TITLE: Time Heals All Wounds, Until Only Scars Remain
PAIRING: Cody/Randy
SUMMARY: "uh oh... they're at it again..."
Those were the words of a fellow LJer a few months back in some random post somewhere that I can't even remember... we were talking about Edge and what his reaction to Cody joining the Raw roster might've been, amongst other things... and yep, it got naughty, and 616poisongirl and I couldn't help ourselves, (yes, again...) and a random convo ended up becoming a proper real fic! So this is pt1, how it all began, with the random comments left in exactly as we wrote them as comments in a thread somewhere on LJ, then it seemlessly moulds into a fic along the way, honest...
WARNINGS: nah, just some angst and violence
RATING: hmmm, M for now I think, but may increase in later chapters...
AUTHORS: 616poisongirl and doorist

"It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone."

Rose Kennedy.

O_o omg yes! that pic! and I bet Edge liked the look of Cody when he first saw him too, I wonder how Randy felt about Edge's dirty talk of what he'd do to the boy...

oh yeah, you just know Edge wanted a piece of that. I can see Randy getting really protective and saying that this one was different and Edge wasn't allowed to screw around with Cody.

exactly, and Edge was all "Oh yeah?! Why's that then Randy? Got an eye on him yourself huh?!" and Randy was all, "Nah man it's not like that," and Edge was all "Pfffffft whatever dude, look at him, fine piece of ass right there, how can u say u don't want in on some of that action?"

and Randy's all :/ cos he'd never ever thought about that and he feels really uncomfortable about it but can't deny the lingering thought in the deep recesses of his mind that Edge is right, but he makes sure he goes all out to protect Cody from Edge and that's how they fell out, and Cody didn't know what to make of all the sudden attention from his hero and Edge told him Randy has the hots for him when Randy finally admitted it to him a few wks later!!

oh god yes, all of this is perfect. Especially with this being the first time Randy's seen Cody in years and he really doesn't know what to make of how he feels about him now. He doesn't even know Cody's gay and he has no idea how to define what's going on with him and Edge.

yeah totally perfect, and Cody asks him one day why he's fallen out with edge, and Randy reluctantly tells him, and Cody was all, 'oh really?!' totally surprised that both Edge played that way and that Randy was protecting him, cos he'd always thought edge was winding him up when he said Randy fancied him, he didn't wanna get his hopes up, he was his hero after all, so just to see what Randy's reaction will be, he says maybe he wouldn't have minded if Edge tried to pull him, and Randy is all wtf??! and Cody's all what? he's hot!

hehehehe yeah and Randy was all put out that he liked Edge and not him, well thought that anyway, so Cody starts giving him shit about it asking if he's upset that he's gay and if it bothers him that much......Randy assures him that it really doesn't, but doesn't say anything about his gay tendencies so Cody pushes him further, saying that he actually thought that Edge and Randy were together causing Randy to blush and Cody to know that he was right :D

oh yes! and then Cody's all "So that means, that you fell out, because of me?" and Randy's all, "Well yeah I guess, I didn't want anything to happen to you, you don't know what edge is like,'' and Cody's all ''awww how sweet, my hero,'' all sarcastic but secretly chuffed to bits that randy went so far as to fall out with his lover in order to protect him, but tells Randy that, "I'm a big boy though Randy, I can look after myself you know, I know what I like," he looks Randy up and down, "and what I don't... and well it might've been fun finding out!" and Randy's all :/ thinking Cody meant he didn't like him and wished he didn't interfere! and he gets all huffy and 'fine then' and gets up to leave but Cody pulls him back realises he's overstepped the mark and has to convince him he didn't mean it like that!

mmmm yes!!
All like 'I'm sorry Randy I was just trying to get a rise out of you, its actually really sweet that you would look out for me like that" absently stroking a hand down Randy's bicep, noticing the way Randy's muscles twitch under the touch, but Randy doesn't pull back "yeah well, I've known you a long time, I just want to keep you safe" Randy tells him, watching the hand as it makes its way down to his thigh.

and Cody's like, "Thank you, that really means alot to me, honest, I didn't think you'd even care..." his hand stays on his thigh and Randy stays watching it, wondering if it'll move, wondering if he wishes it would, but wonders which way he wants it to move, away or closer... so he looks at Cody and says, "Of course I care, I wouldn't let anything happen to you," and he puts his hand on top of Cody's, squeezing just a little, and smiles at him fondly, realising he really does care, even more than he thought, but he doesn't know what to do next.

