Pt 4

Cody's ebony lashes fluttered against his cheek as the first rays of the morning sun peeked through the thin hotel curtains. As he stirred gently out of his content sleep, the soft rays warming his face, he twisted slightly, groaning as his bruised ribs complained at the sudden movement.

Whimpering, suddenly realising why he was in so much pain Cody snuggled into the hard body next to him, a hard body that swept its strong arms around him cradling him into a gentle soft embrace.
"You okay?" Randy's voice was hoarse from sleep, but the concern was evident in his tone.

"Mmmhummm…" Cody groaned, his head firmly buried in the crook of Randy's neck, whimpering more as Randy shifted, releasing Cody and getting out of bed.

"Don't worry baby, I'll be right back.....I'm going to make you feel better," he cooed as he placed a kiss to Cody's scrunched up eyelids.
Randy padded silently around the small room, closing the curtains properly so no more morning sun could get in, he went to his bag rummaging around for some extra strength pain killers before heading into the bathroom to fetch a glass of water and a warm wash cloth.
Getting back into bed, Randy pulled Cody close smiling to himself as Cody pouted and resisted, obviously still sleepy and hurting.

"Come on, swallow these," he smiled pulling Cody into a sitting position and handing the still pouting boy the glass of water and the painkillers.
"I'd rather be swallowing something else." Cody retorted without even thinking. His eyes widened at the realisation of what he'd just said, "Erm.....I mean....well......ermmmm," he spluttered.

Randy giggled, truth be told his cock had jumped hearing those few innocent words, but there was no way he was going to push this, it was all in Cody's time.
"Just swallow them and then lie back down on your back." Randy said firmly, the grin on his face completely betraying his harsh words. Cody obeyed and lay back down staring up at Randy he saw the conflict play over his beautiful features as Randy saw for the first time that day the damage done to Cody, the vicious black and purple marks marring the perfect alabaster flesh.

Cody's hand found its way to Randy's face, "Don't worry," he whispered, "I'm going to be fine."

Randy stared into those ice blue eyes and couldn't help the smile that stretched across his face, "I know baby, I know," he whispered as he placed the warm wash cloth over Cody's ribs and lay back down beside him, slowly tracing invisible patterns over the chiselled abs.
"Damn you're getting know that right??" Randy murmured in appreciation as he placed a kiss to Cody's shoulder.

"Good! I'm sure as hell trying hard enough!"

"I know," Randy ran his hand gently up and down the smooth flesh, feeling the bumps and ridges, soothing the tension from the taut muscles under his touch, "John told me you started with the whole world's strongest man shit that he does down at Hard Nocks. And uh, I've seen it for myself,"

"You have?"

"Yeah, don't sound so surprised, I've uh, well, let's just say I've been checking you out for quite awhile…"

"Really?" Cody quirked an eyebrow up at the coy face smirking above him, "When I'm all hot and sticky in the gym huh? Watching me work up a sweat?"


Cody just giggled, "You're gonna make me all self conscious when I'm in there now!"

"Okay then I'll just keep watching you on the internet then…"

"What?!" Cody stared at him in pure and utter shock as he scrambled back to look a laughing Randy in the eye, "What the fuck man?!"

"Are you for real? Dude, you really didn't know? I thought you'd have at least signed something to let that shit go live!"

"What shit?!" Cody almost squeaked in concern.

"You know they film it all for the site right? Or did you think that guy was just there making himself some personal porn? Starring you… Which come to think of it, the way he was zooming in and stuff…"

"Oh my god! Randy! Don't even say that! And well, yeah I knew he was there, but I didn't know it was going online!"

"Yeah, you might've, say, oh I dunno, worn some underwear if you'd known huh?!"

"Oh my god!"

Randy was laughing for real at Cody's mortified face, flushed bright red, which he bent down to caress gently with his thumb as he kissed him soundly, "Red looks good on you.."

"Shut the fuck up!"

