The Shower Fantasy

Okay, I don't normally do the whole story-introduction thing. But with this story I have an ulterior motive. Read the story and get more information afterwards.

As soon as she heard the shower start she knew what was going on. She knew she shouldn't know. And more importantly she knew she shouldn't want to be under that shower head as well. But she did. Desperately.

Very carefully she sneaked up the old, creaking stairs. She tried hard not to make any noise, though she knew he wouldn't be able to hear anything for the running water. Still she couldn't fight back the urge to sneak. Or peak for that matter.

As she approached the bathroom she suddenly didn't know what she was doing. Or why she was even doing it. It was so wrong. And yet there was no way of denying that she wanted it. Very, very bad. Holding her breath she opened the bathroom door and stepped in.

And there he was. Standing under the cascading water, surrounded by steam. Stark naked and all lathered up. His rather long hair was hanging down his back in loose, wet curls. Quickly she squirmed out of her clothes. With a deep breath she pulled back the shower curtains and stepped in.

"Hermione!" Sirius exclaimed in shock as he realised he was no longer alone. "What in Merlin's fury beard are you doing here?"

Courageously she reached out to him and touched a teasing finger to his hard chest.

"Taking what I want," she said huskily, wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. First he was too surprised to respond, but as she pulled him closer and moved her lips more frantically, he growled into her mouth and pulled her soft body flush against his own and claimed her mouth with his tongue. His hands moved to the small of his back and his prominent erection against her hip.

"I love when you take what you want," he growled in her ear and cupped her butt with big, firm hands. She moaned at that and made Sirius squeeze her hard and grind his erection against her flat stomach. Feeling totally daring she reached down between them and grabbed his erect cock. He pulled her closer and growled again.

"Yeah, I really love it when you take what you want!" he moaned and rested his head against the crook of her neck while she stroked him under the water. His fingers went from her back to her breasts as he started walking till her back hit the wall of the shower. His fingers graced her nipples, tucking and pulling while she continued stroking him. All of a sudden his fingers were replaced by his mouth and his fingers dipped into her core. Closing her eyes she moaned loudly and leaned back against the cold tiles.

"Hermione?" Sirius voice sounded, suddenly from very far away. Blinking she opened her eyes and stared into Sirius' grey eyes. But they weren't were they should be. They were not right in front of her, looking admiringly down on her. They were staring in confusion and horror from the other side of the room.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked, slightly panic-stricken. "And why oh why are you naked?"

So, I don't know if you've figured out what I'm intending to do. I think it would be quite cool if I let you finish this story. This has been an idea of mine for a long time, but I'd never gotten around to do it. But here I am, doing it, finally. So, send me a link with you take on what happens next.

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