Cody just giggles a little apprehensively, squeezing down on Randy's thigh as their eyes lock and for a moment neither of them knows what to do. After a few seconds Cody pulls back, not willing to put himself out there anymore when he's getting nothing back from Randy. Randy looks down at the spot where Cody's hand was and frowns. "You wanna get a drink?" he asks without even knowing he's saying it and Cody jumps at the chance, maybe Randy's not a lost cause after all.

When they wander down to the bar there's a few of the other guys there and they can't exactly blank them so end up joining in, but both their minds are otherwise occupied, but neither does anything, hyper aware of what the others might think of even the smallest thing so are practically sitting on their hands and hardly even talking to each other. Edge is there and he notices this which unbeknown to them their behaviour sticks out even more than if they'd been talking and joking like normal, so Edge wonders what happened and starts getting all suggestive with Cody...

Edge drags his chair right up to Cody with a huge grin on his face and asks if he can buy him a drink, totally ignoring the evil eyes he's getting from randy. Cody looks a little reluctant and glances over to Randy, but seeing nothing but coldness in his eyes he huffs and says yes. Edge goes to the bar and comes back with a couple of beers and a huge tray of shots, draping his arm around Cody's shoulder, he proposes a toast to new friends and they start on the shots, all the while Randy is fuming inside, getting more and more angry partly at Cody for going with this and partly with himself for not having the guts to do something. he watches as Edge and Cody get closer, Edges hand falling around Cody's lithe waist, Cody giggling and leaning into the touch as they chat quietly.

As the alcohol flowed and the tongues loosened, Edge decided to delve a little deeper into the mystery in front of him, "So Codes, you and Ortz fallen out or what? he finally try it on with u and u turn him down huh?"
Cody looked at him in surprise, "No, he didn't, were u just winding me up with that or were u for real? Cos dude, i gave the fucker plenty of opportunity and he's not into it. Or maybe it's just me."

Edge couldn't hide his smirk as he sensed Cody's huff and glanced up into Randy's daggers being shot at him from further round the table, "Well man, his loss I say... cos u know, he's the one that's missing out..." Cody instantly knew what edge was playing at but figured hey, be flattered, get laid, make randy jealous in the process, why not. But he was curious, he had a captive audience, and he really wanted to know, so he put on his coy face and acted shy at edge's compliment, ready to fish for answers, "So, you and randy..." "Yeah..." "What's he like in the sack?"

"he told you about that did he?" said Edge looking a little surprised, glancing up he saw the anger in Randy's eyes and just tipped his bottle to him as he moved in closer to Cody "well let me tell you Codes" he paused to take a sip of his drink, Cody's drunk eyes lighting up at the prospect of a juicy story "he's an animal" Edge said bluntly "truly I've never fucked an ass so fine........until tonight maybe" whispering those final words straight into Cody's ear making him shiver even though it was more than warm in the bar.
Suddenly there was a hand on Cody's shoulder and he was getting dragged backwards, his chair scraping along the floor. Snapping round Cody's lopsided grin faded as he looked up into the stormy grey eyes now staring daggers into him. "I know you're talking about me" Randy yelled "Don't think I cant tell what he's doing" pointing at Edge, practically spitting as he growled at the pair.
"and what if we were Randy?" Edge spoke up taking another shot from the tray "what are you going to do about it?? Huh??"

Something seemed to click into place in Cody's mind, "Jealous much randy?" he offered, his mind reeling with the news that randy actually took it up the butt, he really hadn't expected that of the dude he'd known all his life, he was still face to face with the bigger man who seemed to almost stagger at his words "Wh..what?" he spat, stepping back, but Cody took the opportunity to close the space between them and growled into his ear, "Look, it's ok, I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes here man, you obviously still have feelings for the dude more than the 'just fucking' you made it out to be, so I'm outta here," he nodded at Randy's incredulous face, turning to make his way anywhere but there, "Laters" he added to edge over his shoulder as he walked away, completely oblivious to the venomous looks passing between the two men he left standing in his wake

As Cody headed back to his room his head was spinning, and not just with the numerous shots he'd just consumed. Randy's behaviour was really throwing him off, if he really did want him like Edge said then why was he being so cold in the bar? Cody was sure it was Edge that he wanted to be with, but if that was the case then why was Edge plying him with drinks and flirting so gratuitously?? Those hands on his thigh, those meant business. Cody clutched his head as he stepped out of the lift, his short time in the WWE was proving alot more complicated that he'd thought.
Cody pushed his hotel room door open, not even bothering to turn the light on he headed straight for the mini bar. He was just pouring him self a large scotch when he heard a cough coming from his still open door.......looking up he smiled despite himself. "Guess you'd better come in Randy" he chuckled.

