putting me on his shoulders. I nodded. As we flew to the tree house, I came to realize two things. One, Neverland was truly my home. Two, I was madly in love with the infamous Peter Pan, and I wouldn't have it ant other way.