Starring Cody/Randy
Rating: This is definitely very NC-17
Summary: Cody catches Randy peeking in the gym, but will anything come of it?
Joint ficcage written with the incredible 616poisongirl that all stemmed from an innocent perve session over something months ago that turned into a full blown fic, absolutely love writing with her! So all the comments we made in the original post are left in here as that's how the story developed, a comment at a time. Also, if you want to see the video we're talking about, let me know and I'll link you in, ffnet doesn't like outside links.

hahahahahahahaa is huge now......Randy has been working him extra hard, long nights in the gym *nods*

yeah totally, can u imagine it!! randy would be so strict, dying to touch but being firm with himself, cos Cody is so eager to please him and tries so hard, he really wants it bad, to be good enough in Randy's eyes.

oh totally......not letting anything go on until the workout was fully over!!!
Cody all watching him wanting praise but not getting any until he has pushed himself to the limit

yeah and randy wants to praise him, cos he's always impressed with how hard Cody works, but he's a hard task master, he believes in no pain no gain, and Cody is willing to do whatever he's told, cos he knows randy can truly help him so he can wait, he never knows if he'll get praise or just not get shouted at, but sometimes he feels like randy wants to give him more, and one day he does

omfg yes,.......all of this!!! all of this!!!
lingered looks and touches, maybe Cody sees him looking in the gym mirror

yes!! yes!! cos Randy had already seen Cody in the gym at hard nocks and wanted to really get close to that, cos usually Randy likes to work out alone but he's started to change his mind... yeah Cody catches him in the mirror looking, but Randy doesn't know he saw...

mmm yes, working on a machine behind Cody totally staring at him, Cody sees and totally starts playing up to it, watching Randy get hard and look away

O_o yeah and Cody starts stretching in front of him, bending over and then reaching up high so his shirt rose just enough to show off some tummy, he can see Randy looking in the mirror again and gets cheeky, he faces him and does it again, looking back at him cos Randy looks away again so Cody comes closer saying,

"You've gone quiet, anything wrong?"

and Randy kinda just growls and says, "Did we decide we're finished did we?"

So Cody decides to start bench pressing cos he knows he doesn't have any undies on again and he needs Randy to spot for him and he knows exactly what view Randy will get if Cody tries really really hard…

yes yes yes!!!
Cody is so on to him........maybe Randy's even blushing slightly, so unlike him. Cody's giggling, turning around and stretching down so his ass is pretty much in Randy's face, then the bench pressing knowing full well that Randy will see everything!!

Randy growling and doubling his efforts and growling as Cody settles down, but then nearly choking when he sees jiggly!

yesssss! and at first jiggly is just being jiggly, which Randy cant take his eyes off anyway, but then Cody notices Randy's miniviper, or one massive gun lol, and jiggly starts getting a little excited too and Randy can't stop staring and just goes all quiet, which he never does, he's usually so vocal and encouraging, so Cody tries soooo hard, really straining so jiggly presses up against his shorts, perfectly outlined, Randy is mesmerised…

oh yeah, Cody's not embarrassed at all, loving Randy's squirming like maybe he sees Randy watching, Randy has just stopped working out and is just staring at jiggly as he grows and really tents out the shorts.......Cody smirks and asked Randy if he's ok

yeah Cody's all faux concerned, like puts the weights down and comes over real close and puts his hand on Randy's arm, all, "Are you sure you're ok?" and Randy's all O_o and doesn't know what to say so just turns away blushing, barking, "I'm fine!" and gets up off the machine and goes to something far away, leaving Cody staring after him, but Cody pretends to get all concerned,

