Title: Latte on the Go
Chapter: Lemon Squares
Rating: R
Word Count: 3167
Pairing: Marco x Ace, Luffy x Ace, possibly others
Topic: Something Sweet and Twisted
Type: AU, Modern Setting
Genre: Humor, romance, drama
Warnings: This chapter contains sexual content and cross dressing, you've been warned.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
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- - -

"Old man Roger, was a fiend! A liar, a cheat, a demon so mean!"

"Stop it!" a seven year old Ace yelled as he ran away from the other kids. Some had begun throwing rocks at him.

"With one look you feel dread, he wouldn't think twice before making you dead!" The children continued.

Ace was soon cornered at a dead end. The other children approached and continued their horrible song. Ace could feel anger bubble up inside him to the point where it couldn't be held back any more. He noticed an old abandoned pipe laying in the dirt, reaching down he grabbed it. He then charged at them with it. "I said stop it!"

Ace's eyes snapped open, he sat up in bed, he could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. "Damn it..." These weird dreams had been bothering him a lot lately, they were memories, of a time in his life he rather forget. Why were they resurfacing after all this time? He toyed with the thought of stopping by one of the psych classes later and maybe get an opinion. Though, that idea left a bad taste in his mouth, he do it if he had time that day. That was a constant excuse he was notorious for using, 'if he had time'. It was convenient, because he was a busy guy, he worked hard so it wasn't like it was 'lying'. But it was still a scapegoat for when he wanted to get out of something. Maybe he really should go? '...If I have time.'

His classes seemed to drag on that day, not even falling into a random narcoleptic fit seemed to speed things up any.

"Oi, Ace!" came a whisper from the desk next to him. "Psst! Wake up! You're going to get into trouble again!"

Ace's eyes blinked open lazily and looked at the student next to him. "Yo Shuraiya...Is class over yet?"

"Almost, but you got to stay awake. What's with you anyway? You've been pretty off latel-" A book was suddenly slammed on Shuraiya's desk, causing the student to jump in his seat.

"Mr. Bascud, pay attention!"

"Y-Yes, sir..." Shuraiya said as his face went red after hearing the class start to laugh at him.

Ace rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. He just wasn't in the mood to deal with this crap today. After a while he was woken up by the bell, thank god class was finally over. Getting up, he left while being followed after by Shuraiya.

"Oi, Ace!"

Ace looked back at him. "What is it?"

"Are you okay?" Shuraiya asked suddenly. "You've been acting pretty odd lately."

Ace gave a confused blink at this statement. "Really? How have I been acting weird?"

"Well you seem pretty gloomy all of a sudden." Shuraiya began. "Half the time you walk around like a ghost with a bummed out look on your face."

"Well I'm okay, really." Ace tried to brush it off. He then remembered he was going to make a stop at the psychology department that day. He went quiet for a moment, weighing his options and weather he really wanted to go or not.

"Yo, space cadet." Shuraiya said after a while. He was getting a little worried now.

Ace snapped out of his thoughts and looked at him. "Huh? Sorry, was kind of starting to doze off for a moment." He would just go to work that day and skip out on the psychology department idea, besides, it was probably nothing, right?

Luffy' performance at work had improved quite a bit thanks to Ace's training. He was able to wait tables and was even considered 'cute' by some of the customers. Though now and then he'd still sneak a piece of food or two. He was starting to enjoy the job, especially spending his break times with Ace and the others. Sometimes Trap-Chan would sneak him a couple of treats, which was so cool of her! He also liked to hang out with Ace, he really saved his skin, so he was cool too! Sometimes he'd try to get to know him better, but it sometimes seemed like Ace was trying to keep him at a distance. But that didn't keep him from trying.

"Hi!" Luffy said happily as he walked out of the back door of the cafe. He smiled when he saw Ace was taking his usual smoke break. "Na, Ace, I got a couple nice tips today!" Luffy said proudly.

