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Alex's POV:

"How profound and serious you sound my dearest niece." Dennis teased, appearing out of nowhere. The previous conversion forgotten, we moved on, joking around on the way. Billy was holding my hand and skipping, Ryan was content just walking circles around us with a crazed smile cracking his face. Uncle Dennis had fun appearing and disappearing, annoying me to no end. I let Billy guide me to the bedroom I occupied after entering the glass house. I was in desperate need of a shower and a change of clothes...and some sleep wouldn't hurt.

"So how long have I been here?" I asked, not even sure myself. Dennis shrugged.

"We ghosts are useless with time. Time doesn't matter much to us sense we're dead." Billy explained, his wisdom betraying his youthful appearance.

"Wow, you guys are such a big help, what would I do without you?" I asked, sarcasm thick in my voice. Dennis smiled.

"Nice to feel appreciated!" I glared at him before trying to figure out how much time had really passed.

'My wounds from the bus crash are still healing, which means we haven't even been here more than a week. After I take a shower, I'll go find my ipod and look at the calendar.' I planned.
'I wonder what happened to all the other students, have they all died yet? Did they manage to find a ride away from here?' I didn't have anymore time to think as it seems we had finally reached our destination.

"Well, thanks for helping me find my way but this is where we separate." I said, stepping into the warm bedroom. Billy smiled before running down the hall, Dennis did his disappearing thing, and Ryan laughed insanely before disappearing, his way of saying goodbye. I rolled my eyes before shutting and locking the door.

I then commenced in my plan of relaxing. I layed in the bathtub for 30 minutes before getting out. The water was a slight pink from all the dried blood that had glued itself to my skin. I put on a light blue robe before brushing out my hair. The dyed blue streaks in my hair had almost faded completely, leaving a raven effect. I finally grabbed my rose necklace. I hadn't worn it for a while for fear it would get damaged.

'The necklace that has been passed down through my mother's family...never imagined she would give it to me.'

That was when I noticed something odd. My hair, which had turned all black during my stay here, had steaks of silver in it again. The necklace was what kept me bound as a normal human.

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