The next day at school Gabriella was at her locker when Taylor and Kelsi came over to her.

"Hey. How are you" they asked?

"I'm as good as I can be I guess. The funeral is this weekend. Saturday at 3:00 can you guys still make it" Gabriella asked?

"Of course" Kelsi said.

"You don't even have to ask" Taylor said.

"Thanks guys that means a lot. Just one more thing" Gabriella said.

"What" they both asked?

"You both know Troy and I were childhood best friends and grew up together. Because of that Troy and his family will be there. I know you don't like him but I really need him there as well as you so can you just please put aside your difference for one day for me" Gabriella asked?

"Sure. But if Chad says one word to you I swear I will punch him so far…"

"Chad? Why would Chad be there" Kelsi asked cutting her off?

"Troy and Chad are best friends. Your father would have been like a second to father to him. Making him hurting as much as you. He would want her best friend there. So if he brings Chad he will ruin it" Taylor said.

Gabriella didn't even think about that. She had to find Troy…but how? At school they avoided each other because Chad didn't know they were together if he found out Troy was scared Chad would hurt her so they didn't tell them and if they ran into each other Troy would have to be mean her and he didn't want to do that. Then it clicked.

"I got to go I'll catch up with you guys later" she said.

She took off running and went to their secret spot. She sat on the bench and grabbed her cell phone she sent Troy a text.

Please meet me at our secret spot! Its really important.

A little bit later Troy came running up.

"What's wrong" he asked?

She started talking really fast.

"Look Troy… 'twanthimatthefuneral"

Troy started at her for a minute for saying "You lost me after "look troy". Want to try that again"?

"I know Chad is your best friend and everything and I know this will sound mean but I don't want him at the funeral" she said softly.

"Who said he was coming" Troy asled?

"Taylor" Gabriella said.

He told Troy the whole story.

"Chad in not invited plus even if I did ask him to come he wouldn't. He would say its not my real father and he was a father to a girl he didn't like and he would rather stay home with his basketball" Troy said.

"Phew" Gabriella sighed in relief.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Have you been practicing" he asked?

"Yeah" she answered.

"So don't worry ok? Everything will be fine" he said and hugged her.

She hugged back.

Later on at lunch Gabriella couldn't eat. She was still having nightmares about the funeral and they kept getting worse. Gabriella was sitting at one table with the girls and Troy was at another with the guys on the team. He saw her just picking at her food and bit back a smirk. He took out his cell and sent a text message.

You better start eating or I'll come over there and find your hungry spots.

Gabriella read it and giggled. She knew he would come over if he had to. Being at school wouldn't stop him. He would come over picked her up pin her down to the table and tickle her to death only this tiem Kelsi and Taylor would help him. She sent a reply text.

You can't do that because then Chad will know we are together and that will risk my life.

He replied later with

I could care less about Chad. No either you eat or I come overt there and make you. You know I will.

She replied back with a sigh.

*Sighs* I can't Troy. I had nightmares about the funeral again last night and they keep getting worse. I'm too nervous and scared to eat. Plus the mystery meat taste kind of funny.

Troy sighed too. He knew what had to be done so he sent another message back.

Say you have to go to the bathroom and go to our secret spot. I'll get away too and meet you up there.

Gabriella did as he said and left. A little bit later he came up and sat next to her on the bench.

"So tell me about this nightmare" he said.

"They keep getting worse. This one was terrible. I almost got sick it was so bad,. If my mom hadn't heard my screams and came in, I would have woken up thrown up all over my bed" she told told.

"What happen" he asked?

"I was at the funeral and I was singing. I couldn't hit any notes and I was way off key. When I finished the song everyone was booing at me and saying I stunk. I looked at you and you thought I was the worst singer in the whole world and didn't want to be my friend. So along with Taylor and Kelsi you guys all left me. Even my mom left me. I was all alone because I messed up the song. Then I'm so upset that I run away and I get hit by a car and die and when I see my father even he doesn't want me. No one wanted me. Everyone hated me I couldn't do it ! I can't do it!" she cried.