"That's pretty cool, kid." Ace gave a smile as he flicked the ashes off his cigarette. "You really showed Marco, that's for sure."

"Yeah, thank you for helping me." Luffy said with a grin. Things then got quiet, for some reason Ace wasn't very talkative around him. Though Luffy had seen him joke around with Shuraiya and Thatch now and then, so he wasn't really shy. Luffy had so far made tons of friends in his new school, he had set his sights on Ace after he started helping him. He seemed to be a nice guy, like a brother almost, for some reason that quality attracted Luffy. "Na, maybe sometime do you want to hang out? Like maybe have lunch or something?"

"Ah...If I have some free time, maybe." Ace said thoughtfully, not wanting to seem rude. It wasn't that he didn't like the kid, but he didn't want things to get too complicated. He liked his life to be simple, go to school, go to work, hang out with his friends, stuff like that. Luffy was a part of Gramp's crazy family, and Ace didn't need any of that in his life.

"Buuu...You always say that." Luffy said with a bored sigh.

"Well, I'm always busy." Ace said with a hint of annoyance.

Luffy caught the tone in Ace's voice and backed down a little. that was the problem though, he couldn't really figure Ace out, first he helps him without a reason and yet he seemed to keep Luffy at arm's length as if he had a disease. Did he want to be friends or not?

It was silent between the two for a while then. A certain awkwardness was in the air.

"Why don't you get back to work?" Ace said suddenly. "If you've got nothing to do. Marco's still watching you like a hawk, you know."

Luffy groaned and gave a small pout. "You're so weird..." He then went back inside the cafe.

Ace watched him as he went back, he then gave a small sigh. For a minute he thought the kid was going to go off into one of his random tangents or stupid little stories about him and his friends. Ace flicked the ashes off of his cigarette again. Maybe he was being a little too cold to the kid? He dropped the cigarette and stepped on it. Who cares if he was cold? He helped the kid, that was all he was going to do for him. At some point he was sure Luffy would get the message. Ace then headed back into the cafe, only to be met with a rather sour looking Marco. Ace smirked, he beat the bastard this time. "Why the long face?"

"You're not getting off that easily..." Marco began. "You really took me by surprise by actually stepping out of your way to help him like that. Do you 'like' him or something?"

"No, it's nothing like that. I just know his grandfather, that's all." Ace explained. That was the last thing he needed. Marco making assumptions or getting jealous for whatever reason. He could be a scary man when that kind of stuff was involved. "The old man is a little over the top. I guess I kind of felt bad for him."

"Huh, really? Is that all then?" Marco asked. "Then I guess I'll still fire him."

"What!? Are you serious!? What the fuck for!?" Ace was pissed, after all that hard work he went through with the kid, Marco still wanted to be a dick about it!? "That's bullshit and you know it!"

"I don't like to lose." Marco said bluntly. "You got a problem with that?" He was enjoying that look of shock on Ace's freckled face. This little game wasn't done just yet.

"You are seriously pissing me off this time Marco!" Ace snapped, taking the older man by surprise. "After all the shit I went through you decide to be a jackass!?"

Marco hadn't seen Ace this pissed since that April Fool's day prank he pulled on him last year. And that time things didn't go so smoothly. "Hold it, calm down already. Look, this is an easy thing to fix. I don't like to lose, and you want the kid to keep his job, right? You worked really hard to get him to do his job better, right?"

"Yeah...?" Ace didn't like where this was going at all.

Marco smirked almost evilly and took Ace by the arm, they then walked to the back of the cafe.

A bit later Ace finally walked out of the storage closet, dressed in a waitress outfit, it was almost a Gothic Lolita style, it was navy blue with a white collar, cuffs, and apron. Complete with a cute headdress with a bow on each side and white, knee high stockings. Ace's face was stained crimson, he fidgeted a little, he was embarrassed.

"Huh, you look so cute..." Marco said with a lecherous smirk. "I was thinking about parading you around, but I think I'm glad with this just being a private show."

