Title: Latte on the Go
Chapter: Sunset Orange Smoothie
Rating: R
Word Count: 2278
Pairing: Marco x Ace, Luffy x Ace
Topic: Something Sweet and Twisted
Type: AU, Modern Setting
Genre: Humor, romance, drama
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: This is decicated to my friends Clareobell, Chrissy, and Stini. Special thanks goes to catiprojectc for helping me out. Comments are greatly appreciated. and be warned now this story is going to be a bit more...'twisted' than my usual work. You have been warned. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

"It's okay! I don't care! I like you!" said the voice of a child. "You're not evil, Ace..."

"Stupid! Didn't you listen to a thing I just said!? Stay away from me!" said the voice of another a little older than the first.

"Yeah I did, and I don't care! Don't be so sad! I'll be your family, so be happy!"

"Y-you...! You idiot!"

Right then the eyes of a young man snapped open. Portgas D. Ace sat up in his bed and gave a yawn. He was twenty, with a muscular but lean build, he had eyes that were dark brown, sleepy in a way, but with a hint of mischief to them. He was handsome, with boyish good looks and freckles decorating his cheeks, almost giving him a deceptively childish look. Ace gave a yawn and scratched the back of his head. Reaching to the bed stand he picked up a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He starting collecting his thoughts, he remembered he was out partying the night before, and that he had brought someone home with him.

"Ace, are you awake?" called the voice of a young woman.

Right on cue.

"Yeah, I'm up..." he said as he lit a cigarette in his mouth. He took a drag, savoring the flavor until he blew out the smoke. He couldn't really remember a lot of the night before, which probably meant he was pretty drunk. He couldn't even remember the girl's face or if they even had sex that night.

"Hey there..." purred a voice. The girl strutted into the room and headed towards the bed. She was dressed in one of Ace's t-shirts. She had a nice figure, fair skin, curvy, a nice pair of tits and good hips. Her face was slightly round, with nice full lips and sharp eyes. "You were pretty good last night..."

Ace raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

Then the girl's face formed a slight sneer. "No, I'm bullshitting you. You kept falling asleep, and then when you finally were in the mood to do the deed...you couldn't 'get it up' if you catch my drift. Are you impotent or something? I mean, really now, it was embarrassing."

Ace's face went a brilliant shade of red and he felt his heart sink. This was a problem he'd been having for a while now.

"I'm going to be 'nice', and say it was probably because of all the booze. You're pretty hot, so I wouldn't mind giving you a second chance. So what do you say?" The girl said with a smirk, already knowing the answer.

Ace went to work that day with a nice red hand print on his face.

"Ouch...who did you piss off this time, huh?" said a tan skinned young man. He was just a little older than Ace, tall and somewhat lean, he had lazy eyes and blonde hair in an odd style that made his head look like a pineapple.

"Shut it, Marco..." Ace snapped.

"Oh? Being a smartass, hmm?" Marco said with a smirk. "I could have you fired for insubordination, you know..."

"Bite me!" Ace shot back.

"Oh, I'd love to.."

Ace then cringed. "Never mind..."

Marco was the manager of the place where they worked. It was a cafe, that was built by a man named Edward Newgate, also affectionately known as 'White Beard' amongst the youth of the city. He was a self made man, that offered opportunities to young people to keep them out of trouble. He became a revered father figure to many. He then had the 'Moby Dick Cafe' built, though it's not quite the 'Baratie', they get a lot of good business. Why? Simple, The Moby Dick Cafe has a bunch of eye candy staff working there, and it attracts a lot of female customers.

"What is this? The military? Speak normal, idiot." Ace said with a sigh. He then looked Marco in the eye with a serious look on his face. "Look, if you must know..."

A few moments later Marco wall leaning against the wall of the kitchen laughing hard.

"Oi! I said don't laugh!" Ace shouted. "It's not funny! do you have any idea how bad this has been for me!?"

Marco laughed at his blushing friend. "Oh come on, don't take it so seriously. Lighten up a little, it's not that big of a deal. Even if it is embarrassing." Marco snickered a little. "You just fail as a man, that's all."