Troy pulled her into him and let her cry into his chest. He rubbed her back and whispered sweet things in her eat. She calmed down and looked up at him.

"I'm scared Troy. I don't know if I can do this" she whimpered.

"You can do it and you will do great. I know you will" he told her.

"How" she asked?

"Because you are the strongest person I know. You are going to fight this fear and win. You always do" Troy said. "Remember when you first got on stage. You were scared to death. You conquered it though. You kicked that fear in the butt".

"Yeah but that was because my dad was there".

"He will still be there. He will be right here" Troy said and put his hand on her heart.

She nodded. "Thanks Troy. I needed that" she said.

"You also need this" he said.

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips and she kissed back. When he pulled back he pulled a double chocolate chip cookie out and gave it to her.

"You can't turn down something as good as this" he teased.

She took it and ate it. "Thanks Troy. You always know how to make me feel better" she said.

"Well it was give you a cookie or tickle you to death so I choice the cookie" he laughed.

"I'm glad" she smiled.

"There's that smile I love" he said.

"You always know how to make me smile even when I feel so down" she said.

"That's because I'm your best friend" he said. Then smirked. "Although if you want me to tickle you I will" he said.

"NO" she squealed.

She jumped from the bench and ran. Troy ran after. Troy was happy she was happy. He only hoped things went ok at the funeral.

Finally it was the day of the funeral. Gabriella and her mom were taken to the church by a limo while Troy went with his parents in his car. Gabriella knew if she was going get through this day she needed Troy so she refused to get out of the car until Troy got there.. When Troy got there he saw Maria but no Gabriella. He saw a figure in the limo and went right inside.

"You hiding" he asked?

"I can't do this" she whimpered.

"Yes you can. You know all they words you can hit all the notes and know the right key. You've made it through the sang enough times without breaking down you can do it again" he told her.

"Please don't leave me" she whimpered again.

"I'm not going anywhere" he promised.

He took her hand and led her out of the car and they went inside. When Gabriella walked in she saw every single person there was staring at her. She turned around to run but ran into someone's body. She knew who it was and hid her face in his chest whimpereing. Troy rubbed her back and looked at everyone.

"Stop staring" he said.

"Troy" Gabriella whimpered.

"I got you. Its ok" he whispered in her ear.

"Don't let me go" she whimpered again.

"I won't" he said.

Troy took Gabriella and sat down in the front with the rest of the family. Lots of people went up to talk and the pastor said a few words.. Finally Gabriella went up with Troy.

"Hi. Um……I started writing this song soon after my dad died and his last wish was for me to sing for him so um…well I hope you guys like it" she said.

Troy started to play and nodded at Gabriella who started to sing.


I found myself today,

Oh I found myself and ran away,

But something pulled me back,

Voice of reason I forgot I had,

All I know is your not here to say,

What you always used to say,

But it's written in the sky tonight


So I won't give up, no,

I won't break down,

sooner than it seems life turns around,

and I will be strong even if it all goes wrong,

when I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe,

someone's watching over me


Seen that ray of light,

and it's shining on my destiny

shining all the time

and I won't be afraid

to follow everywhere it"s taking me

all I know is yesterday is gone

and right now I belong

to this moment, to my dreams


So I won't give up, no,

I wont' break down,

sooner than it seems life turns around,

and I will be strong even if it all goes wrong

when I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

someone's watching over me


It doesn't matter what people say

and it doesn't matter how long it takes

believe in yourself and you'll fly, high,

and it only matters how true you are

be true to yourself and follow your heart


So I won't give up, no,

I wont' break down,

sooner than it seems life turns around,

and I will be strong even if it all goes wrong

when I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe...

