If this was any more boring, Rumble's head would cave into itself.

Frenzy would have scolded him for thinking that when;

Nightbird and Galvatron were arguing loudly and incessantly about who knows what, and

Scalpel has demanded that they help fix the med bay after leaving him in the 'mailbox' for five megacycles.

And yet, he was still bored out of his mind. They had been flying aimlessly for about three Solar Cycles now, and everyone had just recently realized that they had no idea where they were going. Wow. Talk about an enormous blunder on their part.

Galvatron, whom Rumble had soon realized was slagging insane, was arguing that he should be the leader of their team, because "If I were the leader I would actually plan my takeovers out so that I know what to do next!", but Nightbird didn't agree with that because "I was the one that led our fights, and I have more experience with fighting Autobots!", but Galvatron didn't believe her and blah, blah, blah.

If you asked Rumble, Galvatron should have already given up. He had seen what Nightbird did, and it was not at all like anything he had seen before. Granted, he had never been in a fight with many people (contrary to what Frenzy thought; he could count all the people he physically fought with one hand), so he wouldn't have a very wide scope, but he knew enough that most 'cons had this battle plan: beat the opponent down until you managed to squish their remains like a bug. Nightbird wasn't like that at all.

For one, Nightbird somehow managed to make her small size an advantage. While most 'cons with her size and stature would resort to becoming entrepreneurs, she knew exactly where to hit a 'con that was bigger than her. Sometimes she didn't even hit her opponent! She would just dodge, twist, block, or other defensive maneuvers until the 'con tired themselves out or hurt themselves. Of course, that was only a small fragment of her battle style; she knew full well how to take advantage of a bad situation and make it crash upon her enemy instead of herself. Where the slag she learned all this, Rumble hadn't the slightest idea.

On the other servo, Galvatron fought… oddly. He was so fluid and streamlined that sometimes it was hard to tell where he was, and that didn't take into account his sheer speed. Try hitting him in one place, he'll grab onto your weapon, swing you off of it, and then start poking and prodding you with your own weapon until you went offline. All in less than 30 seconds. Rumble also had the sinking feeling that, if placed in some kind of liquid, Galvatron would be night unstoppable. Probably because he transformed into a small spaceship that also resembled a water vessel…

HOLY SPARK. Rumble probably should have been paying more attention to the actual argument, because the weirdest thing just happened. Right there, stuck to a miscellaneous table near the observation controls by a Sai Dagger, was Nightbird's servo. And she wasn't screaming. Or writhing in pain. Or complaining in any way. The three of them just stood there, staring at Nightbird's hand. Everything was deathly quiet, and became so unnerving that Rumble was half tempted to scream to fill the silence. Then Nightbird pulled it off.

It was around then that Rumble felt sick to his core, almost as though he were on the verge of spilling his Energon right then and there. It wasn't easy to get the dagger out, and it took a very strong grip and a few seconds of teetering the point around in her hand before she managed to pull it out. The shaking made some Energon spill out, which effectively made Rumble have to cover his mouth to keep from puking.

It was like something from a Horror Vid! S-she wasn't normal! He was so creeped out he barely registered the fact that Nightbird had lifted up her servo (which now had a bleeding hole in the palm) and started testing out her fingers to see if they could still move. Two of them could, but the others robotically curled inward, prompting her to ball her hand into a fist.

"That's going to take a bit of a fix-up." She said nonchalantly. She lowered her hand and returned the Sai Dagger to Galvatron.

"Y-You can keep it!" He reassured frantically, stepping back and lifting his hands in some kind of attempt to get away from her. Nightbird seemed amused by his fear, as though being able to treat a slagging hole in your hand like receiving a vid-mail from a tax-collector was normal. After today, Rumble was absolutely certain he would be scared of her for the rest of his lifecycle.

"I'm going to the med-bay to get this fixed. Galvatron, since you seem so very interested in proving your worth as a leader, I suggest you plot a course for us and discover which path we will embark on while I am away. Do not disappoint me." And with that, she walked out of the cockpit, leaving Galvatron and Rumble there alone.

"WHAT THE SLAG WAS THAT!" Rumble exploded on Galvatron. He felt his fear and disgust quickly transition into confusion and rage.

"DON'T YOU DARE YELL AT ME, WORTHLESS PEASANT!" Galvatron retorted even louder, shutting Rumble up. Galvatron soon went into a rant and managed to get Rumble to (still grouching) comply with his wishes. He took command of the observational systems whilst Galvatron plotted a course to a planet where he had apparently been to before. After a while, it became very apparent that Galvatron was actually very capable of being a leader and some kind of talent for driving ships. Rumble was impressed…

He still hated him, oh, that wouldn't go away. But right now, fighting wasn't going to get them anywhere, no matter how much he wished he could just start pounding Galvatron's face in. For now, they would just have to comply as much as they could. And who knows? Maybe they'll iron out and become one very well-operated team. Maybe even a family unit!

And they would be a very hardcore family, at that.