I stood outside, they thought everyone was away hunting, they were, I had come back. She couldn't see me because of my shield, I had discovered it a few months ago, I could block even Alice if I wanted to. It had been going on for months, possibly years, I knew. I just didn't know what to do.

I listened to their grunts, I smelled their arousal, from outside. Jasper didn't know, I saw it in his eyes when he looked at Alice. Which of course made me wonder if they had been doing this forever. I heard a crash. Alice giggled. I struggled to keep control of myself.

"Oh, baby, it will be fixed before anyone gets back, just like all the other things we've broken over the years…" Edward murmured, I heard kissing noises next. My suspicions were more than confirmed. I silently ran towards the house I shared with that thing that I once loved. Nessie was in La Push, and I was glad. I broke down, sobbing. I felt wetness in my eyes that would never fall. Edward used to kiss me like that, but I guess it had been Alice all along. That was why he hadn't wanted me to be a vampire; he feared I would find out. Well, so called love, I did. I heard movement outside, close outside. I gained control of myself, I would be the person everyone expected me to be, even if it was all a lie. Like it or not, to the rest of the world that knew I still existed, Edward was my life. I wouldn't prove them wrong. The beast moved on, I sniffed. It had just been a stray elk, trying to find its family. Where is my family? Torn apart, yet even they don't know. Exploding from the inside out, but some may never see it. If only the answer was as simple as spontaneous combustion, but this explosion was anything but spontaneous.

I loved them all, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Nessie, Jacob, Jasper. Jasper. If this had been going on nearing sixty years, as long as Alice and Jasper had been a part of the Cullen clan, then why did they drag this out so long? What was the point? I wonder if Alice knew before she even met Jasper that she would forever be with Edward. Then why did she want Jasper too? Was this relationship non-exclusive? Did they know they wouldn't get enough satisfaction from just each-other? Is Alice really that selfish? Under all the happiness and bounciness, and excitedness is Alice just a psychopath? Does she truly care nothing for those around her? How does Edward not see this? How does Jasper not know?

"What don't I know Bella?" I must have been speaking aloud, so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't hear him approach, maybe that elk was being followed. I quickly checked my shield. It was still up. "Why can't I feel your emotions Bella? What is happening? Is Alice alright?!" He took a deep unnecessary breath to calm himself.

"Alice is fine Jasper, go by the house and she'll probably be sitting on the couch with her laptop, shopping online, things she has done forever, well, as long as you've known her. She has not changed since her change and it's possible that there was more than one reason she was in that asylum." I fidgeted, he deserved to know, I made sure that Alice couldn't 'see' us. Jasper grew angry.

"Well of course she hasn't changed, she's mine, she always will be, and she has been since the second she woke up. And what the HELL do you mean she was in that wretched asylum for more that one reason?!"

I gulped, stalling and practicing my human-acting, it still needed work. "Alice isn't yours Jasper, she never has been, but you sure as hell are hers." I paused. "Alice and Edward are together Jasper. I think that they always have been. Alice controls Edward, and made the 'non-exclusive' law so that she could fuck more people, mainly you. She always knew she would be with Edward, but she brought you along for God knows what reason. Alice doesn't care about your feelings, she cares about sex, I'm not even sure she cares for Edward. Her emotions never showed any signs of an affair because she 'loved' Edward before you met is so flipping protective of me because he can't do anything in their relationship, and he doesn't care, he gets to shove all his bitchy dominant crap on me. Have you noticed how they have been going off on their own more lately? 'Bonding?'" Of course he had, they all had, but only I knew what for. "Alice is jealous of me. She thinks that I am getting all of Edward's attention, but all I get is his testosterone. She gets his love, and devotion, and she doesn't even want it. I wanted it, now I know that will never happen, the psychopath wins, joy." I stole a glance at Jasper. He was curled on the couch he had sat on when he first came into this cottage. I opened my shield to feel what he was projecting. The grief, despair, self-loathing, and utter sadness coupled with my own made it hard enough to stumble over to the couch and sit next to him. We dry-sobbed for hours it seemed.

The family was at goat rocks, I had come home saying that a few elk would do me fine, I don't know why Jasper was here now. The family was still oblivious, never seeing what was right under their noses. I allowed Jasper to feel my emotions slowly, because I knew that he felt uncomfortable not feeling them, but I didn't want to startle him. Alice still wouldn't see us, and Edward, even if he was close enough, couldn't hear us. Our family would remain absent for a few days to come, I expected that Edward wouldn't even come home in that time, Nessie would stay for a few days more at Jacob's, she would need him soon, my eyes met Jasper's and I knew that Nessie would be hurt when she came home, this would no longer stay a secret.

Jasper and I stayed near the woods, my shield always up. I had explained to him that shortly after I had begun to open my shield to Edward I discovered many other things, like the fact that it could block anything, any power and any physical attack, no one found out of course, because around this same time I realized that I could also use any other powers within my shield, if I concentrated hard enough. Naturally, because I loved Edward I shielded him first. Soon I wanted to tell him, but not just tell him, show him. So I concentrated on opening my mind. I then saw right into his mind. I saw him running his fingers through dark hair and smiled, I thought he was thinking of me. But all too soon the dark hair stopped, just a few inches from my head. I suddenly realized how short I was. I turned around. Alice looked back at me, she then kissed me passionately, throwing her tongue into it, Edward loved it, but didn't fight for dominance, he knew it was unattainable. At least my Alice isn't. He had then thought. She had then kissed her way up to his ear, and, nibbling on it, told him to do things he told me to do, in bed, when we were alone, just us, the married couple. I had dry-sobbed for hours.

When I finished Jasper was doing that exact thing. We held each other in an embrace as we cried at the loss of our loves.

A/N: Okay, so I know that this is a really common story line, Alice an Edward cheating on each other, Jasper and Bella getting together, blah blah blah, happiness. Well if you realize, this one DOES make a bit more sense, in all the other ones Edward and Alice just randomly fell for each other, stupid, if they have been together for years, then why do they have an affair, AFTER Edward meets Bella? I mean really? Anyway, I was extremely bored and needed to write something and this was on my mind. I may never do anything else with this story, but yeah, its something for you while I put off typing the next chapter of Dead Horse. Review please!