So I HAVE to know what happens to Tom and Anya after the second series, as I'm sure many of you guys do too. This whole fiction will be based around Tom and Anya, but I will include the others where I can. This first chapter will be Anya and the others and chapter two will be Tom's fate with Landry.

There will be spoilers for the whole second series in this fiction.

Chapter 1

Anya was a tornado, tearing through the control tower, "Tom! Where are you?!" She flew from room to room, the others struggling to keep up with her, "Tom! Tom! Where the hell is he?!" She spun to a standstill in the last room as the Greg, Al and Naj caught up to her, Abby was still on her way with Peter. Anya's breaths came in short shallow gasps, and her eyes were anguished.

"Anya, you need to calm down!" Greg said, holding his hands up slightly defensively, "Getting into a state isn't going to help anyone, least of all Tom."

Anya turned to the large industrial window in the room of the control tower, leaning against the frame, and closing her eyes, she willed herself to take Greg's advice. This is all your fault, Anya, the little echoing voice in the back of her head told her, as if she didn't already know. Tom was shot, she didn't even know how bad his injuries were, where he could have gone, how long he could last until he lost too much blood...

"He can't have gone far, Anya." Al reassured her, remembering his wounds, "All the cars are still here, I checked."

Abby finally entered the room, with Peter tucked into her side, both of them still unbelieving that they'd found each other after all this time, "He's not here?" She asked, picking up on Anya's distress just by seeing her tense stance by the window.

"No." Anya said, her voice brittle.

"What's going on?" Peter whispered to his mother, perceiving the tension that could have been cut with a knife in the small, drab room. His eyes flickered around all the people in the room, evidently new friends of his mother's; there was a boy around his own age, a young man who had ran over with the boy after the exchange with Landry, a man around his mother's age who had welcomed him first and the young woman at the window, she seemed so sad, Peter wondered what had happened to her.

Abby ran her fingers through her son's hair distractedly, "One of our friends has gone missing, he's been shot, it must have been Whitaker's guard." She said the last part to the whole group.

Al looked up, suddenly remembering something, "He was already shot, before he killed the gunman. Wasn't he, Naj?" Naj nodded in affirmative, "In the shoulder." Al told Anya, making her chew her lip in deep anxiety, remembering how close it was when Greg had a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Peter's face turned puce as he recalled the man he shot, in the shoulder, the man who told him his mother was still alive... Peter had believed Whitaker over the strange man with the gun, as anyone would have, but it was Whitaker who was the liar, and Peter realized in that moment, he might have killed someone who was trying to help him, and someone who was a friend of his mother.

"Mum," Peter looked up at his mother desperately, hoping she'd prove him wrong, "Your friend, did he have a a gun with him? And did he have a Manchester accent?"

Anya turned from the window to look at Peter, "Yes. Did you see him?" She asked hopefully.

"What is it, Peter?" His mum asked him, everyone looking at him.

Seeing the expectant look in his Mother's eyes, Peter started to babble anxiously, on the verge of tears, "I'm so sorry, Mum, Mr Whitaker told me he was going to hurt me, I didn't mean to hurt him, I just did what Mr Whitaker told me to do, I thought he was going to kill me and-"

Abby cut her son off, "Peter, what's wrong?"

"I shot your friend, I didn't know, Mum, I swear, I didn't." Tears spilled down his cheeks.

For the first times since being reunited with him, Abby let go of Peter, not believing what she was hearing. Her son shot Tom? "You did what?" She gasped in unison with Anya, horrified, "Peter! Where did you even get a gun from?!"

This made Peter cry even more, he explained what Whitaker had told him and the confrontation in the forest, Anya's face fell as she listened the story, "How long ago was this?" she asked him quietly.

"An hour ago, I don't know." Peter sobbed, and Abby hugged him again, knowing he was sorry for what he'd done and it was Whitaker's fault really, plus she could not stay mad at him for long, not when she'd only just found him again.

Anya swallowed the lump in her throat, an hour. How long could he survive before he lost too much blood? She had to remind herself that Tom was tough, he wasn't the type to just give up on life, she was sure of it.

"I think we should head back to the lab, he might have gone back there. If he was on his feet when anyone last saw him, then he would have been able to get back there." Greg announced, walking over to the door, "What do you think, Abby?"

Abby pursed her lips, in thought, she looked over at Anya, "Greg's right, Anya. We'll go back to the lab, and sleep there for a few nights and see if he turns up. If not we'll search the places he could have gone, okay?"

Anya sighed and nodded. Abby turned, to the rest of the group, "Let's go then."

They filed out, Naj and Al were buzzing animatedly, and Abby was talking soothingly to Peter who was still crying. Greg put his hand on Anya's arm, "We'll find him Anya." He smiled comfortingly at her, then walked to the driver's side of the Land Rover. Anya was surprised at his show of affection; things were never completely cool between Tom and Greg even from the very start, both of them being alpha males, it was a clash of personalities and their animosity towards each other was exacerbated by Greg's shooting by Dexter, Greg had blamed Tom for it, and then the trial at Samantha's had sparked the dislike between the two men further, so Anya was glad to see that Greg wanted to find Tom as well.

Anya got into the back of the Land Rover. Leaning her head against the window, she thought about the last time she'd seen Tom, at the lab, just after finding out Fiona had left with Whitaker, the look he'd given her after he'd been proved right. Why couldn't she have just listened to him? Then maybe none of this would have happened.

All the way back, Anya's eyes scanned the forest, just in case he happened to be there.

Once back at the lab, Anya searched the rooms, but there was no sign of him, all his stuff was still here, nothing had been touched.

"No sign?" Al asked as Anya came into the kitchenette where the family had convened.

Anya shook her head, "He hasn't been back, all his stuff is still here." She told them.

Abby took a deep breath, then nodded, "Right, we'll wait here for a few nights. It's too dark to go out looking for him now, so we start the search tomorrow." She looked at them all with an air of determination, her gaze lingering on Anya, "We're going to find him."

I'm quite happy with this. I know where I'm going with this story, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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