Ace grimaced and blushed. "Well there! You got what you wanted, okay?!" he then turned to go back and get redressed into his regular clothes, but Marco pulled him back and pinned him facing the wall. "ugh...! W-what are you doing...?"

"I told you before, remember? I might also want to play with you." Marco said as he gave a nip to Ace's ear.

"Ow! Knock it off, you bastard!" Ace then felt Marco's hand travel along his body."O-oi...What are you doing...?"

Marco then slipped his hand under the skirt and began to feel around. "Oh, you even put on the lingerie? You really got into it, huh? Maybe the reason you took so long was so you could get a good look at yourself?" He then slipped his hand into the underwear. "Oh? Would you look at that, you were starting to get hard. I thought you said that you were having 'problems'..." Marco said with a laugh. He then proceeded to stroke Ace's flesh at a tauntingly slow pace, drawing out small whines from the younger man. Marco knew just how to push Ace's buttons, from years of teasing and flirting he had gotten a good idea on what Ace's secret kinks were. Ace was in denial of his own sexual desires, why he was so reluctant to admit to himself that he was bisexual was beyond Marco, but it did make for a lot of fun. Though, this was the first time Marco had gotten this bold with Ace, sometimes the guy just needed a nudge. After all, didn't he mention that he was having problems in his sex life? Being the 'good friend' Marco was, he was going to remedy that for him.

"A-Ah...! N-not that...!" Ace moaned his face flushed deeply. His entire body shivered as Marco continued to stroke his cock. He bit his lip so not to let any loud moans to escape, if they got caught he might die from the embarrassment! But the thought of getting caught was also making him feel hornier, it was like his mind was split in two, both sides fighting for control. One side was his reason, the other was something much darker. He could feel Marco grinding against him from behind, his face flushed even deeper when he felt a jolt of pleasure shoot though his body. "U-Ugh...!"

Marco nipped lightly on Ace's ear. "You like that?"

"N-no..." Ace said defiantly. He then felt Marco's grip on his length tighten a bit. "A-Ahhh!" He tried his best to keep his voice restrained as his body shivered even more.

"Liar." Marco said with a smirk. He then continued to stroke Ace's heated flesh, enjoying how Ace started to thrust into his grip. Marco smirked at this, he knew Ace wanted more, but was unwilling to admit it. It was a little funny to see such denial. "You're enjoying this very much, you little slut. You like playing 'dress up' and you're loving what I'm doing to you." Marco said playfully.

"M-Mar-Marco...!" Ace couldn't take much more, he jumped slightly as he realized the he could feel how hard Marco was at this point. "You...f-fucking per...pervert..."

"You're not fighting me, you've been pretty much taking it like a bitch." Marco whispered into Ace's ear, he knew Ace had a weakness for dirty talk. His face was probably as red as a damned cherry right now. "So much for being straight, huh? You got hard from dressing up like this, I bet you have a few other fetishes, huh? Maybe we can experiment sometime."

"I-I'm not a f-fag!" Ace said suddenly. He wasn't! He just wasn't! And yet here he was, not doing anything to struggle or fight back. He was enjoying this, he did take time to admire himself in the outfit that god damned Marco forced him to wear, and even worse...

"Could've fooled me." Marco began. "You're dripping like a whore."

Marco knew just how to push his buttons. "F-Fuck..." Ace half whined, he wanted release, but he didn't want Marco to have that satisfaction. That bastard, messing with him like this, just where the hell did he get the nerve? His body trembled as felt Marco pick up the pace of his strokes. Ace tried to dig his nails into the wall, his body was going to go crazy! "A...Ahh..." He was having a harder time controlling himself, his voice escaped in small needy little whines and cries. He could only imagine the smirk on that smug bastard's face, and it was making things even worse.

"Do you want me to put it in?" Marco said mischievously, he knew he was pissing Ace off to no end with such a comment. "I'll make you feel really good."