"You're horrible..." Ace said bluntly as one of his eyes gave a twitch. As usual Marco was finding his pain entertaining. "Of course you'd find it entertaining, you damned sadist..."

Marco suddenly wrapped his arm around Ace's waist and pulled him closer, their faces were inches apart. "And you, old friend, are a masochist, after all, you keep coming back for more. You knew how I'd react, admit it."

Ace shivered when he felt Marco's hand travel down to and rest upon his ass. "Oi, quit trying to get fresh with me!" He jumped when he felt Marco give him a good squeeze. His face became a brilliant shade of red as he bit his lip to keep back a surprised squeak.

Marco chuckled slightly at Ace's frowning, blushing face, he then ruffled his raven hair. "I could help you with your little 'problem', you know." Marco then used his free hand to take hold of Ace's chin and make him look up at him. "You like to act all 'manly', but I have a feeling you'd make a nice 'uke' and would enjoy it."

"There are laws against sexual harassment in the workplace, you asshole!" Ace said with a small huff. He could feel his face heat up as he continued to blush from how close they were to each other. Marco's words weren't helping matters either.

Marco smirked with an hint of mischief. "Heh, that's funny, I'm not stopping you. If you really wanted to leave, all you had to do was just do so."

"You...You jackass..." Ace shivered slightly as Marco rubbed his hand against his rear. Marco gently pulled him closer, their lips weren't all that far from touching.

"Time to open shop." Marco said suddenly, and right with that he left Ace standing there completely dumbfounded.

It took a few seconds for Ace to regain his voice. "W-what the hell was that!?"

Marco looked back at him and gave a smirk. "You said you wanted me to stop, right?"

Right then Ace wished he had classes that day, it wasn't that he hated Marco, on the contrary, he really liked the guy. But honestly there were times, like now, where he just wanted to wring the bastard's fucking neck. Ace had been 'secretly' questioning his own sexuality for the past two years, it was all Marco's fault too!

Remembering that incident still brought a small blush to the young man's face.

At the time he had just moved out of the house of his caretaker, a man known as 'Dadan'. His legal guardian, Monkey D. Garp was a marine officer that constantly traveled, so he left Ace in the hands of the ever so capable, ever so annoying Dadan. At eighteen he promptly moved out of the house and with his friend from high school, it was fine for a while, except the one night when he woke up in bed with Marco half naked, tied up with a ball gag in his mouth, and quite frankly in a mess of a state.

Apparently the two went out to party the night before and had a few too many drinks. Marco explained to him that when they got home one thing lead to another and they went ahead and had what he had called a 'kink-fest', Ace had allowed and welcomed Marco to do all sorts of kinky things to him.

"It wasn't really sex..." Marco explained. " More like 'intense masturbation'." This left Ace both shocked and mentally scarred for life. It also didn't help that Marco took the opportunity to show off his massive sex and bondage toy collection.

"Oi..." Marco said suddenly bringing Ace back to reality. "Your nose is bleeding."

"Huh!? Ah, damn it..."

The day went on being not so eventful, serve the customers, being hit on by customers, take orders, fall asleep a couple of times, help out in the kitchen, deal with Marco's harassment, and of course take a smoking break once in a while. Things were pretty normal, however he noticed that there was an odd kid with black hair staring in the cafe from the window. He seemed oddly familiar somehow, he was lanky and dressed in an orange hoody with sleeves that were torn off at the shoulders, his eyes were dark brown but had an excited look to them, Ace noticed that there was a scar under the left one.

The said kid then headed for the entrance of the cafe, walked in, and headed right for Marco.

"Yo!" The teen said with a wave.

"Huh?" Marco said while giving a blink. "What do you want? If it's food then go take a seat at a table."

The raven haired boy seemed to drool at the word of 'food', but he then shook his head. "No, no, I'm here about this!" He then presented the 'Help Wanted' flyer. "I want to work here!"

"Um..." Marco quickly glanced the kid over, surely this brat was missing a few screws. "Sorry, kid, but the position was just filled."