"Aw baby, well let me tell you right now, that was some fucking hot shit right there! You were on fire…"

He continued kissing slowly down the bruised jaw, breath ghosting over the still visible welts along his sensitive neck as Cody started to relax again.

"So, so you liked it then?"

"Liked? Mmmm yeah, you could say that," Randy smiled sweetly, stretching himself out languidly, curling himself up against the warm body alongside him.

"Oh yeah?" Cody all but purred, "So uh, liked it enough to bang one out a few times while watching me get all down and dirty then huh?"

Randy would've spat his drink out all over the sheets if he'd been drinking one, laughing out loud and rolling onto his back in shock at Cody's throaty words, "Oh my god!"

"I notice you're not denying it!" Cody rolled on top of him giggling, staring down as Randy chuckled, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment and avoiding his eye, "Your face is telling me all I need to know Randy…" He whispered, straddling his hips and rocking forward slightly, "And that's not the only thing that is…"

"Cody!" Randy yelled, his blush now creeping up his cheeks even further at Cody's uncharacteristically brazen words. He placed his hands on Cody's biceps massaging the hard flesh and looking up at Cody in total amazement.
Cody giggled, pulling both of Randy's arms above his head he pushed their chests together as he got as close as he could.

"Come on Randy," he purred, "You can tell me.........tell me what you do when you see me like that.......see me all sweaty and groaning,"

Pushing his rapidly hardening groin into Randy's already half hard cock, he licked a strip up Randy's neck loving the guttural moan it pulled from Randy's pouting lips.
"You like that huh??" Cody whispered into the shell of his ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

"Fuck....Codes....." Randy arched up into Cody's body, trying to get more contact with the body he was rapidly becoming familiar with and less willing to let go of.

"Come on Randy.......tell me....I want to know," Cody hissed into Randy's ear as he pushed his solid cock into Randy's thigh.

"Ok....ok" Randy panted finally getting his arms free and wrapping them around Cody's lithe waist before rolling them both gently over onto their sides, careful not to squeeze Cody's damaged ribs any more than he had to. As they settled back down into the new position and entwined their legs together Randy leant in and captured Cody's lips in a sweet, slow kiss, reining in a little of their palpable desire.
"You want me to tell you a story? Huh Cody?? You want me to tell you what I get up to when I watch those work out videos??"

Cody snuggled into the crook of Randy's neck, peppering his collar bone with butterfly kisses,

"Mmmmmmmm yeah Randy....tell me, tell me everything," he emphasised the last few words with a swift bite to Randy's surgically repaired bone.

"Well baby," Randy started, wrapping his arms fully around Cody and resting his head on the pillow so he could stare into those azure pools as he talked.
"When I see you there, arms all bulging the hammer out rep after rep…" he sighed thinking back to the videos that he had spent hours watching, his cock twitching against Cody's thigh as he pictured Cody like that.
"I can see every muscle stretching and straining......the look on your face as you concentrate…"

"Yeah?" Cody whispered, unable to take his eyes off Randy's lips as he whispered out the words.

"The beads of sweat as they slowly drip down onto your grey shirt.......god all I want to do is reach for you and lick them right up," he groaned slightly, pushing his throbbing cock into Cody's thigh for a split second.
"You look incredible when you work out Cody.....perfect, I just want to take you there and then in the gym.....all I can think about is touching you, those hot solid abs.......damn,"

Randy closed his eyes as a wave of lust washed over him, pulling Cody closer and kissing his neck. He tried to compose himself, never thinking that he would ever be saying these words to any one ever, let alone Cody. It was supposed to stay a fantasy, something that happened late at night when he was home alone.

"Go on," Cody whispered hoarsely, the desire and want clearly evident in his hushed tone, "What do you do when you see me like that??"

Randy could feel Cody's length pressing hard into his thigh, the shiver coursing through him at what Cody was asking him to say causing his own cock to twitch and his hips to buck involuntarily into the heat of the groin pushing down on him. His arms shot down to wrap around the small of Cody's back, pressing him down even harder as he stilled himself, a strangled groan making its way from his throat as he felt the throb run through the man currently writhing on top of him.

