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Laughing could be heard down by the lake in California Angel Grove park. Those wonderful sounds were coming from six friends Tommy Oliver. Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and Kimberly Ann Hart. They were all seated at a picnic table having lunch and laughing at a joke that was told. However there was one person who wasn't laughing much at all and that person was Kimberly. You see Kimberly and her friends weren't normal teenagers. They were super hero's known as "Power Rangers". They protected the city from Rita Repulsa. Although things had been quiet the last few days Kimberly had a feeling something very bad was going to happen to her and she couldn't shack it. Tommy her boyfriend noticed her quietness and decided to ask her about it.

"Hey Beautiful you've been really quiet are you ok"?

She shook her head. "No, I just have this really bad feeling that Rita is going to do something really terrible to me" she told them.

"Like what" Jason asked?

"I don't know just something bad" Kimberly answered.

"Hmm I think I can cure you" Jason smirked as an idea crossed his mind.

"You can" Kimberly asked?

"Yeah" Jason smiled.

He looked at Tommy who knew what he was thinking.. He grabbed Kimberly's arms and pinned them behind her back. They both saw with one leg inside and the other outside the table. Jason turned and faced the same way. He smirked looked at Kim. He had always thought of Kim as a little sister. They had known each other since birth and grew up together. Jason was there for Kim through all the hard times just as she was for him. He also know one very important thing. She was extremely ticklish and she was the only one who was ticklish out of the six of them. He smiled as he thought of that and said "Don't worry Kim this won't hurt a bit. The treatment I am going to use is very easy its…the tickle treatment".

Kimberly's eyes went wide. She hated that he knew all her weak spots or that she was ticklish for that matter.

"No Jason don't you dar…." She was cut off as he started tickling her. She squealed and burst into giggles. She wiggled trying to get away. She knew she couldn't get her hands free because Tommy was too strong. She had learned that they hard way. Tommy and Jason often teamed up and tickled her. She always said she hated it but she secretly loved every second of it.

"St…op Ja…so…n pl..ea…se" she said giggling.

"Nope can't stop now it the treatment won't work" he said.

He tickled her sides, stomach and ribs. Her three most ticklish spots ever.

"St…op…o…r I…ll ki…ck yo…u" she giggled again.

"Go ahead and try little sister" he teased.

"Uh Jason maybe you should listen to her" Tommy said.

With the way Jason was sitting and the way Kimberly was now laying she'd kicked him it would hit him right in the spot where no guy should ever be kicked. Of course Jason was too busy with his tickle torture to notice this.

"Nah what's the worst she can do" Jason asked?

"Uh…Jase be careful what you say" Tommy said knowing what was about to happen.

"Li…st…en t…o hi…m" Kimberly laughed now breathless.

"Come on Kim give me your best shot" Jason taunted.

"I………do…n't.........wa…nt………t…o………hu…rt………yo…u" Kimberly giggled as she gasped for air.

"You can't hurt me" Jason said.

Not being able to take any more Kimberly launched her foot out kicking Jason right in the…well you know where. Jason stopped grabbing his area and falling off the bench and onto the floor groaning in pain. The other couldn't help but laugh. Messing with Kimberly was like asking for a death sentence. Kimberly on the other head was devastated. She meant to kick his knee or at least his thigh. She got on the floor.

"Jason I'm so, so, sorry. Are you ok? What can I do" she asked?

"Kimberly relax I'm fine. I should have listen to you and Tommy" he said with a slight laugh.

"I'm so sorry Jason. I really didn't mean to hurt you" she said tears filling her eyes.

She hated hurting her friends. It would be like her worst nightmare come true if she ever hurt all her friends at once or to the point they couldn't forgive her. Tommy saw her tears and got down behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't cry Beautiful it's ok. We were just messing around" he said.

Jason sat up "I'm fine baby sister. I just always forget you are strong then you look. I'm not used to you kicking that hard" he said.

"I just wanted you to stop. I didn't want you to get hurt" she cried.

Jason pulled her into his arms. He let her cry into his chest. Her parents divorced when she was younger and when her father left he gave her the option to go with him. Kimberly didn't want to leave her friends or the life she had in Angel Grove so she said no. He father left telling her that she had hurt him real bad and he would never forgive her. So now where she hurts someone she cares about she remembers her father and it scares her.

"Shhhh baby sister I'm fine. There is nothing to be sorry for because there is nothing to forgive" he said rubbing her back.

She pulled away and looked at him.

"I'm sorry" she whimpered.

"If you say sorry one more time I'm going to have to tickle you" Jason warned.

She smiled and nodded. She Jason and Tommy got up and sat back down on the bench and enjoyed their time together.

That night Kimberly was in her room getting changed into her pjs when Rita appeared in her room. Kimberly got into a fighting position ready to attack.

"Don't worry little Kimmie I won't be hear long" Rita laughed.

She pointed her wand at Kim and watched as tried to fight the new feeling inside her. The feeling of…evil.

"No, no, no" she cried trying to fight it.

"That's it give into the evil" Rita cheered.

"I'm sorry" Kimberly whimpered as the evil took over her body. She stood up and looked at Rita. "What must I do master" she asked?

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