"No it hasn't." said a voice suddenly.

Both Marco and the boy both looked to where the voice came from.

"Damn it, Ace, can't you keep your trap shut?" Marco said with an irritated sigh.

"Maybe you should think twice before messing with me so much." Ace said as he walked over to them. He then turned his attention to the younger of the two. "Did you fill out an application? I'll make sure 'Pineapple' here doesn't throw it out."

The boy grinned at him. "Shi, shi, shi, shi! No, I was told to speak with the owner, 'Edward Newgate', ne?"

Ace blinked confusedly. "You were 'told to'? By who?"

"My grandpa, he knows the owner." the boy explained with a smile.

"What's your name, kid?" Marco asked, there was a slight tone of irritation in his voice. "I'll go and see if this his story checks out..."

"Na? Oh! I'm Monkey D. Luffy!"

Ace paled suddenly. "What? Did you say 'Monkey'?"

Luffy gave a nod. "Yep, that's me!" he then grinned again.

Marco noticed Ace's sudden uneasiness. "What's wrong?"

Ace flinched slightly. "Huh!? N-nothing! Nothing at all! Eh, heh...You just go on ahead, I'll get back to work." It was obvious he was lying, something was bothering him.

Marco frowned slightly. Did Ace know this kid? No, he didn't seem to recognize him earlier, but he did seem to be startled by the kid's name. He then smiled, perhaps this could be more fun than he thought.

Ace was left alone with Luffy, the was a strange silence for a few moments before Luffy finally broke it.

"You said you had work to do, ne?" he said as he tilted his head to the side. "Oh! Maybe I could get a snack?"

"Oh, uh, sure! Let me take you to a seat..." Ace then led the boy to a table by the window and handed him a menu. "Is there anything that you like?"

Luffy looked it over, practically drooling a waterfall at the pictures of all the yummy looking food. "It all looks really good, but do you have anything really cheap? I don't have much, just enough to buy some milk and bread from the grocery store."

Ace raised an eyebrow at the statement. "Then shouldn't you save that money for the grocery store?"

"Oh! You're right!" Luffy said with surprise.

"It's common sense." Ace added. He sighed, he wasn't too sure if a kid like this could even handle a job at the cafe. Looking over the boy, there was something about him that screamed 'absent minded' and 'clumsy'.

Luffy laughed as he scratched the back of his head, looking a little sheepish. "Thanks mister, if I forgot about that. Gramps would have killed me when I got home."

Ace then looked a little uneasy. "Hey, by any chance, is your grandpa named 'Garp'?"

Luffy's eyes went wide in surprise. "Ooh! That's right! Are you a psychic?! So cool!"

"N-No, it's nothing like that." Ace said while trying to calm the kid down before he called too much unwanted attention. So that's why the kid looked so familiar, he was the grandkid of old man Garp. Ace could already see some for the customers whispering made up on the spot gossip.

Luffy blinked confusedly for a moment. "Hmm, I guess, if you're not psychic...then you must know him, ne?"

"Uh, well I..." Before Ace could answer he noticed Marco walking over to them. He was thankful for the distraction. "Oh, Marco, so what happened?"

Marco looked right at Luffy, ignoring Ace. "You start tomorrow, be here at five O'clock, don't be late, got it?"

Luffy gave a quick nod. "Thank you!" He then got up out of his seat and gave a slight bow. "See you both tomorrow then!" Luffy then about to leave.

"Oi, don't forget, you still have to go to the grocery store." Ace reminded him.

Luffy looked back at him confused for a moment. "Oh! Right! Thank for reminding me!" He then left for the door.

"What a weird kid..." Ace thought out loud. He then noticed Marco staring at him with a smirk. "What is it?"

"Heh, you sounded like a housewife." Marco said as his smirk grew. "It was kind of cute."

Ace frowned as his freckled cheeks went red. "Oh shut up..."

-End of Chapter 1-

VTM: Chapter 2 is just about done, however I'm also working on chapter 3 which is going to get a little...'steamy'. I could use some feedback, it'll help me shape the story. I hope you enjoyed. Until we meet again.