"Tell me," Cody growled, his teeth again sinking deep into the skin surrounding the prominent bone now red and marked at the top of his shoulder. Randy cried out, giving away his obvious weakness, body thrusting so far off the bed, back arching as he nearly sent Cody tumbling, arms wrapping around him to hold him close as his hips bucked entirely of their own accord.

"Fuck, fuck," he panted, trying desperately to compose himself and remember that he was supposed to be taking things slow, not taking advantage, but all of that went flying out the window as he felt Cody's hand work its way down between their bodies and take firm hold of his dripping cock, squeezing and rubbing through the flimsy material of his boxers.

"Do you do… this?" Cody breathed into his ear, taking his lobe between his teeth as his hand worked slowly up and down, making Randy's body arch up and off the mattress as he gasped out.

"Yes, fuck, yess," he hissed,

"What else?" Cody murmured throatily, keeping his hand moving steadily and licking and sucking his way down the side of Randy's face to capture his lips again, "Show me…"

He pushed himself up off of Randy's broad chest to sit back and straddle his hips, one hand still running up and down the slick shaft as the other trailed longingly down his neck, tracing the patterns on his skin all the way down to his hand desperately clutching fistfuls of sheet. Prising it free, he guided it towards the action and wrapped the long fingers around his own, controlling the rhythm for a moment until Randy took the initiative himself, enveloping Cody's cock along with his own in his warm palm.

Cody arched backwards, the feeling of Randy's large calloused hand finally on his cock sent chills all the way up his spine, the pleasure coursing though him almost too hot to handle.
"Please take these off," Cody whispered motioning to Randy's rather damp boxers. Randy knew that he wanted to take this slowly, knew that he shouldn't be pushing Cody into anything that he wasn't ready for, but this was Cody asking him and it was a request that he could not deny no matter how much he wanted to protect the boy.

Raising his hips with Cody still seated on his thigh Randy pulled his boxers down, his rock hard leaking cock springing free and settling on his abs, wriggling out of them he finally managed to get them under Cody and off, throwing them into the corner of the room they were both finally naked.

Cody's lust hooded eyes swept over Randy's perfect body, he trailed a hand down his chest catching a rock hard nipple as he passed on his way down before he took both his and Randy's cock in his hand once more.

"Come on me," he whispered again, bringing Randy's hand up to join his own. Randy entwined their fingers forcing both their cocks through the tight ring of their combined fists, quickly becoming slick with precum.
Randy arched, fully pushing himself through the tight hole, the feeling of Cody's throbbing cock rubbing back and forth over his own nearly enough to throw him over the edge. Staring deep into those ice blue eyes he saw no hesitation, no pain, only love and desire and it set his heart on fire.

Dragging Cody down he devoured his mouth hungrily delving his tongue into Cody's all too willing mouth, really dominating the kiss as they both continued to fuck their ring of fingers closer and closer to their release.
Randy was so close, Cody's hard body against him, the weight having him pushing down on his chest as the slammed into each other's hands driving him faster and faster towards his orgasm. As the familiar coil began to tighten in his tummy he pushed Cody back, stilling their hands, panting heavily.
"Stop, Cody......please stop," he gasped. "I'm not sure this is right, I mean......maybe it's too soon,"

"No... Randy please... I ..."

Cody had been so close, his face dropping with his heart when Randy pushed him away. He stared at him sadly, wanting to beg, wanting to shout, wanting to cry, wanting to believe that he really did want him, that Randy wanted him as much as he wanted Randy.

He needed to know.

Because somewhere deep in his psyche Adam's voice rang out again, raising it's ugly head leering and taunting 'I told you so!' full of scorn and laughing at Cody for even having the audacity to think that Randy truly wanted him.