"Is that what you really think Codes?"
"That I've got the hots for..."
"Well there's something weird going on..."

"Cody, what the fuck you think you're playing at man?!"
"What?!" Cody looked up from his crouched position glaring as Edge barged past Randy, sending him flying into the wall with a grunt as he careened into the room,
"I thought we had a little somethin somethin goin on, you and me, down at the bar, you know?" he whispered savagely, reaching down to haul Cody to his feet, "You can't just go around leaving a dude hangin'," he grabbed his crotch suggestively, "You know what I'm saying man?". But Cody just pulled his arm away, swallowing a mouthful of fiery liquid and looking behind Edge into the unreadable expression in Randy's eyes, who was still righting himself from his sojourn into the wall, his own alcohol fuzzed reflexes slower than normal as he shook his head before looking up into Cody's questioning gaze, "Well maybe," Cody replied, eyes never leaving Randy's, "but that was before I realised how things were between you 2..."
"What? That fucking cock blocker?" Edge scoffed, "I can't help it if he's in love with me now can I? Dude wouldn't know what to do with me, if I ever gave him the chance that is..." he laughed brashly, and Cody regarded him with interest, feeling suddenly somewhat sober,
"I thought you said he was wild in bed? finest ass you've ever fucked? wasn't that what you said?" Cody chided, hearing Randy spluttering behind them, it all falling into place in Cody's mind as the booze fog lifted, it was Edge who had feelings for Randy, not the other way round, and Randy warned him off when Cody arrived on the scene and they fell out cos Edge took it the wrong way and decided to make Randy jealous by doing the one thing he asked him not to do...

Cody took another swig of his scotch, looking Randy right in the eye over edge's shoulder as he spoke, "and you also said, something about Randy having the hots for... "
Edge laughed suddenly, interrupting him, "What the fuck? you saying I'm jealous?!"

Cody shrugged, "Yeah, maybe I am," and Edge laughed loudly, over the top, in his face, before changing tack entirely, "Little codes," he said, suddenly cheery, "Why don't we all just try to get along, huh? all 3 of us?" he waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "I'm sure we could have some extra special fun, some real good times," he winked at Cody's indignant face, turning to look behind them, "whaddaya say huh Randy?!" But it was too late, randy was gone.

Cody swore, putting his glass down he hastily went to leave the room after Randy, everything was falling into place and he wasn't going to let Randy run out on him yet again. He was stopped suddenly by a strong hand on his arm, the fingers squeezed hard around his bicep, yanking him backwards "Come on now Cody, just let him go.....I think he's made his position quite....." Edge wrapped his other arm around Cody's neck, pulling him into his body, "Clear…" he groaned as he sniffed Cody's hair.
"Now you and me......we're gonna have a little fun......you got that?" Edge grinned as he stared down into Cody's cold eyes.

"Fuck off Adam......I'm not in the mood alright?!" Cody snapped, trying to push away from Edge's vice like grip. Edge began to chuckle, "What's so funny you freak, let me go!" Cody said, a little more urgency in his voice.

"Oh little boy, you've got no clue have you?? huh??" Edges arms wrapped tightly round Cody's waist, one hand coming down to undo Cody's fly, "You fucking cock tease, you cant just go around workin' a guy up and then leaving him hangin' like that.......it wont stand, do you hear me??"
Cody started to struggle, he was terrified, he couldn't believe Adam was doing this, after everything that had just happened,

"For fucks sake Adam....don't do this!!" Cody yelled as he was dragged to the floor, his face pushed into the carpet by a strong hand to the back of his neck. Cody whimpered, scrabbling at the floor, trying to get away but Edge was far too strong for him, the whole of Edge's body was forcing him down to the floor, not letting him gain any leverage.
Cody started screaming, but was quickly silenced by a quick sharp slap to the face, bursting his lip. he tried to scream again, but Edge had shifted position so he could wrap an arm around his neck, hand smearing blood across Cody's face as he clamped down on Cody's mouth.
"oh boy, this is going to be so damn good!" Edge whispered into Cody's ear, revelling in the shudder he felt make its way down the whole of Cody's body. His other hand working Cody's jeans and boxers down past his ass.
Cody was sobbing now, silent tears making their way down his cheeks, mingling with the blood from his lip, forming a small red puddle on the floor. He could feel Edge touching him, feel him pulling his own jeans down but he was paralysed with fear, all he could do was lie there and sob. He braced himself as he felt the head of Edge's throbbing cock slip between his cheeks......

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!!" Cody heard the voice, but it didn't register, then suddenly the weight on his back was gone and he curled himself up into a tiny ball, watching as Randy began to pummel Edge with no mercy.