"What's wrong? Have I done something wrong? Do you want me to go?" to see what Randy says…

oh Cody you naughty boy!!!
Randy is getting more and more flustered the more Cody pushes things, not letting it go and following Randy as he tries to get away, going to the machines at the far end of the room. But Cody won't let it go, trying not to giggle he makes out like he's really worried. Randy sits down at a machine and Cody comes right up to him practically sticking a half hard jiggly in his face…

yeah and Randy sighs, covering his face with his hands, so Cody puts his hand on Randy's arm and just stays there a minute, saying nothing, looking at Randy's straining bulge twitch at the touch, so he just rubs gently on his arm and just says, "Ok, I'll go, I'll just leave you to it, but if you need to talk about anything...' and he backs away and heads over to warm down, Randy staring after him longingly

Randy just sits there for ages watching Cody warm down and stretch, his mind racing and his cock harder than ever, he's got no idea what to do because he's never felt like this over any other guy, but as usual he decides to just go with his instinct and heads over to Cody, mini viper tenting his shorts…

yeah and Cody just looks up at him through his lashes, saying nothing at first just continuing to stretch, and Randy sits down, Cody asks if he did something wrong, Randy shakes his head and starts stretching, Cody decides to let Randy know he's seen the miniviper and just stares at it, trying hard to keep the smirk from playing round the corners of his mouth, Randy sees him staring at it and blushes more but sets his jaw firmly, just growls out,

"And? so what?! not like it's never happened to you before so don't even say it!"

Cody's all, "Say what?!" acting innocent,

and Randy's all, "Whatever cheeky shit remark you were planning there!" and Cody's all, "No I wasn't! I was just thinking how big you are, wondering what you look like under there..."

and Randy's all O_O

mmm yes
Randy's defences are totally up and he's just snapping at Cody, looking away until Cody says that and he just stops, looking up at him, eyes wide.
Cody giggles and starts to stretch again, this time right in front of Randy, he stretches right up so his tshirt lifts and Randy gets an eye full of abs, before he even knows what he's doing Randy reaches out and strokes Cody's abs tentatively.....Cody groans and grabbing Randy hand he whispers, "We're going to have to do something about this Randy…"

fuckity fuck yes :D
and Randy can't look at him but doesn't pull his hand away, "About what?" he breathes, and in response Cody just runs his hand covering Randy's further under his shirt, over the firm smooth hot skin, letting him feel the defined muscles and then takes his hand away and Randy leaves his there, hesitant at first but can't tear his eyes away from his fingers trailing over the solid abs, and Cody groans and leans into the touch, not pushing anything just letting Randy do what he wants, but the noise escaping his mouth goes straight to Randy's cock, and the way Cody's eyes flutter closed and he leans his head back and groans again, and now Randy cant tear his eyes away from the soft lips, that delicious looking mouth, and suddenly Cody opens his eyes and they're staring at each other through hooded lids and Randy's breath hitches at the intensity in those bright blue eyes and he freezes…

oh my fucking fuck, you just killed me dead with this......totally dead!!!!

They're just still for what feels like forever, Cody staring down, Randy staring much passion and fire dancing in their eyes. Randy's hand never leaves Cody's abs, in fact he starts to stroke gently, spurred on by Cody's breathy little noises, getting bolder he brings his other hand up too, grabbing Cody around his waist under his shirt he drags him forward forcefully until Cody is stood in between Randy's spread legs. Still staring at each other Randy lifts Cody's tshirt and begins tracing the carved abs, dipping into every dent…

and omg what if someone came in right then???! They'd jump apart so damn fast and be all back to reality, backs to whoever entered to hide their straining bulges, and Cody just turns and heads for the showers, turning to look back over his shoulder at Randy who is staring after him his eyes full of disappointment, lust, and shock at what he was doing, he pretends to finish stretching and then follows. Cody's already in the water and brazenly doesn't mind showing off his body, Randy is embarrassed and tries not to look but his eyes have other ideas, they're both real quick and grab their bags and practically sprint from the building, but when they get back to the hotel they have to act cool, in the lift, they both press their separate floors, but just before the doors open to Cody's he leans in and presses his lips to Randy's real slow and longing, and breathes, "I'm in room 602," just before the doors ping open and he walks away without looking back and Randy stares after him, his mind reeling and his lips tingling…