Why would he after all? 'Nobody wants you Cody,' Adam jeered, 'Look at you, whoring yourself out to him and still he pushes you away, worthless, useless, you're broken, you're no good to anyone...'

Randy watched the inner turmoil playing out across Cody's tormented features, his heart breaking into a million tiny pieces as he saw the actual moment Cody gave up, succumbing to the demons within.

"Baby..." he reached his hand out as Cody rolled off him,

"It's okay..."

"No wait, you don't understand..."

"Yeah, I do, it's fine, really..."

"Cody, please,"

"No! No Randy! I get it! Okay? I get it, just... just leave it, leave me alone..." He made to get out of the bed but Randy pulled him back, trying to look at him earnestly but Cody refused to meet his eye.

Holding a large palm to either cheek he spoke quickly and quietly,

"Baby please, let me explain, you have no idea how much I want you right now, more than anything, I want you like I've never wanted anyone else, ever before, but I can't hurt you any more Cody, I can't bring myself to do something that might ruin this, ruin.. us... I need you..."

Cody eyes finally looked up at the three small words, shining with unshed tears, "You... you need me?"

A single tear made its way down his cheek and he closed his eyes again at the feel of Randy's soft lips stopping its path, "More than anything,"

"Then take me Randy, please..."

Randy breathed into his hair, his strong arms drawing him back into his warm body as Cody continued, "I need you to show me, please, make me yours..."

Those last few words Cody uttered filled with need and desire were enough to crack what little resolve Randy had left, as he pulled Cody into a teeth shattering kiss everything they had gone through in the past few days raced through his mind like a flip book.

He couldn't believe that it had taken something so horrific, something so terrible for Cody that he would probably be emotionally scared for life, to make him admit his own feelings for the boy. He still couldn't quite believe that he had Adam so wrong, that he had let him into his life like that, given him so much and he couldn't believe the lengths he knew he was willing to go to so Cody would be happy again. As all these images flashed in his mind like a cheap horror movie one thing was very clear to Randy, he loved this boy and there was no way in hell he was losing him, not now, not ever, not after everything they had gone through to get this far.

As the kiss intensified, Randy pulled Cody back on top of him again, grinding their half hard cocks back together, trying to get their rhythm back as quickly as possible, now that the decision to take this further had been made there was no backing out and both parties wanted it more than they would ever let on.
"I'd do anything for you," Randy whispered into Cody's ear before biting gently on the lobe, "You know that right Cody?? I'm yours......what ever you want…"
Cody shivered at the low rumble, hearing those words from Randy sending pangs of want and need straight to his already rock hard cock as they rutted against each other, both slick with precum now.
Randy wrapped his arms tight round Cody's lithe back, holding him tight to his chest as they continued their fevered kiss, so lost in each other, so happy in their moment until Cody pulled back, panting lips swollen with a fine sheen of saliva covering them. He looked down at Randy quizzically, he realised that they had never talked about this part, talked about how this would be because there had been no need too, everything else had come so naturally and he had no idea how to ask this certain question that was racing around in his head.

Randy looked back seeing the conflict and confusion running through his boys head and instantly he knew what Cody was thinking about and decided to take charge of the situation. His boy needed him, he knew that.
Slowly Randy spread his legs, allowing Cody to slip between his thighs into a kneeling position. Randy stared up into apprehensive blue eyes as he guided Cody's leaking cock below his balls and pushed down slightly, hoping to show Cody wordlessly what he wanted, no what he needed to happen.

Cody looked at him confused for a moment, his mind unable to comprehend that Randy could seriously be implying what he thought he might be. His head tilted quizzically to the side as he watched Randy draw his feet up, bending his knees and raising his hips off the bed. He let out a soft breath he hadn't even been aware he was holding as he watched Randy biting his lip, staring into his eyes as he rubbed the head of Cody's now pulsing cock up and down the heat between his cheeks. A shocked gasp of pleasure suddenly slipped from Cody's lips, Randy slightly dipping the head of his cock further inside each time he ran it over his already clenching centre.