That I won't give up, no,

I wont' break down,

sooner than it seems life turns around,

and I will be strong even when it all goes wrong

when I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe....

that someone's watching over

someone's watching oh

someone's watching over me

yeah yeah oh-OH

Someone's watching over me"

Gabriella finished the song and broke out into tears. She held herself together the whole time but she couldn't anymore. She feel to her knees crying hysterically. She couldn't breathe this was all sinking in too fast for her. Troy knelt down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. She was shaking. Troy rubbed her back.

"Shhhh you did it. You made it through the song. Great job" he whispered in her ear.

She nodded against his chest. He carried her back to their seats. Gabriella knew the hard part was still to come. She had to say her last goodbye to her father. How was she suppose to do that? Finally it was over and Gabriella sat in her seat not moving knowing what was to come. Troy took her hand and they walked over to the casket Gabriella's legs were shaking. She looked down at her father and felt tears fill her eyes. She cover her mouth to keep from screaming. The cuts and bruises were still visable which made it all the more worse. Gabriella couldn't take it anymore and lost it.

"He's in pain. Someone help him! He's in pain. He's in pain. Help him someone please help him! PLEASE!" she cried. She started gasping for breath as she cried hysterically. "SOMONE PLEASE HELP HIM! HE'S IN PAIN!" she screamed through her gasps for breath. Maria wrapped her daughter in a hug. Gabriella struggled against her mother's hold.


"All right baby all right. Shhhhhh its ok. He is in no pain. He felt so pain when he died and he is in no pain now. Its ok shhhhhh" her mother said.

Gabriella started choking. Her face was beat red and she was crying so, so hard. She was gasping for breath which caused her to choke. Still she couldn't stop crying. It made her so sick she lost her lunch all of her mother and herself and the church. Even after that though she continued to cry breathlessly. Troy stepped in and took her from her mom and held her close in his arms. He started to sing as he rubbed her back. Hoping that would calm her down. In no time at all Gabriella fell asleep. Eveyone sighed in relief. Jack held Maria as she started to cry. She wanted to be brave for her daughter but that was harder than she thought it would be.

"Its all right Maria" Jack said.

"He is in a better place now" Lucille said.

"I know. It just really hurt" she cried.

The five of them just stood there in silence. Maria calmed down and thanked Jack.

"Where is the reception" Troy asked quietly not wanting to wake Gabriella?

He knew she had gotten close to zero hours of sleep last night and was worn out.

"At his mother's house. She doesn't live too far from here" Maria answered.

Troy nodded. He lifted Gabriella's leg. She buried her face into his neck and clung to him tightly. She let out a whimper and everyone one froze. No one wanted her to wake up again in fear of her breaking down.

"Shhhh I'm right here Brie just go back to sleep" Troy whispered.

Gabriella settled back down and everyone sighed again. They all headed to the car and drove to the reception. When they got there Gabriella was still sleeping and no one had the heart to wake her. So Troy just sat on the couch and let Gabriella rest on him knowing she was comfortable. He was surprised she could sleep through all the noise but it was also glad. Troy stayed with her the whole time. Even at dinner. Jack brought his son a plate but he refused to eat it because that meant he would have to remove his arms from around Gabriella and he wasn't going to do that. Taylor and Kelsi sat with him for a while. They talked and Taylor realized that Troy really was a good guy and only wanted what was best for Gabriella. Troy and Taylor agrred to be friends. Soon it got late and they had to go. When they left Gabriella stirred. When she heard all the noise her hands flew up to her ears. She whimper not knowing where she was.

"Shhhh Brie its ok. You're at your grandmother's house. You're safe" Troy said.

She nodded and cuddled into him and rested her had on his chest. The sound of his heart beat soothed her back to sleep. Finally it was only family left. Everyone came into the living room with Troy.

"How is she" Maria asked?

"Sleeping. This girl could sleep through anything" Troy said.

"Her father used to always tease her and say one day Zac Efron would come into her room while she was sleeping and play a song just for her and she would miss it because she was a heavy sleeper" Maria said.

"He was a great father to her. Gabriella loved her father very much" Troy said.