*wibble* actual wibble!!!! fuck!!!

yeah and Cody minces off down the corridor smiling to himself, Randy watching intently as the doors start to close. He slumps back on the lift wall hands over his face and rock hard cock straining against his jeans. He has no idea what to do because he knows that he wants Cody and Cody wants him that much is totally obvious, but he's known Cody all his life and never thought of him like that until recently, he likes the way things are between them and doesn't want to screw up, again.
He heads back to his room and decides just to leave it, its for the best. He strips down, maybe puts some jogging pants on and pours himself a huge scotch ready to watch some crappy film on the ppv, but as he settles down his mind keeps wandering back to Cody, what happened in the gym, why he's been reacting to Cody like that recently. After a few more scotches all he can think about is what Cody is doing in his room right now, is he in the shower, is he naked, is he asleep? He just has to know. So he gets up, pockets the keycard and wanders shirtless and bare foot down to Cody's room in the middle of the night…

oh holy fuck!!!
and he practically marches there, all impatient, drumming his fingers on the rail in the lift willing it to hurry up, but when the doors open he rushes out, only to realise what he's doing, and when he finds the door he just stands there looking at it longingly but nervously, wondering what the fuck he's doing??! and he leans his head against it, in desperation, in reluctance at the same time, in lust, in wonder, and he thinks he hears a sound from within, he can hear the tv real quiet, and he strains to listen, to see if he can hear what Cody's doing in there, but he hears nothing except his own breathing, and his mind wanders to what Cody could be doing, just like it did in the room, and he hears the shower come on, then he wonders why when Cody just had one back at the gym, and then he wonders what Cody could've been doing to make him need another shower, and his mind wanders, conjuring up images of Cody inside, spread over the bed, naked, wanton, fisting his cock and moaning Randy's name, spurting forcefully all over his chest and perfect abs as his back arches off the bed. Randy's panting now, head still leaning against the cool metal doorframe, and he's rubbing his own twitching cock through the flimsy material of his sweat pants, and he's not sure now if he conjured up Cody's voice whispering his name or if he really heard it through the door, it was so real in his imagination, he could picture every detail, and he pants into the door, head resting in the crook of his arm...

His mind racing through all the things Cody could have been doing, fixating on the abs because he had his hands on them so recently, seeing Cody fisting his cock hard and fast, scraping his blunt nails down that perfect flesh as he whispers Randy's name over and over and over. Randy's own hand now moving slowly and forcefully over his own straining shaft through the flimsy material, completely lost in his own little world of Cody behind that door, he can hear him, hear him whispering his name, the voice get louder and less sexual until Randy looks up from the door frame frowning to come face to face with a very wet and naked Cody stood right in front of him repeating his name over and over trying to get his attention.
Randy looks horrified and for a second Cody thinks he's going to bolt so he grabs Randy's arm, "I think you better come in" he hisses as he drags Randy into the room…

aaarrrrrrghhhhhh!!!! OMG!!!! *squeal*

and Randy is fucking mortified but his eyes just widen at Cody's stunning naked dripping body, but before he has time to register anything Cody has him pressed hard and fast up against the wall and is devouring his mouth, hands desperately holding his face, one arm then snaking round the back of Randy's neck, and Randy suddenly finds his own hands roaming all over the soaking skin, frantically trying to feel every single bit, and push Cody even closer to him despite their bodies being flush together, he can feel Cody's rock hard shaft pressing insistently into his thigh, rubbing against his own, the heat radiating out as Cody rocked their hips together, one hand slowly coming down between them feeling Randy's hard body and slipping into the elastic waistband of his pants, quickly moving round to the back to clutch handfuls of arse cheek, moaning his appreciation into Randy's mouth,

"You feel so good Randy...' he took a deep satisfied breath before diving back in for more, finally coming up for air, gasping into each other's mouths.. "I didn't think you were going to come..."