Cody was frozen, their eyes locked as Randy continued his torturously slow sensual assault, running his thick shaft up and down over and over again, blowing Cody's mind at what he seemed to be suggesting.

"Are you sure…" he stuttered, but Randy didn't let him finish, capturing his lips again as he suddenly eased the slicked head past the tight ring of muscle and thrust his hips up quickly, engulfing the full length deep inside himself all in one swift motion.

They both gasped at the intrusion, Randy's eyes scrunched tightly closed and holding his breath as he clenched and unclenched rapidly, trying to accommodate Cody's ample girth and drawing him completely into his body. Almost instantly he was seeing stars as he impaled himself directly into his prostate, taking him completely by surprise. He wiggled his hips, slowly rotating himself to hit the spot a few more times, adjusting to the new sensation overwhelming his entire body.

Opening his eyes to lock instantly with the wide eyed gaze set upon him from above, he gasped again as his hips bucked of their own accord sending Cody's cock driving deep inside his body, "Now! Do it now!" he panted, "Fuck me Cody…please,"

Cody gazed on, his mouth hanging open in total shock as he tried to process exactly what was happening and what Randy wanted him to do. His hands gripped onto Randy's tensed biceps as his whole body shuddered at the final realisation of what was happening, he was fucking Randy, he could actually feel Randy's velvety walls contract around his straining shaft, it was a feeling far more amazing than anything Cody had ever felt in his life and he promised himself right then that he would never let this feeling go, that he would never let Randy go, he closed his eyes trying his best to commit to memory every single thing he was feeling.

Randy's brow furrowed, he had stilled completely and he was staring up at Cody's closed eyes. Worried, Randy raised a hand and cupped Cody's chin
"Cody??" whats wrong baby, do you not want this??" he whispered, a little heart broken.
Cody slowly opened his eyes, locking with Randy's nervous ones and in that look showed Randy everything that he needed to know. In that split second Randy saw Cody, really saw him. The Cody of old staring back at him, his boy, his love. He saw the passion and lust dancing in those ice blue eyes turning them almost clear and he knew that they would be fine, that Cody would be fine.

"Randy…" Cody breathed, pushing his neglected yet still rock solid cock back into Randy's willing body hard. Randy gasped, his virgin hole still trying to adjust and accommodate Cody's ample girth, the pain shot up his spine and he yelped causing Cody to still instantly.
"Randy?" Cody pulled back slightly, slipping a few inches out and leant down, cupping Randy's face, his thumb brushing the sharp cheek bone
"Have you not.....I this your first time??"

Randy just bucked his hips and grabbed Cody's ass with both hands, thrusting him forward, plunging him ball deep inside himself once more as he claimed his mouth almost savagely, "Yes," he breathed raggedly, eyes clouding over in lust as Cody gasped at the sensation of Randy fucking himself rapidly, almost desperately forcing Cody into himself, both hands clutching at his hips.

"But Adam said…" he drifted off as the realisation hit him, and wondering why the hell he was still believing anything that came out of the man's mouth he pushed himself up to his knees to gain full control, quickly getting lost in the new rhythm as he rammed his hips forward. He pulled one tanned leg over his shoulder, kissing the inside of his thigh tenderly as Randy threw his head back with a cry, the change in angle driving relentlessly into his prostate as he slowly came undone right before Cody's very eyes.

He couldn't believe that Randy would give himself to him like that, and he stared in awe at the perfect speciman laying prone beneath him. He watched as Randy's hands clutched at the pillows behind his head as he arched repeatedly off the bed, eyes screwed tight shut, every muscle defined the entire length of his body as he tensed and clenched, his rock solid shaft bouncing off his washboard tummy. Cody reached down, taking the glistening column of flesh in his hand and running his thumb lightly over the slick head, eliciting an almost animalistic moan from deep in the very recesses of Randy's body, before pumping furiously in time with his thrusting hips.

