AN: Post Skull of Sorbek. It is not Lucie/Doctor, but you can interpret it that way, if you must. It's more about their friendship. I love it how the Doctor and Lucie are never really able to say how much they love one another, but they have their own way of telling it.. this is one of them!

He had never heard such a scream before, the night after they had left Indigo 3. It was not a scream of death, nor a scream of sheer terror. It had been a scream which had come from a person who had never feared anything but one thing, and had faced it by extreme force. The scream was a scream of familiar despair. She had had the dream before.

He ran to her room as fast as possible.
"Lucie," he breathed when he had finally reached her room. Lucie was lying on her bed, her head buried in her pillow. "Are you alright?"

"Leave me alone!" she said, her voice smothered by the pillow. She sounded very upset. He sat next to her and put his hand upon her shoulder. She didn't push him away, leaving his comforting hand upon her back. He said nothing, just sat there until the tremble faded and she seemed to be asleep again.
He grabbed a chair, sat down and watched her sleep. It seemed peaceful now, without any dreams. At times she would say things like "Doctor" or "run..". Then he would smile. When the morning came he left her alone, to wake up. He surely didn't want her to know he had been there all night, watching over her. She would've to hated it. And he would've pretended to hate it too.

The next night the same thing happened, and the Doctor would stay next to her. She cried herself to sleep again, the Doctor's hand on her back. Now he was softly telling her it was okay, and she didn't push him away.
And the next night everything happened again, and the next. Eventually her nightmares began to fade. The Doctor's presence was calming, and secretly she loved him for sitting with her every night.

When she couldn't sleep, they would talk.

When the growling, snapping of jaws, the silent tik-tok of the clock would come back in her dreams, he would comfort her silently.

When she slept a quiet sleep, he would watch her.

It was a silent token of love.

AN: I was actually planning to make this longer, maybe I will, later on. This'll do for now. Reviews are ever so welcome!