Burning Water- Prologue, When They Fall and When They Rise

Britannia, the world power that dominates of our world in the year of 2018. After the fall of Japan's independence, Britannian stands as a dictatorship, and Japan's pride and honor is reduced to a single number, 11.

Many fell in the final breath of the war for sustaining freedom, many who were loved or hated. Still, the result was despair.

Fire can burn just about anything, if tampered with correctly. Oh yes, and Britannia took that to their advantage. Here in the once prominent city of Namimori comes great loss. A brown spiky-haired boy looked on from a distant mountain with nothing but tears. His parents, gone… His friends, abandoned just like him. This was not the ideal life of a ten year old boy. His best friend, a boy with silver hair, knelt beside the first boy.

"Juudaime…" He said. The brown-haired boy looked away. A tall man with a black fedora approached the two. He straightened his black tie that lay over his orange dress shirt, his curly sideburns bouncing as he took a stride. He had taken the two boys to safety, just when their parents were to be executed.

"Gokudera-kun…" the brown haired boy looked up with a determined face. "Will you follow me? Will you follow me to the ends of the earth to destroy the people who killed our parents?"

Gokudera gasped at his best friend's resolve. To think a young boy like him could say such things would be somewhat horrendous, but Gokudera knelt down on one knee.

"Yes, Juudaime," He said, the courage running to his lips. "I will follow you till I die."

On the other side of Japan, a scene just like this was taking place, but with different results.

"Old man!" A black haired boy with brown eyes was screaming as his father fell into a dead heap.

"Now… which one's next?" A Britannian soldier sneered at the crying boy. "How about you, little boy? I can make life less painful for you…"

The boy didn't move, and he stared at what his father held, a bamboo sword, the one he treasured very deeply. He took it, and he steadily rose up.

"I will not let you kill me." The boy was emitting a dark blue aura. "You will pay… for making my old man leave me!"

His mind went to auto-pilot and he took a stance.

"Shigure Souen Ryu, Shinotsuku Ame!"

The soldier's eyes widened immensely as he saw the boy's wild eyes blazing with fire. And that was the end of him.

"Kyoko, hurry!" the whispered voice of her brother urged a young Japanese girl with bright orange hair to follow. She ducked under a dilapidated window pane and crawled through the hollow steel beam after a white haired boy. Ten years old, and she didn't want to cry just yet. If she was told to live, she will live.

"Ryohei…" Her brother turned to her at the slightest whimper she uttered.

Then a shuffle of thundering footsteps came their way, and Ryohei was near panic-mode. He then lunged back, shoving Kyoko all the way through the steel beam.

"Hurry and slide through the chute!" Ryohei hissed sharply. "Hurry!"

"But… onii-san…"


Ryohei climbed out immediately but immediately he saw black. Kyoko, on the other hand, saw red. The older sibling's body was etched with a bullet in his stomach, and the blood dripped rapidly from the wound. Ryohei gasped for air until another bullet pierced his lungs. He fell to his knees, and then the final bullet, to his head.

Kyoko watched in the shadows with devastated eyes, and she scurried to the chute her brother told her to go to. She slid down it like a playground slide, and she feel into a small lake of clean water, washing the dirt from her arms and legs. She remembered to swim to the banks and she sat on a stray rock nearby.

"Why… Onii-san… why?" She sobbed, and she held her hand to the sky.

"Wah!" A voice of a young boy startled Kyoko. She spun around to see a boy exactly her age face down on the floor.

"Juudaime!" A silver haired boy ran to the boy to help him up.

"I'm fine…" the boy smiled. Kyoko's eyes widened at whom she saw…

"Tsuna!" She ran and hugged him tightly. Tsuna, too, was surprised and was barely breathing from the death-grip she had on him.

"K-Kyoko?! What happened?!"

Strange enough, he was looking straight as his classmate from school…

"Tsuna… Onii-san… he's… gone…."

The tall man who accompanied the two boys looked onward. Another victim of Britannia's arrogance. To think that people like the Japanese were inferior… was sickening.

"But…" He said quietly. "We must not make haste… You, Tsuna… will grow stronger and take on the name of Vongola as you were destined to… and Gokudera, to follow Tsuna… and Kyoko, the same for Tsuna… Vongola will not fall."

They have lost everything: their pride, their family, their old allies, but the fire still blazes on in a hopeless desert.