"I know she did. She was always a daddy's girl" Maria said. She and her dad used to run around chasing each other all the time. Sometimes I felt like I had two kids instead of one" Maria laughed.

"Gabriella always told me that I was her second best friend and when I asked who the first one was she would say it was her father" Troy said.

Gabriella stirred a little and opened her eyes. "Where am I" she asked?

"You're at your grandmother's house. You fell asleep on the way over" he said.

"Sorry I freaked out before" she said.

"No need to be sorry. It couldn't have been easy to see your father like that" Troy said.

"Well I'm glad you guys came but you can go home now" Gabriella's grandmother (Dawn) said.

"What" Jack asked?

"Well this really is a family matter and you aren't family" Dawn (her dads mom)

Gabriella panicked. She buried her face into Troy's chest and clung to him tighter. "Don't go, don't go, don't go" she whimpered.

"If Gabriella's actions didn't answer you I will. Maria is my best friend and she just went through a terrible lose and I am not leaving her alone. Even if she did want me to leave Gabriella is very comfortable with Troy and from what you just saw doesn't want him to leave her side. So NO I will not leave" Jack said.

"Don't make them leave please don't make them leave" Gabriella whimpered.

"Shhhh baby girl I'm not leaving just relax" Troy said rubbing her back.

He didn't want her to have another panic attack.

"Please don't go" she whispered.

"I'm not going anywhere" he said.

He kissed her head and she relaxed in his arm loosening her grip.

"You aren't family and this is my house. You have no blood connection to my son" Dawn said.

"Don't you dare bring Greg(Gabi's dad) into this. He loved Lucille like a little sister and he and I were best friends. No I may not be connected by blood but I have a right to be here. Plus don't act like you care. His whole life you tried to ruin it" Jack said.

"You promised Gregyou would move him out of the country if he didn't break up with Maria. You broke both their hearts. So don't you dare act like you care about your son" Lucille almost yelled.

Gabriella whimpered "Troy make them stop fighting" she cried.

"Gabriella is right. Greg wouldn't want us to fight. Not at a time like this and he would be ok with my family and I being here" Troy said.

"My son is right. For Greg's sake can't went just put the past behind us and make a truce" Jack asked?

"Fine for my son" Dawn said.

"For Greg" Maria agreed.

They spent the rest of them sharing stories and laughing about the memories.

At school Monday morning, Gabriella was getting her books when Chad came over to her.

"What's up slut" he asked?

She turned to face him and said "Call me slut one more time and you will be".

"Whoa! Ok where did that come from" Chad asked?

"This maybe hard for you to understand since you don't have one but I used this thing its called a brain. You should try using yours" Gabriella spat back

Chad was speechless. He had no idea what to say. Just then Taylor, Kelsi and Troy came over laughing at something.

"Troy what are you doing" Chad asked?

"Laughing at a joke. You should try it sometimes its good for you" he said.

"What" Chad asked?

"Was. He. Speaking. Too. Fast" Taylor asked slowly.

"Ok what is going on" Chad asked?

"We are treating you the way you've been treating us oh and Chad Troy and I are dating" Gabriella said.

"WHAT" Chad yelled?

"Yeah and our friendship will end right here right now if you don't support it" Troy said.

Chad thought for a few seconds and said.

"Ok, ok fine I'll support it. I'll even be nice to you guys for now on but I just have one questions" Chad asked?

"What" Troy asked?

"Are you guys Enemies or Lovers" Chad asked?

"Lovers" Troy and Gabriella answered pulling each other closer and sharing and kiss on the lips.

They question was finally answered they were lovers not enemies.

A/N This is the end I hope you all enjoyed this. My next story is coming out soon. It is called "Open Your Heart to me" Troy and Gabriella meet at an orphanage and Gabriella has a hard time opening up. She finally opens up when he get adopted. When they end up at the same school Gabriella is more closed off then ever what happen while he was gone?