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Booth groaned as his tightly wound body dissolved in the cool sheets of his bed, the stress of his day finally succumbing to a internal calamity, as his head buried deep inside his pillow.

I want to die. It was a simple repetition in his mind, a mantra of all of today's disasters and failures molded into one single sentence.

It was different from all the other dreams he had had about his partner, for starters, he was actually able to control his urges to pull over his FBI issued vehicle and fuck her right up the side of the console. It hadn't helped when he had to sit in a sweaty, compact car with her all day. Because today could have been classified under the conditions of physical torture.

Booth had literally been on the brink of sexual insanity from the minute Brennan had taken her usual seat next to him and invaded his senses with her visual beauty and delicious scent. Because that dream had been real. It had to be. No other explanation could even begin to fathom what he had experienced in his bed the night before.

He hadn't imagined those soft lips peppering against his throat.

He had felt it.

He hadn't fantasized her delectable flavor melting in his mouth and playing on his tongue.

He had tasted her.

And Booth swore that even now as he lay completely empty and miserable in his bed, he could still smell her undeniably sweet scent linger over his duvet covers and filter into his nostrils.

Lavender emulsion with vanilla fragrant extract. Mmm...

Booth could feel the ambrosial aroma sweep into his lungs, the delicious concoction causing his mouth to salivate and send delectable chills down his front; right down to the uncomfortable tent forming in his sweats.

This was real.

No sexually induced thoughts nor fantasies could have combined together to create such an explicit and erotic dream like the one with Brennan.

Shaking his head exhaustedly, Booth decided to lay to rest his troubled sense and try and relax into a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Perhaps if he could go the whole night without imaging her beautiful body sliding over his, or her pretty features screaming out his name in utter hysteria, he wouldn't have to face the evidently awkward confrontation of asking his partner if she'd come to his apartment the night before.

After all, he had no backbone to his suspicions. He was simply running on her gorgeous past presence alone...


Booth woke with a start, his hand immediately going to his bedside table, reaching for his weapon in the darkness of his bedroom.

"Who's there??" He barked into all four corners of the pitch black chambers past his bed post. A movement caught his eye and he tilted his gun in the direction of which it came. Breathing much more shallowly, Booth heard the eerie creak of one of his floorboards voice through the silence and bolted up to a sitting position in his bed, his eyes staring blindly into the space in front of him.

"FBI, make yourself known!" Nothing. He heard his threat echo back to his ears without a response or noise.

Booth had definitely detected another person's presence, through the sleepy haze of his sniper instincts, he had without a doubt interrupted another person's invasion of his bedroom.

With a sudden shift in the air, Booth felt the edge of his mattress begin to sink ever so lightly where his feet lay. He immediately averted his pistol and aimed it in the middle of his bed.

"Don't come any closer!" He growled with a dangerous undertone laced deeply inside his throat.

Another twitch on the bed and his finger edged to the trigger, cautiously staring down the outline of someone's body frame moving swiftly above his feet.

It was moments before he heard a gentle, breathy voice chorus through the atmosphere.

"Put the gun down, Seeley."

Booth froze.

Feeling the soft movement of her body shifting, Booth wearily lowered his gun, his mind whirling with all kinds of emotions and feelings, most of which were of utter shock and stupefaction. She was here, in his bed, once again.

Putting the weapon down, he scanned his surroundings and squinted his eyes. Booth could just make out the soft curve of her chin and shoulders, as well as the glistening orbs of blue that seemed to shine brightly through the shadows of the night.

Finding the courage to speak, Booth cleared his now dry throat and licked his lips.

"B-Bones?" His voice cracked and waited impatiently for her reply in the darkness.

"Yes?" Her whisper relieved and aroused every cell in his body, the sexual side of his reaction making him shiver as her knees settled between his thighs and ghosted against his bulge. He gasped in surprise, the impulse to grab her body and nestle his cock in between her legs an urgent and very much required caprice and desired need.