O_O oh fuck

Randy is still totally stunned and can't quite believe how forward Cody is being or just how much he's enjoying this. He's grabbing and kneading at Cody's bare, wet flesh, trying to touch as much of Cody's perfect body as he can get his hands on as he hears Cody whisper those words.

"I wasn't" he replied truthfully, "But I just couldn't stop thinking about you, down here......wondering what you were doing all on your own…"

Suddenly Cody broke away, taking a step back towards the bed, "Do you want to see what I was doing Randy?" Cody whispered, his voice dripping with so much lust it actually made Randy gasp as he took in what Cody had just said.

"W....what?" Randy mumbled out, unable to take his eyes from the gorgeous body in front of him.

"Do you want me to show you?" Cody asked again, a small smirk on his lips as he trailed a finger down his pecs and bumped it across his abs, drawing his bottom lip into his mouth, he bit down as he stared right into Randy's steely depths.

Randy's initial instinct was to run, to bolt, to flee, but his eyes and his hands had other ideas, and he found himself backed up against the door but unwilling to go any further, hands desperately trying to find purchase on the doorframe, the cool metal shocking his system as he practically salivated at Cody's now prone form on the bed. He'd walked round the other side, and eyes never leaving Randy's he'd crawled across until he was spread over the length and lowered himself down to rest his head on his arms, tanned skin glowing against the stark white of the sheets.

"I was all by myself... before you came, Randy I was lonely, and you'd got me all worked up, and I was just lying here, just thinking, just lying here like this..."

Randy was mesmerised, couldn't tear his eyes from the way the lithe body was stretched out across the mattress, he took a step closer without even realising what he was doing,

"But.... you're all wet..."

Cody sighed, a desolate sound, one that Randy never wanted to hear again, he sounded so sad... but when he spoke, his voice was low, sultry, dripping with wanton desire,

"I know... I got a bit.... dirty..."

"Dirty?" Randy repeated, his voice getting caught in his throat,

"Yeah... real dirty... I was all alone you see... and I blame you entirely..."
"Me?!" Randy breathed,

"Yeah... you and your rock hard cock that was in my face in the gym... I just couldn't get it out of my head..."

Randy was mesmerized, he couldn't take his eyes off Cody's beautiful, glistening skin, the way Cody's muscles were rippling under the expanse of tight, tanned skin was driving Randy crazy, he licked his lips, desperate to wetten the now totally dry area.
"You couldn't stop thinking about me?" Randy asked, taking another small step towards the bed.
Cody giggled slightly, stretching his whole body out, he put his hands behind his head and smiled at Randy, "Are you surprised Randy?? Don't you remember what happened in the gym??" he whispered quietly, he could see Randy straining to hear, forcing him to take another step forward. "You were so hard for me Randy, I could see through your shorts…" he groaned as he brought one of his arms down to graze a path across his chest, breath hitching as he squeezed at a nipple.

Randy just stared on like a deer caught in headlights, his own hand subconsciously coming up to trace the same path as Cody's across his naked chest

He suddenly realised exactly what it was he was doing, his hand stopping dead in it's tracks then moving as though burned as he took a step back, eyes not knowing where to look, but being brought constantly back to the slick torso below him. Cody groaned, rolling over slightly, the sound going right to Randy's groin as he briefly caught his eye, Cody looking up at him seductively through his lashes as he stretched over towards where Randy stood frozen, his head now inches away from his groin before he flung himself back down on the bed.

"Aw Randy, way to get a man worked up all over again..." Cody practically purred at him as he rolled over onto his side, arching his back as his own hand found its way down to the semi bouncing off the hard stomach muscle, jacking himself slowly a couple of times and groaning again before rolling back onto his belly, conspicuously rutting against the bed clothes as he pretended to adjust himself , "You seem to be doing alot of that lately..." he groaned suggestively again as the soft material rubbed against his skin, looking up again to meet Randy's eyes and smiled cheekily at him, "Felt better when you were the one touching me though, you fucking tease..."