Randy repeatedly smashed Edge's face into the floor as he screamed at him, a constant stream of expletives in his ear, demanding to know what the fuck Edge thought he was playing at. "I fucking told you not to touch him you cunt, I fucking told you..." bash… bash… bash... Edge's grunts into the carpet muffled his attempt at reply and Randy lifted him by his hair to glare into his face, "WELL???" he bellowed savagely, his eyes narrowed like a man possessed, but Edge just smirked up at him, blood dripping from his nose and lip, one eye swelling shut,

"You wanna know what I was gonna do to him Randy? I was gonna ruin him for you, so when you found him he'd be so abused he'd be no use to anyone, so whatever it is that makes him so fucking special to you, wouldn't be there anymore, and everything would go back to the way it was before he ruined us," Randy stared at him in stunned silence, Edge's menacing leer at Cody's stifled gasp behind him driving Randy into action with a roar, throwing him down so hard his face bounced off the floor, once, twice, three times before he stilled... Cody watched half in horror half relief, staring at the man breathing hard before him, chest rising and falling, wracked with heavy sobs, but Cody was in awe, Randy saved him, possibly his life. Standing slowly, he moved towards Edge and felt for a pulse, "He'll live,"

Turning away with a strangled cry Randy wondered what the fuck to do next, but to his surprise Cody stood in front of him slinging his bag over his shoulder, "Let's get out of here."

Randy just stared at Cody as he moved slowly and awkwardly towards him, stopping just in front of Randy Cody sniffed back the tears, still completely overwhelmed with everything that had just happened, he could still feel Edge pressing down on his back, still feel his hot breath on the back of his neck. Cody shuddered as his mind replayed the memory over and over. Then there had been Randy, he had come back and he had saved him, Cody stared up into Randy's still wild grey eyes and smiled sadly.. "Please Randy......can I stay with you tonight?" he whispered "I really don't want to stay in this room anymore" he said cringing as he looked around it one last time.
"Yeah.....erm.....sure, of course you can…" panted Randy as he was brought back to reality by Cody's soft voice, "Are you ok.....no...erm...I mean, do you need to go to the hospital?" he stuttered, not sure what to say.

"No… Randy," Cody whispered taking hold of Randy's arm as they left the room, "I'll be ok, I just need… some time." he sniffed again.
Taking a look back Randy growled as he saw Edge starting to stir, he started back into the room intent on finishing the job, but Cody stopped him, grabbed his arm pleading for him to leave it, to just go.....for a moment Randy ignored him, but as the hurt and pain in Cody's voice sank in he turned, seeing the look of despair on Cody's face broke his heart and crossing the room in a few long strides he swept Cody into his arms holding him tight as they both left the room.

Randy stopped as they reached the elevator and held Cody at arms length, looking him over, scrutinising him for any visible signs of damage Edge may have done. "Are you sure you're okay?" Cody breathed a huge sigh, almost wilting under the intense gaze as he nodded his head, yet to fully process the words Edge had snarled at him, they rattled around in his brain scaring the fuck out of him. Randy seemed to read his thoughts as his face softened and he pulled him in again as the doors pinged open. "If he ever even looks in your direction again, you tell me? Got it? I'll fucking kill him..." he growled the last into Cody's hair, absently brushing his cheek against the soft strands as he felt the young man go almost boneless in his arms, leaning against him in shock, the full impact hitting him of what had been about to go down.

"Promise me,"
"He could've... you... I won't let anything happen to you..."
"Promise...?" Cody asked hesitantly, looking up into the earnest blue eyes regarding him in concern.
"Yeah..." Randy held him tight again briefly, lips brushing over his temple, the action inadvertently causing Cody to nuzzle further as a sob again threatened to escape,
"I feel like a fucking baby," he growled suddenly, stepping away and wiping his eyes with the back of his hand,

Randy looked on concerned, but stayed out of Cody's space, saddened at the loss of the warm body against his, surprised as he was to realise it, to admit it. He found he liked being needed, liked being able to help, liked the feeling of wanting to, of wanting to be the one Cody could turn to. and he promised then and there that he would do everything possible to make sure he kept Cody safe, even if it was the last thing he did. He watched from the corner of his eye in amusement as Cody slumped in the far corner, scowl set into his normally cheeky relaxed features, and he practically jumped in shock as the doors pinged open and someone stepped in colliding with him as he tried to escape the confined space. Hurried sorry's were exchanged before Cody followed Randy down the end of the hall.