"' my bedroom??" He tried to hide the huskiness from his voice and control his primal urge to fuck his mate and claim her as his own. To brand; 'property of Seeley Booth' right on her ass and make her his to keep.

Why did he always have to mark his territory on hazardous perimeters...

"I needed to see you." Her voice was like silk as he felt the emollient press of her delicate lips claim his collarbone once more and suck down hard on the skin that lay there.

Booth's breath hitched. He was literally frozen in lust.

He was unable to utter any coherent sentence when her roaming little hands danced and scraped their way up his back, tugging at the material of his undershirt, silently demanding to feast on his bare chest and darker skin.

Finally succeeding in her efforts, Brennan made a delighted moaning sound as she explored and tasted his manly naked torso and ran her tongue up the distinguished lines of his stomach and pecs.

"Mmm..." She dipped her hands below his waistband and played with the dark hair inching down his midriff.

Booth was nearly crying at the amount pleasure he was receiving, her cat like caress turning him on as she clawed at his muscles and purred her appreciation for his delicious body content.

And her new favorite toy...

"Oh God!" He hissed as Brennan's hand gripped him fully, his engorged head begging for any kind of stimulation she had to offer.

Reaching out to touch her beautiful body for the first time of the night, Booth was surprised to find a long bare strip of skin going up along her thigh. Her actions halted for a moment, the torturous sliver of his finger finding her slit causing her to cry out and suck on Booth's neck harder.

He almost had a heart attack when he felt the slick, damp dip of skin that ventured deep between her legs, the moisture dripping onto his hand making him groan; all hot and tight, just for him.

She must have lost her wits by then, because after he stroked her center, Brennan finally gave up the foreplay charade and pulled Booth's body firmly over hers and fell backwards on the bed.

Her ankles locked behind his waist, while her busy hands pushed down the last article of clothing off his body and were thrown carelessly to the head of the bed.

"Inside me now."

Booth didn't need to be told twice. Gripping hold of her hips, he lunged himself deeply into her core, filling in every spot that had once been empty and causing ripples of pleasure to course through her womb.

"Yes!" She cried out, digging her heels determinedly into the small of his back, encouraging him to move quickly and uninhibitedly inside of her, the tight fitting walls of her sex causing him to jerk upwards and slam into her with great force.

Both chanted one worded sentences, the eye crossing pleasure uncoiling in their sweaty lovemaking causing Brennan to fall helplessly of the edge of what was sure to be a violently hard hitting orgasm. She cried and clenched around him, resulting in his own earth shattering release, hot and heavy on top of a fully sated woman whispering complimenting words of appreciation and awe. It was all too much and he spilled himself inside her spasmodically.

For moments they lay panting, Booth already rolling over to pull her on top so he didn't squish her.

Wordlessly she kissed his neck and fell asleep onto his chest, her heavy breathing relaxing and soothing her heated body.

Booth must of drifted off shortly after her, because all he remembered was waking up the next morning feeling conned and cheated once more.

"God dammit!" He hit his pillow in frustration and pounded his head repeatedly into mattress below him.

She was gone.

The bitter and sharp feeling of it all made him want to shoot something, the unfair and painful hangover of a made up sex encounter with the woman he was madly in love with, making him feel nauseas and empty.

Shrugging out of his duvet covers, Booth's feet clattered over the cold floor boards of his living room and into the tiled bathroom suite.

Turning on the cold tap, he splashed his face with the cooling liquid that flooded into his cupped hands.

Need to get her out of my head. Another graphic visit and this time he knew he had to be dreaming. No way would she be coming in the night just to fuck him and then leave without waking him. It just didn't make sense! The fact he was still wearing his boxers and didn't have a single bit of evidence only convinced him-

What the hell was that?!

Booth's eyes bulged out of their sockets and he found himself gaping at the mirror image staring back at him.

It glistened with water droplets as the moisture cascaded down his neck, but there was no mistaking the bruise that took home above his collarbone.

A hickey. Her mark left on his body.

It taunted him; the shape of a heart and the color of a blueberry with a crimson outer shell.

I knew it.

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