"I........I didn't mean to tease!" Randy choked out, his hands now firmly beside his hips, not moving a muscle, but unable to hide the erection tenting his pants, slowly forming a wet patch through his light grey jogging bottoms.
"Oh come off it Randal" Cody snapped making Randy jump slightly, "I saw you watching me…" he groaned as he continued to rub himself on the bed, his hand slowly tracing the drips of water as they made their way down his side. "I saw you watching and I saw how hard you got…"

Cody groaned as he rolled onto his back, "Why don't you just give it up? Huh?"
Taking his now solid shaft in his hand he stared straight at Randy, smirking slightly at the look on Randy's face, he began to stroke himself slowly, "You know Randy.......I could really use a little help with this…" he winked, "…and by the looks of things you could too," he nodded down to Randy's straining groin with a smirk.

Randy blushed deeply, hands subconsciously moving to cover his modesty, "It's a little late for that Randy, dontcha think?" Cody smirked at him again, eyes darting down to the prominent bulge, still languidly stroking himself slowly up and down, loving the way Randy's cock twitched every time he ogled it, "Besides that," he added cheekily, "It's a little, er, big.. to hide, really, isn't it?"

He got up on his hands and knees and crawled over to the edge of the bed where Randy still stood, coming up eye level to his crotch and kneeling back on his haunches, inspecting the package closely, Randy could almost feel the heat of his breath ghost over his sensitive length through the material as he talked,

"Hmm, yeah, Randy there's definitely no point in hiding that thing, is there?" he winked, grinning up at him cheekily, yanking down the elastic waisted track pants in one fell swoop. Randy's eyes nearly bulging out of his head as his cock stood proud suddenly mere centimetres in front of Cody's face.

He giggled at Randy's gasp, his face now bright red and he held his breath as he waited to see what Cody would do next. He reached forward to push the increasingly unnecessary sweat pants further down the perfect thighs, letting them drop to the floor, and Cody murmured appreciatively, manoeuvring himself backwards to look Randy up and down, scrutinising every inch of the impeccable flesh.

"So, Randy," Cody reached out for Randy's hand, trailing the long fingers down his chest as he knelt up in front of him, "Tell me what made this happen..." he indicated the straining bulge by pressing his own gently forward, brushing them together as he brought their chests flush, breath warm and inviting behind Randy's ear as he stammered,


Cody smiled into his neck, "Was it something you liked?"

"Yeah..." Randy groaned as Cody's hands slid down his sides, slipping to the back of his trembling thighs to trail lightly all the way back up,

"Tell me..."

Randy gulped audibly at the feel of Cody's touch on his hypersensitive skin, "You... it was you..."

Cody stilled, his breath hitching at the revelation, "Me?" he whispered, actually surprised for a second that Randy admitted it before he composed himself, pulling back to stare at Randy briefly, needing confirmation. Randy held his breath as he nodded,

"Yeah.. in the gym, I.. I dunno what came over me..." but Cody's lips were on his before he could get another word out, frantically impassioned as he held him close, before scooting backwards, panting heavily as he settled himself against the pillows, only to pause suddenly as he realised Randy hadn't moved from his position at the end of the bed.

"What's wrong?"

Randy looked at him with a predatory gaze of such longing, such desperation, "I...Cody, I..." but still he didn't move, realisation dawning on Cody as a vulnerable look he'd never seen before passed over Randy's face as he finally whispered, "Will you show me what to do?"

Cody's face softened as he let Randy's words sink in and a coy smile spread across his flawless features, raising his hands behind his head and stretching out like a cat Cody almost purred at the thought of what was about to happen. Not like he hadn't ever thought about it, but here he was naked with a very horny Randy Orton, a very horny Randy Orton who had never been with a man.....oh the things Cody was going to show him, do to him, have him do back. He groaned at the thought before dragging himself back to reality when he saw the look of confusion and was that hurt, yes he saw hurt in Randy's eyes.

