Author's Note: So, I haven't posted anything in an obscenely long time. I'm working on my in-progress story, but it's slow going. I noticed that a lot of people are doing that iPod-shuffle meme, so I decided to give it a try. I went with a different version of the meme, because I just cannot write that quickly. All the drabbles come to one hundred words on Microsoft Word, but I don't know how the site will count them.

Choose a fandom. Put your ipod on shuffle. Write a drabble based on each of the first five songs.

1. "It's All the Same" from Man of La Mancha

When the only man you will ever love is ten thousand miles away, or perhaps even dead, you don't care who replaces him. When you've been taught that what you want doesn't signify anything, the lesson sticks. So you aren't very careful with yourself. There's no reason to be. You take any man who has the money. It makes no difference to you whether he's dirty or clean, rough or gentle. Nowadays, you can hardly tell one from the other; they all blend together in a feverish dream. When you're supposed to be dead, it doesn't matter what you do.

2. "Coming Up" by Paul McCartney

Mrs. Lovett used to attribute her shop's lack of success to the price of meat. It was one of her many half-truths. Certainly, she couldn't afford it, but she had nobody but herself to blame for the roaches and the dirty dishes. She just couldn't bring herself to make an effort. Perhaps business would be better if the shop was cleaner, but she would still be poor and alone.

Now, though, she has Mr. Todd. The customers would be sick if they knew where she got the meat, but at least she keeps the dishes spotless and the vermin away.

3. "Working My Way Back to You" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

"I came to apologize for my behavior last night," Joseph Turpin said, clutching his hat in his hands. Lucy still would not look at him. He noticed that she wore the same dress that she'd worn at the ball; he could see where he had torn the sleeve. "I did not mean for things to go as far as they did," he continued, averting his eyes. "If you'll forgive me, I'm prepared to make it up to you."

At those words, she turned to him. Her eyes were red-rimmed and swollen.

"You can never do that," she whispered. "Get out."

4. "Heaven's Light/Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Usually, Joseph Turpin knows that he's a good man. Perhaps he hurt Lucy Barker, but she should've known what he meant when he invited her to his house. Perhaps her husband wasn't guilty of the crime for which he was transported, but a man of his class would've turned to vice eventually. Anyway, if he has wronged the Barkers, Turpin likes to think that he's made it up to them by taking in Johanna. With him, she is safe from poverty and a world of wicked men.

Sometimes, though, he sees the hatred in the girl's eyes and fears damnation.

5. "I Hear a Symphony" by Diana Ross and the Supremes

It was the happiest afternoon of Anthony's life. He had other good memories, but Johanna showing him her lark, with the sunlight poking through the drapes to weave itself in her hair, eclipsed them all.

"Her name is Mariana," she told him, reaching through the bars to stroke her feathers, "the only companion of my long hours." She laughed as though it was a joke. "She doesn't sing, so I have to do it for her."

Anthony knew that she sang, because he'd heard her from her window. He thought that Mariana must be too ashamed to sing after Johanna.