"Sh-shut up...!" It was getting hard to form words, Ace's body and mind were against each other now. The body wanted more of this, more pleasure, dirty words, anything to keep feeling good. While the mind wanted it to stop, this was wrong! He wasn't a fucking queer! Suddenly his hair was pulled on, he was forced to back up a little from the wall. "O-Ow! What are you doing!?"

Marco then forced Ace to look down at his own throbbing cock, his smirk never leaving his features. This was fun, but this had to end now. "See for yourself just what a kinky bastard you are..."

Ace bit his lip to keep any moans at bay, he was forced to watch as after a few last strokes to his cock caused him to come violently. The wall he had been pushed against and the floor below were left a mess at the sudden explosion of white. Marco then let him go, his knees gave out from becoming shaky after the climax. He failed to notice that Marco then retreated into the storage closet. Ace's eyes drifted to the mess next to him, he hadn't been able to climax like that for a while, he'd been worried that there was something wrong with him. At least that's one good thing that came out of this incident, at least he now knew he wasn't impotent.

Right then Marco walked out of the closet carrying Ace's clothes. "Oi, clean up that mess you made."

"The mess I made!?" Ace glared at him. "You're the one that fucking molested me!"

"And you're the one that enjoyed it." Marco shot back as he began to walk off. "Better clean up fast before someone catches you." Marco tauntingly showed that he had Ace's clothes hostage and was gone before Ace could say much more.

"You asshole!" Ace blushed at the thought in this situation. He then got up on his feet and went to get a wash cloth and some soap. Marco just always had to find some way to get one last bit of fun out of the deal, how typical. "Fucking sadist." Ace mumbled. He hated to admit though, Marco did make him feel good, and he hadn't been able to climax like that in far too long. Ace blushed deeply at this thought, he was too lost in his own little world he failed to notice that Luffy had just walked into the hallway.

"Yo, Trap-chan!" He said cheerfully. "Vista was looking for you!"

Right then Ace made the mistake of looking back at the kid. "W-What???"

"Oh! A-Ace!" Luffy said surprised. He then stared at him dumbly for a moment, his brain was trying to piece together just what was going on. Ace was in a dress and there was a mystery stain on the wall next to him. "O...Okama?"

Ace went beet red. "I'M NOT AN OKAMA, YOU DUMBASS!!!"

"But you're dressed in-"

"Shut it!" Ace snapped. "I'm not an okama!"

"What's that?" Luffy asked as he pointed to the wall.

At this point Ace just wanted to die. Why? Why did things have to go from bad to fucking disastrous today!?

Marco then came walking over at the sound of all the commotion. "What the hell is going on now?" He then noticed Luffy. "Oh, it's you..."

Luffy, still a bit dumbfounded pointed at Ace. "Okama..."

Marco snorted slightly, he could see the deep blush on his friend's face. This was just too perfect, the irony of this whole situation was hilarious. "Oh, why yes it is."

"Marco, you fuck head, give me back my clothes!" Ace was still blushing deeply, he was so pissed, this time Marco was going way too far.

Luffy was quickly becoming uncomfortable with this situation, it was all finally starting to click. "Um...I'm uh...going to leave now..."

"H-hold it!" Ace said as Luffy left. "I'm not an okama! Hey! Are you listening to me!?" But Luffy was quick to get out of there before more awkwardness ensued. Ace then looked at Marco. "You...fucking jackass..."

"What? It wasn't like I sent him here..." Marco said coolly.

Ace got up on his feet, his eyes were hidden by his hair, he then walked over to Marco, rested his hand upon the taller man's shoulders, and whispered in his ear. "Yeah, but you're still a jackass..." he began. "Two can play at that game you know..."

"Oh?" Marco said with a raised eyebrow. He then felt something strike him between the legs, hard. Marco then doubled over and fell to the floor. Revenge was a bitch.

-End of Chapter 3-