"Its ok Cody....I don't want someone who doesn't know what he's doing." Randy, taking Cody's silence to mean he had changed his mind, held his hands up in apology.
"Are you kidding me???" Cody giggled, "This is all my Christmas's and birthdays rolled into one........ no, get on this bed right now .......fuck, have I got some things to show you!" He chuckled as he knelt up again grabbling Randy's hand and pulling the still static man onto the bed with him.
"It's ok Randy, just go with know what you're doing....its all instinct…" he whispered as he guided the very tense Randy down into his arms. Shifting so Randy was partly under him Cody began to kiss down Randy's neck, soothing him with soft feather light strokes down his arms and waist. Cody groaned, "Fuck're incredible…" he hummed quietly to himself as he worked slowly down Randy's rigid body. Reaching the rock hard abs Cody came to a stop, dipping his tongue in Randy's navel receiving his first giggle of the night, he looked up into those soft grey eyes.

"Tell me more Randy...tell me more about what happened in the gym…" Cody whispered as he peppered Randy's abs with butterfly kisses.

Cody almost torturously slowly began to worship the sizzling hard expanse of flesh below him as he waited for Randy's response, he couldn't believe they were in this situation, that Randy was actually up for this, that he was letting him, it blew Cody's mind, and he had no idea if he'd ever get the chance again so was determined to make the most of it. But as the agonising wait for Randy to say something stretched on, his hand stilled and he looked up, Randy seemed mesmerised, staring at his hand gently resting on the hard muscle of his chest, and before he realised what he was doing he found himself asking Randy if he was sure about this…

The older man coloured, averting his eyes as he realised he'd been caught staring, before looking up to see Cody biting his lip hesitantly as he waited for an answer. Cody willed his suddenly reluctant eyes up to meet Randy's insecure gaze as he took a deep breath, nodding, his hand moving to cover Cody's on his torso as he finally whispered, "In the gym... you were... I couldn't stop... I was watching you... I never noticed before..."

Cody held his breath as he waited for Randy to continue, his long fingers trailing slowly down the taut abdomen, "I didn't know... Cody you make me..." but he didn't continue, his arms suddenly reaching out, his eyes closing as their lips smashed together...

Cody was dragged down on top of Randy's hard body as Randy clung to him, pulling him closer as he deepened the already ferocious kiss, his short nails dragging across Cody's back as he attempted to get even closer. Cody arched into the suddenly rough touch, his mind was racing, this was Randy after all, the man he had lusted over his whole life and a few seconds previously he had thought Randy was about to bolt on him, but now here he was, his own mouth being plundered mercilessly by Randy's hot tongue, he pulled back gasping for air and a little over whelmed.
"Shit Randy," he gasped, "I......." but he couldn't get the words out as Randy pulled him down again, this kiss softer, but still full of passion and unanswered questions. Cody finally brought his own hands up and cupped Randy's face, he could feel how turned on Randy was, he was pressing his rock hard erection into his thigh, gently rocking up and down subconsciously, obviously completely lost in the kiss.
Pulling back more forcefully and moving Randy's hands by his sides Cody giggled, finally regaining some composure.

"Well I guess that answers my question then…" he smiled down into Randy's rapidly reddening face. Pressing the whole of his hot body down flush with Randy, Cody leant in brushing his lips over Randy's ear as he whispered, "Damn Randy........we're going to have some fun tonight......I'm going to show you things you've never even dreamed of." and with a smirk he claimed Randy lips in another searing kiss.

"Have you… ?" Randy murmured breathlessly, breaking the kiss for a mere fraction of a second to look briefly at the young man questioningly before plundering his mouth once more,
"Have I.. what?" Cody whispered,
"Doesn't matter..." Randy coloured profusely, holding Cody even closer to him than before, but his elusive response made Cody even more desperate to know,
"Please? What?"
"Have you ever dreamed... of this? Me... wanted… us?"

