Family Complex

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Kanzaku Kazoku Complex


Family Complex is by no means mine... -sighs-... But a girl can dream...

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What happens when another strikingly 'beautiful' family moves next door to the Sakamoto's? And if a mysterious girl suddenly approaches Akira...? And... Who is that with Harumi? Has Natsuru's prediction become true? And -what's this? How does Suzuki know this mysterious girl...? And... Their fathers are old friends...? How did no one know about this?

And who the hell is that raucous woman that just barged in without a hi, bye, or why?

Can it be possible...? There's a family even more messed up than the Sakamoto's?

WHAT THE HELL KINDA MESSED UP FAMILY IS THIS? And just who are the Kanzaku Family?

Find out, in the (so self called) Sequel to Family Complex! KazoCon! Or rather, Kazoku Complex!

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A mysterious figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing herself to be a girl. Or rather, a fifteen year old girl to be exact.

She smiled wryly, as she watched the group of boys talking, Akira... was it...?

"Hee~" she grinned, "Interesting~" she thought, and walked away...

It would be enough... for today...

But unbenounced to her, one of the trio had noticed her...

"Oy, Suzuki, what're you spacing out for?" asked Tanaka.

"Ah, sorry, sorry. Just thought I saw someone familiar is all," he said, grinning.

"Eh~? But don't we all go to the same school? Of course there'll be people you know!" exclaimed Tanaka.

"Ahaha..." Both Akira and Suzuki sweat slightly, "Well, I guess..." was all he said...

But he was still thinking about the girl... It couldn't be... could it?


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