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Her Silhouette

Hiding in a bush, seeing her silhouette in the window; I watch her leave to answer the door.

"Hey Dan! What brings you here?" her innocent voice asks.

"Uhh can I come inside?"

He sounds so guilty. Great. We are going to fail, he's going to screw up and she's going to pay for it. He needs to lie better. I hear the door close and watch them walk inside together. I don't have to see her face to know what she's going through. .. and finally grief. I see her body shake as she falls to the ground. I feel instant remorse. I mentally slap myself. This is what she needs. It needs to be done. This will be what keeps her safe. She is my priority. No matter how much I already miss her. I wonder if this is how the clouds feel without the sun. Or maybe how the moon and sun feel together; loving each other but never seeing one another. She is my whole life. And if I give into my urge and pick her up and hold her and tell her how I love her; I'll ruin everything I've worked so hard for. I need her so much. And I need her alive. So I'll restrain my urge and miss her beautiful face.

I hear the door open and hear her faint, soft, broken sobs. It closes.

"Jack! Jack!" Dan whispers much too loudly.

"Shh! She'll hear you! What do you want?" I whisper with the most vicious death glare I have.

"She bought it Jack! We've got to go before they know you were here."

"Fine." I grumble. With tears in my eyes I look back through the window, she's sobbing on the floor wrapped in her blanket, and I find myself desperately wishing I could kiss her and tell her it will be okay. But I can't.

On our way to anywhere but there, I walk with my eyes on the ground. I also hope that the scum they hired won't find out what happened between us so that they have nothing to use against her. I silently pray I'll get to see her alive, whole, and beautiful again. She won't understand though. My name comes with its "responsibilities". To them she is worthless, my family and their wealth. And the blue bloods they hired to find me at any costs. My "responsibilities" have to much to do with my family. And I am sick of running. But they would kill her, she's just another puzzle piece to put together and find me. I would rather go to the deepest depths of hell than to see that happen. And I know she'd risk it all for me, so I told the biggest lie I will ever tell. Scratch that, technically Dan told the biggest lie I will ever tell. But it still doesn't settle my guilt.

She thinks I'm dead.