As they stood at the door, Randy looked him over again, "You sure you don't need to get checked out?"
"Are you trying to get rid of me?" Cody's defences were up now and paranoia setting in, how did he know Randy wasn't out to get him too?
"Don't be fucking stupid,"
"Stupid now am I? Stupid useless Cody who can't even look after himself after a few drinks and needs rescuing by his fucking hero..." he said quietly, the alcohol seemingly back in full effect after his ordeal as he slumped against the doorframe, hardly able to hold himself up as Randy stood inside, waiting for him to follow.
"What? No, Cody, c'mon inside, yeah?"
"Maybe this was a bad idea... I should go see if they have another room...."
Randy wasn't sure what course of action to take, he didn't want to come across aggressive or laugh it off and make Cody think he had to be wary of him too, but he didn't want to let him leave and go wandering around on his own where Edge could find him, not that Randy would ever let that happen. He shook his head in exasperation, wishing he'd finished that motherfucker off when he'd had the chance, and reached out slowly to gently clasp a hand round the back of Cody's neck, comforting, reassuring, "Whatever you decide, you know where I am, if you need me Codes..."
"Randy..." Cody's eyes were suddenly alight with fury as he hauled himself upright, "All night you were glaring at me like you hated me, then suddenly you're there right when I need you most... I don't get it..." he finished sadly, "I don't get it..."

Cody's head was a mess, more than he'd ever let on. Until about half an hour ago he was sat in a bar with friends having a good time and now his whole world was upside down. Had Edge ever really wanted him? It certainly seemed that way, but after what he had said to Randy about breaking him, hurting him just to get at Randy…. And what had happened, or almost happened before Randy came to the rescue, he still couldn't bring himself to even think it's real name.....how could Edge be capable of that? Cody had thought he was such a nice guy, was his judgement so off?? How could he ever really trust anyone ever again if he couldn't see that coming??

All these thoughts ran through his head a mile a minute over and over again. he must have just been staring because suddenly he felt a hand on his bicep, jumping and pulling away quickly he almost fled before he realised it was Randy, he had taken a step forward and was looking on with worry. "Jees I'm sorry Cody......I didn't mean to scare you.....its just you were just staring…" Randy placed his hand firmly on Cody again, "C'mon, please come in" he smiled sadly, "I don't want you out here long…" Cody nodded and followed Randy into the room, it looked so similar to his room, to where Edge probably was still unconscious, a shiver ran down his back as he replayed the nights events for the umpteenth time.

His thoughts were shattered again when Randy spoke, "Can I get you anything? You know to drink or eat maybe?" Cody could tell Randy was trying his best not to spook him, but right then he really just needed some time to think. "I think I'll take a shower… if you don't mind…" he said, heading for the bathroom without looking back, "Yeah sure," Randy called after him, "Take all the time you need."

Cody undressed quickly and silently, he could barely even look at himself as he got into the scalding water. He dipped his head under, breathing out a huge sigh as he tried to wash away all the horrible memories from that night, but try as he might they were still there, still racing round his head faster than ever.

He didn't know how long he stood there, his mind conjuring up images of what might've been, and he was lost in the fog of the small enclosed room before long. He rested his head against the smooth tiles, letting the water cascade down his back, breathing a heavy sigh, determined not to break, not to cry, not to let go, but as he turned his back to the wall, sinking slowly down to the floor, he wasn't sure where the spray ended and the tears began....

Randy paced up and down relentlessly, not reknowned for his patience at the best of times, but for Cody, he realised he'd wait forever if he needed to, whatever it took, he'd do it, he'd be there. He could hear the water still pounding into the tiles, but that was all, no other signs of life, and he was getting worried. If it wasn't for the fact that he knew there were no windows in there he'd have been worried that Cody had done a runner... suddenly a different thought struck him and his blood ran cold... no signs of life...

"Cody?" he suddenly found himself outside the door, not wanting to intrude but now desperately worried, it had been over half an hour since he'd closed the door behind him, shutting Randy out... he waited, listening, ear to the crack...


"Cody?" he tried again, tapping a little louder, if he didn't hear anything this time he was just about ready to bash the door down if he had to.

Cody heard his name, faintly calling out to him as if from far away, penetrating the fog that had settled over his brain. and he snapped his head up as he suddenly came to, at the exact same moment Randy shouted for the third time, louder now, panicking, frightened.

"CODY??" his voice was strained and almost hoarse, like a massive lump had wedged itself in his larynx, strangling his cry, "Are you okay?" he screamed again, and Cody opened his mouth to reply, finding nothing but a fresh wave of heartbreak overcome him as the rasping breaths wracked his body, he wrapped his arms tighter around his knees, his head slumped forward to rest against them, hiding his face, hiding his shame, as the door burst open.