Chapter Forty: A Story Never Ends

"Good afternoon, Firestar," one of his warriors greeted their leader as he passed by them. Firestar dipped his head in polite greeting, before heading past the elder's log. He caught snippets of conversation coming from under the darkened log, and pricked his ears in interest.

"...and so Lionheart, Brightstripe, and Frostcloud lived happily ever after for many, many generations." The leader recognized the ancient voice of One-Eye. Lionheart stopped in his tracks, eyes widening with surprise. He recognized those names.

"Wait, that's the end?" Bramblekit exclaimed. "But what about Longfang?"

"And what ever happened to Lionheart and Frostcloud? Do they have a family?" Tawnykit asked in a sweetly curious voice.

"Of course it isn't the end," Smallear intervened. "Stories never end, you know. They live on forever, in the form of legends."

"So whatever happened to them? Tell us the rest of the story!" Bramblekit demanded.

Firestar chuckled to himself, and chose this moment to step in. "I think you two kits have had enough stories for one day," he rumbled, taking the kits by surprise as he slipped into the cool, peaceful log.

"Hello, Firestar," the two kits politely chorused, just like they'd been taught. Firestar twitched his whiskers in amusemet, and turned to the elders, dipping his head in respect.

"What brings you here, Firestar?" Dappletail asked.

"Goldenflower is wondering where her mischevious kits got off to," Firestar meowed, curling his tail as he turned to the kits. "I think it's time for you two to go back to the nursery." The kits looked slightly crestfallen, but obediantly picked their way around Firestar's ankles to leave the log.

Firestar cleared his throat and said pointedly, "It was very kind of the elders to tell you stories all day."

Tawnykit nudged her brother in the flank, and they turned to the elders. Their little eyes sparkled as they mewed, "Thank you for the stories."

Dappletail narrowed her eyes fondly, while Smallear and One-Eye nodded their heads to the kits. "You are very welcome," One-Eye chuckled in her elderly voice.

With that, the two kits were dismissed, and they sprinted off delightfully in the direction of the nursery. Once they'd disappeared, Firestar turned to the elders with a curious gleam in his emerald green eyes. "You told them the Battle at Midcreek legend?"

"We left out certain parts," One-Eye chortled. "They are kits after all."

"But the parts we told them, they loved," Smallear meowed fondly.

Firestar thoughtfully brushed his paw across the soft ground of the elder's den. "I remember when I first heard that story. Lionheart was my hero."

"He certainly was, once he became Lionstar."

Firestar paused, gazing out at his busy Clan. "Do you think the legend is true?"

Smallear glanced up at his leader, amused by the cat's interest in the tall tale. "Well, there was a Lionheart and a Longfang, that we know. It's hard to say if it's all true, but it's certainly makes an interesting story."

Firestar nodded in agreement, and thanks the elders for their time. As he turned away, a trickle of sunlight seeped through one of the cracks in the log, turning a part of his pelt into flame. He shifted towards the entrance of the den, before hesitating and turning back to the elders one last time.

"Are you going to tell them the rest of the story?"

The three elders turned in mischevious amusement towards eachother, exchanging a thoughtful look.

"It's hard to say," Smallear answered at last.

"We could tell them, but then they are left with nothing to wonder about," Dappletail pointed out.

One-Eye turned her sparkling orb towards her leader, and merely gave him a slow wink. "I think we'll wait until they're a little older. But for now, their imagination will create a much better ending."

Author's Note: Hello! Remember me? Yeah it's been a horribly long time since I've updated this, basically because I for some reason assumed I'd uploaded the last two chapters and never went back to check. Then recently some reviewers grabbed my attention and I realized I never did upload them! So I revisted the story and here I am! It's finally completed, after like two and a half years of writing. Whoo hoo!

So this is the very last chapter of the story. As it turns out Rowanpaw was being trained by Longfang all along, because Longfang wants him to take his place one day, but Rowanpaw knows better than that. It was very bizarre to revisist these characters, since I've been away for so long, but I truly hope I did the story justice.

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