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Charlotte Munson did not enjoy riding greyhounds. Too smelly, too cramped, too many people, but riding through a blizzard wasn't her idea of a good time either. Grants Pass would cold icy death this side of December. Pretty though, the sun was just coming up and it was doing beautiful things to the frost on the trees. It was a real pity about the weather but the bike was relatively safe in storage along with pictures, letters, and books. She was used to travelling light, spent the past year cruising around Asia and Europe doing odd jobs and sketching whatever caught her eye. She also had a thumbdrive on a chain around her neck with a thousand or so pictures.

She picked through her plastic plate of nachos trying not to think about the knot in her gut.

Mom had said that if ever she needed to help to find her brother Bobby, but only, and only if the devil himself was at her back. Well the devil was chasing and there wasn't anybody left to go to. She probably could have gotten to the Tacoma chapter faster but since her uncle was the only real tie it seemed like Charming was the safer bet. Mom would've hated her going to her brother, she hated the club. Too many dead friends, too many bad memories. But she had travelled the greater part of the world before coming to this, it truly was her last chance.

Time to meet the Reaper.

Ten hours and two transfers later Charlie stepped out of the bus and into the pouring rain.

Well ain't this peachy keen?

She shouldered her back pack and jogged into the station. Hopefully this town is just big enough for a taxi service. The station was packed full with people trying to get between here and there for the holidays. Charlie bounced up and down on her toes waiting for the only working payphone in the building, there were five people in front of her and this lady had been gabbing for ten minutes.

She eyed the burger place across the street, looked like a dive but it had been eight hours since her last meal.

Aw fuck it I'm hungry, maybe they'll have a phone without a line.

She heaved her bag up once more and crossed the street. The place looked like even more of a dive on the inside, the paint was faded and the floor hadn't been mopped in a good long time, but the smells coming from the kitchen trumped the filth on the floor. A guy at the bar took her order and went back to cleaning dirty glasses with a dirty rag.

"So what brings you to Charming kid? All we've got is shitty burgers and motorcycles."

"The motorcycles," She responded through a bite of burger. "Sort of"

The bartender paused and looked up "A sweet little thing like you wouldn't even be able to hold a bike up, you probably ain't even legal."

Charlie didn't answer, just took another bite of her burger. No reason to get in a fight on unfamiliar territory.

"Aw come on Billy boy, she looks eighteen to me!" A tall man decked out in leather sat on the stool right next to Charlie, making her jump.

My, my aren't they all so friendly in Charming?

"My names Charlie and I'm twenty five." Charlie hopped on stool over and slid her food with her, wondering if they'd call her bluff. The man put a hand to his heart and ordered a beer.

"What kinda name is Charlie for a girl?"

"Let her be Tig, if she's twenty five I'm sixteen." Billy the bartender handed Tig a mug.

"Unless I see some ID that says otherwise I call her fair game." The man winked at her as he took a swig.

"Sittin' right here you know." Creep. There was only about half a burger left on her plate and now that her stomach wasn't quite to angry with her she could get on with business. "You guys have a payphone around here? The line across the street was taking forever and a day."

"No pay phones but I can make a call for you if you need."

"I'm trying to get to a garage, Teller-Morrow, you know it?" The bartender and Tig both looked at her like she grew a second head. Tig started laughing.

"Small world sweetheart. I work there. You need repairs done?" It was then that Charlie got a good look at his leather jacket.

"No, I came in on the bus." Charlie started to get antsy, maybe she could try going to the cops again? Maybe they'd listen to her if they didn't already have their hands in his pockets. "No, uh, I'm looking for my uncle, Robert Munson. My mom told me I could find him there." God I knew this was a bad idea, I thought mom was exaggerating when she said they were all a bunch of drunk perverts.

Tig stopped laughing and just looked at her for a bit, trying to gage whether or not she was telling the truth. He knew Bobby a long time and he never mentioned any nieces or nephews. The Billy the bartender figured he'd pull his neck in and go to the back. No one got involved with SAMCRO if they didn't have to.

Tig looked the girl up and down. She stood about 5'3 and had a mess of curly brown hair tied back in a ponytail, pale with lots of freckles. She was wearing sneakers, jeans, and a hoodie. Hard to tell if she was hot since her clothes were so baggy but he wasn't picky. Billy had been right though, there was no way she was older than twenty. Fidgety as hell, that was for sure.

Either she really is Bobby's niece or she's lying and he'll wanna know why, best take her to see him either way.

"I-it was a long time ago, maybe he's not there anymore. Sorry to bug you." Charlie dug some cash out of her pocket for the burger and started to leave, she wasn't sure she liked the way this guy was eyeing her. Before she could reach the door however an arm wrapped around her shoulder. It smelled like cigarettes, beer, and leather.

"So Charlie, you ever been on a motorcycle before?"


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