Quick recap: Anya found Landry's base and Landry had offered Tom a job working as his bodyguard.

Chapter 10

As she walked down the winding road that led into the mine pit, Anya found herself wishing she'd brought the crowbar that was still in the car ten miles away; this place would be heavily guarded, and how far would she get with nothing to defend herself with?

She'd soon find out. She was nearly at the end of the pathway leading down.

Taking a deep breath, Anya stood in front of the grey building, formulating a plan. She walked slowly to the intercom, her heart pounding out of sheer nerves. She pressed the button, a gruff voice-definately not Landry- responded, "What is it?"

"Delivery for Landry?" She asked, hoping the nervousness in her voice didn't show through.

The intercom crackled, "Wait there. Someone will be there in a bit" She waited and the door in front of her slid to the right, leading into a closed glass cubicle. She tentatively walked inside. She saw a man in a bio hazard suit at some control panel, locking the room he was in and opening the door to the cubicle. He walked in and with all the strength she could muster, she pulled her fist back and punched him hard in the face. The flimsy bio hazard mask offered little protection and he fell to the floor, knocked out. She pulled his mask off and checked he was still breathing, thankfully he was; he'd be out for a for hours she guessed.

Anya flicked her wrist, wincing, she hadn't realized how painfully punching was. Anya checked her own hand for damage but she just had a few bleeding knuckles. She searched the man's comatose body for something that would allow her to unlock the doors. She found an ID card that stated the man's name was John Hatfield, "Sorry John." She muttered to him, leaning him up against the glass, feeling guilty about knocking him out and leaving him. Some doctor she was.

She took the ID card, and ran over to the keypad lock. She smiled when she saw there was a swipe card system for ID cards, easy access. She swiped it and ran inside. The corridors inside the building were a sterile looking white colour, the floors white linoleum. She didn't have a clue where to go from here.

Out of the corner for her eye, Anya saw a security camera zoom in on her.


Landry was watching Tom in his cell, he lay on the board, looking up at the white ceiling. Landry was pretty confident Tom would take up his offer, after all, what else could he do? Still, it didn't matter to Landry, Tom was not indispensable, he could take his offer or Landry could have him killed. Humanely as possible of course.

Suddenly the walkie talkie on his belt (he'd taken to wearing since Tom little escape plan, so he could be informed immediately of anything) crackled, signalling someone wanted him. He picked it up. "Speak." He commanded, aware that Tom could hear everything through the microphone.

"We've got a problem sir, there's an intruder at the main entrance corridor, told Ray she was delivering something to you and the oaf let her in without security clearance, knocked out John and got in with his ID."

One bit stuck out to Landry, "She?" He asked, heading to door.

"Yeah, she." Derek said, just as incredulous, "She can pack a punch though, John's still unconscious." Landry was walking swiftly to the camera control room by this time, wanting to see for himself.

He entered the room to see most of his men around one screen, they parted for him and he studied the screen in question. His eyebrows shot up at who it was. Tom would be proud, he thought.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Miss Raczynski herself." He said, mainly to himself, then said louder, "Have you informed the guard on the doors of her?" He asked, the men looked at each other nervously, evidently it had slipped their small minds.

"Idiots!" He shouted, "Now she can just breeze past all security!"


What Landry said wasn't exactly true, Anya didn't breeze past the only armed guard she'd had to face. She'd wrestled him in a headlock, surprised at her own strength.

"How about we make a deal? You give me your gun and I won't break your neck." Anya hated threatening the man with violence, she really did, but if it meant she could find Tom, she'd do anything. The guard shook his head as much as he could while in a headlock. She sighed internally wishing she didn't have to do this, "You know, the neck is surprisingly breakable for a bone that holds so much weight, all it takes is the right kind of snap..." She said, feeling truly awful about what she was doing.

Luckily the man handed over his gun then, "Thanks." Anya said, letting him go. At least she had a little insurance. She would not ever use it, but if she didn't have it they'd take her down like a lion would a gazelle.

It felt weighty and unfamiliar in her hands, before now she'd refused to even touch one, but her time without Tom had changed her a lot. She took a deep breath to calm herself then continued down the hall, wary of someone jumping out at her.

She looked into windows and through glass porthole in doors but there was no sign of Tom or Landry anywhere. Finally she came to a door marked MICHAEL LANDRY. She pushed it opened with the gun held firmly, to see Landry sitting behind his desk a professional looking smile adorning his aged face.

"I think we need to talk, Mr Landry."

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