"Cody… I… " but Randy couldn't even get the words out, he was so overcome with emotion at the feelings engulfing his body, and he knew he wouldn't last much longer, calling his name again as he bucked forward, holding his breath and stilling completely in ecstasy, unable to move as the feeling washed over him, from his toes right through to encompass every fibre of his being before spasming out of control, hands grasping and clasping at Cody's skin to keep him inside, fingers digging into the soft cleft of his ample ass as he attempted to hold him close, tight muscles clenching violently around him, and he repeated Cody's name over and over like a mantra into the crook of his neck as he held him close, before collapsing back into the pillows.

Just the sound of Randy's deep voice choking out his name like that had Cody falling over the edge, and he almost bit through his lip as he stifled his own cry, seeing stars as his body lost control, feeling Randy's clenching interior milking him for every last drop as he spilled deep inside the warm confines before his arms gave way beneath him and he tumbled forward against the heaving chest below, only to be instantly enveloped in the waiting arms.

"Cody! Fuck! Oh my god, Cody!" Randy panted, still twitching as the last waves of his immense orgasm washed over him, every nerve ending super sensitive as he grasped at Cody, holding him as close as he could. He never wanted this feeling to end, he felt so full, so content with Cody inside him and in his arms. He kissed Cody's face over and over, soft sloppy kisses that tickled. Cody giggled into Randy's neck, so full of love and emotion and what was that? Was that elation? He wasnt quite sure, but he thought it might be, he felt like he was floating, like a massive weight had been lifted from his soul and he couldn't be happier.

Pulling back so he could look into Randy's smiling eyes, eyes that conveyed so much more than mere words ever could. They stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime, the world stood still for those few seconds and for them, there was nothing else. Randy brought his hand up, shaky fingers caressing Cody's clammy cheek, the electricity between then palpable. Cody closed his eyes, he couldnt help the huge grin breaking out across his face as he nuzzled into the touch.

They both giggled as Randy pulled Cody down into an earth shattering kiss, a kiss like no other they had ever shared. It was slow and steady and as their tounges entwined, gently conveying their love for each other it cemented their bond, a bond that they both felt so strongly after the events of the last few days and the incredibly intense sex they had just shared.
Randy groaned as Cody's softening cock slipped from his thoroughly fucked body, he scrunched his nose up as he felt Cody's release dribble from him.
"You okay?" Cody whispered, not wanting to break the spell hanging over them.
"I couldnt be better," Randy replied, "Its just a little......." he wiggled is hips slightly, "…erm......sticky."
"Good sticky??" Cody grinned
"Good sticky." Randy nodded, still trying to pull him closer as Cody raised slightly.

Locking eyes with the viper, Randy saw the mischevious desire dancing there as Cody snaked his hand between their slowly cooling bodies, inching his way between Randy's thighs. Randy gasped as he felt Cody's long delicate finger probing at his abused entrance, capturing his lips in a slow sensual kiss Cody gently silenced him as he slipped a single digit into Randy's slick heat.

Really putting on a show, Cody slowly and seductively licked his dripping finger clean, his sparkling eyes never leaving Randy's heated gaze as his tongue lapped at his own release mixed with Randy's unique juices. He smirked his best 'Rhodes' smirk as he felt Randy's cock twitch against his thigh, the look on Randy's face one of pure and utter shocked delight.

Shaking himself from Cody's heavenly witchcraft Randy grabbed the already clean finger and jammed it in his mouth, trying desperately to taste Cody there, but it was clean. Pouting Randy let Cody's finger go with a pop before rolling them both over and trapping Cody under his huge body. Cody yelped and giggled in faux concern as he allowed Randy to manouver them, his hands roaming over Randy's rippling back coming to rest on his neck.
"You know what Randy?" Cody whispered, "I think everything might just be okay."
"Oh baby," Randy replied inbetween peppered kisses, "Its going to be better than's going to be's destiny." He wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk as they fell into another breathtaking kiss.