"X?" One of the worms called as he waved from the monitoring station. "Call for you. Lyndon! He doesn't sound happy!"

"Just perfect." X stalked over to take the call, leaving his latest attempt to get the security footage running. Why in the world hadn't Little Ears invited the head of the Alien Rights Commission to Zed's party? Then he would be safely poisoned instead of on the loose and planning to cause who knows what trouble. "Yes?"

"Agent X? Where is Zed?" Lyndon demanded as soon as X appeared on the communicator screen. "Do you know what's going on out there? The entire city's in chaos! Innocent aliens have been attacked! They've been robbed! They've been... And where is the MIB? Let me speak to Zed this instant!"

"Zed's taking a sick day."

"A sick day?" Lyndon said with a frown. He had heard that it was the head of the MIB's birthday, and he knew from experience the sort of parties humans threw. He wasn't sure how in the world his cousin had ever managed to clean up after the butcher's party, he thought it was called, that a group of humans held in his bowling alley. Still, Lyndon would have never thought Zed was the type to have a party like that. "Zed's... Agent X, do you really expect me to believe that the head of the MIB had a party where he indulged so much that now he's sick? Zed's more than old enough to know better!"

"To be fair, the party was Agent Jay's idea. I told them we should have gone with a tie. No one's ever ended up needing emergency treatment for a tie." X tapped his clawed foot impatiently as he talked. At this rate he was never going to get that security footage pulled.

"I don't know. Agent Kay's brother came close." One of the worms said as he staggered by with a pile of pillows. "Kay was watching him one day and said he though the tie that clown fellow his brother works with was wearing was going to send him to the hospital."

Lyndon wasn't even going to try to figure out what the worm was talking about. "Okay, if Zed decided he didn't want to act his age, fine. Let me talk to Agent Kay."

"He's taking a sick day."

"What?" What in the world did X think he was trying to pull, saying Agent Kay was taking a sick day? Kay never took sick days, and surely wasn't the type who would indulge in any of the behaviors that those humans did down in the bowling alley. His cousin was still trying to figure out what it was they put in the ball return and how to remove it. "Agent X, might I remind you who is responsible for your position with the MIB? You can't just tell me some sort of insane story about Agent Kay over-indulging at Zed's birthday party and expect me to believe it! Now I want to talk to the agent in charge now! We have a crisis out here!"

"You are talking to the agent in charge. You're actually talking to the only agent at the moment. And believe me, I know we have a problem out there." X said. "The problem is that we have more of a problem in here. Everyone here except me and the worms are sick with some sort of poison at the moment, so I think that tops what you've got going on out there."

"What?" Lyndon's little eyes went wider than X imagined was possible for his species. "What do you mean the agents were poisoned? Agent X, have you lost your mind?"

"That's a distinct possibility the way that things are going." X grumbled. "Take a look for yourself." He hit a few buttons to swing the communications hook-up and give Lyndon a few of the room and the collapsed agents.

Lyndon was quiet after seeing the scene, yet another thing that X didn't think was possible. "Are…." Lyndon shook his head, not knowing what to ask. "Fatalities?"

"None so far, and if my cousin hurries up and gets here, hopefully there won't be any." X said. "But at the moment there's nothing we can do about what's going on outside. We're barely managing the situation in here. Where are you?"

"At my cousin's. What can I do?" Lyndon asked, the worry in his voice clear. All of the agents…. Sure, he gave the MIB a hard time, but he considered Zed one of his closest friends. "Should I…."

"Your cousin, the one who lives above his bowling alley, right?"

"And below his other bowling alley." Lyndon added. "If I can…."

"Stay right where you are for the moment." X said. "We don't need anyone else on the street if we can avoid it. Jeedangian peacekeepers are on the way with my cousin, but until they get here, the best we can do is to keep the innocent aliens out of the way." Something suddenly occurred to him. "If you want to help, I have a list of resident aliens we still need to notify to lock themselves in there houses."

"Send it. Not like anyone's going to be coming in to bowl today. My cousin can help make calls." Lyndon said. "Is something beeping?"

"Another ship? Could you do something about the tourists while you're at it?" X grumbled as he hit a button, so he could issue another warning about why landing wasn't a good idea. When he saw the screen, he let out a sigh. His cousin, not a captain who would undoubtedly try to argue. "What took you so long?"

"Chief Zeredon actually insisted we obey a few interstellar traffic laws." Zara said with a roll of her big eyes. "How are the humans?"

"Alive. I had to get a human doctor, and you're telling Zed it was your idea too." X told her. At least she was finally here. Surely with more help here things could be fixed quickly.

"A doctor. Having a doctor there's good." Aileen was in another area of the ship but Zara wasn't taking any chances on her hearing and figuring out how bad things had to be for X to have brought a human doctor in. "We'll land in five minutes, with plenty of help."

"With this many people sick, you better have plenty of help." X muttered as he closed the call and started for the shuttlebay. The second she was off the ship, he was dragging Zara in to help with Kay. Even with all Elle's father was doing, he didn't like the look of the human.

"X?" Zara called as the ramp slid down, letting her step off the ship.

"Finally. This way." X hurried up and caught Zara's arm, almost jerking her off her feet as he pulled her the rest of the way down the ramp and towards the main room of headquarters. Zara didn't object, though, just waved for the other Jeedangian nurses and medics to follow.

"Agent X?" Aileen somehow kept pace with the larger aliens as they moved down the hallway. "How are the agents?" She wanted to ask about Kay, but she couldn't bring herself to. If she was too late, if he was gone….

"They're alive. That's something." X said as they stepped in to the room. He didn't stop tugging on his cousin, but continued pulling her in Kay's direction. "Zara…."

"Kay?" Aileen whispered, stopping short at the sight of him, tears starting to prick at her eyes. After a moment, she shook her head, ordering any panic firmly away. Alive, he was alive and…. "Wait." She moved around the Jeedangian and dropped to the floor beside Kay, reaching out and taking his hand, her tendrils curling around his fingers. "Kay?" What she had suspected before, that he wasn't as deeply unconscious as the humans suspected, she felt was confirmed as his ice cold hand twitched slightly in response to her touch.

Her free hand moved, gently stroking his face, brushing his hair back a bit. "It's alright." She told him, leaning down close to his ear to make sure he heard her. "I'm right here and the other agents are going to be fine. They're going to be fine, and you're going to be fine too. I'm here now. I'll take care of everything, I promise. You've done your job. So you just rest and focus on getting well. Everything's going to be fine. Just rest." She stroked his fingers and his forehead lightly as she talked, hoping the touch would help as much as he words.

"I don't know what you're doing." George said as he carefully moved around Aileen to check Kay's vital signs. "But whatever it is, it's working." Even with all he had done, he honestly gave the man he was treating less than a fifty/fifty chance, but now, somehow, he was starting to stabilize.

Aileen nodded, but kept her focus on Kay. "It's alright." She told him again. "Everything's going to be fine, I promise. I'm right here. I'm going to take care of everything. You don't have to fight anymore. Everything's going to be fine. Just rest and let me take care of you.