Cody stilled for a moment, looking deep into the other man's eyes as he considered his answer. Did he dare tell him it was a nightly fixture in his overactive imagination and his every desire become reality? Did he risk scaring him away before he'd even had a chance to begin? The last thing he wanted was to come across too desperate, too cocky, he didn't know which was worse, but he certainly felt like the cat that got the cream. He noticed the flicker of uncertainty cross Randy's perfect features again as he stared into the perfect blue depths and his answer was provided for him.
"All the time," he whispered, pulling him back down into a gentle caress, lips softly tracing lines across the tanned flesh, running his hands over the day old stubble, an uncommon sight on Randy but one he found he loved the feel of beneath his fingers, found he loved the way it scraped across his cheek as Randy's lips explored his face, gentle but rough and desperate at the same time.
"Me too..." Randy breathed into his ear, and Cody was sinking, sinking into the feeling of the strong body wrapping around him, almost unable to believe it wasn't some kind of beautiful dream to be cruelly snatched away at dawn like so many times before.

Cody's breath hitched at Randy's surprising words, sure, he had lusted after Randy since he was old enough to know what it was, night after night spent conjuring up new scenarios for him and his right hand to play out, all involving the dream of finally getting Randy, finally making him his, but he had never for a second thought that Randy would return his feelings, or at least he had never shown any sign of it before.

Randy noticed the change in Cody and pulled him closer, getting a little braver he trailed his hands down Cody's bare back, memorizing every ridge and dent of perfectly toned muscle. Cody tensed and then groaned into the touch, Randy's fingers felt like flames to him and he was rapidly losing control.

"But......" he choked out, mind still stuck on Randy's words of a moment before, "But you never seemed....." he gasped again as Randy's huge hands finally reached his bum, strong fingers tentatively curving around Cody's soft globes.

"What?" Randy asked slightly amused, he has calmed slightly, regained some of his usual composure and was beginning to really enjoy himself, "You mean, I never seemed interested?" He questioned.

"Well yeah…" Cody said, wiggling slightly in Randy's hands, loving the slight growl Randy released as his hard body brushed against Randy's neglected cock.

"Codes, this is difficult for me you know.........I've known you your whole life, you're supposed to be like a brother to me.....I shouldn't be thinking things… like this," His face fell as he whispered the last few words.

Cody looked up, grabbing Randy's chin he ghosted a thumb over Randy's bottom lip, "There's nothing wrong with this Randy!" he growled, the anger in Cody's voice surprising Randy slightly, "Does this feel wrong??" Cody asked, grinding his hard cock down into Randy's groin again, "Tell me Randy........really? Does this feel wrong??"

Randy stared into those icy blue eyes that he loved so much, realising for the first time just how much he wanted this, "Not at all," he whispered after a moment, drawing Cody into a tender kiss, thrusting his own straining groin up to meet Cody's.

They practically devoured each other's mouths for a few moments, hands roaming freely all over each other's bodies, Cody sliding his fingers a teasingly down Randy's defined abs, far enough for Randy's breath to catch in anticipation, only to run them back up every time he got tantalisingly close, before finally taking hold of the now throbbing member as soon as Randy had almost given up hope. He arched his back at the touch, involuntarily bucking further into Cody's hot fist, seeking the touch even more.

"Oh god..." he bit the inside of his lip as Cody started jacking him excruciatingly slowly, smirking down at the way Randy scrunched his eyes closed.

"So.." his smirk increased as Randy flailed beneath him, putty in his expert hands, "I think this satisfactorily proves it then..." he quickened his pace, Randy gasping and now panting with every stroke,

"What? Proves what?"

Cody leant down to claim his lips in a heated kiss, agonisingly prolonging the wait as Randy hung on his every word, his hands coming up to rest along the sides of Cody's face, gently holding him there as he waited with baited breath,

"So how long have you been... interested...?" he punctuated with a squeeze to the swollen head of the seeping cock in his hand,

Randy's eyes opened wide, locking instantly with Cody's inquisitive gaze, before losing his nerve and sighing, closing them again, pulling Cody back in for another devastating kiss, "I dunno..." he murmured, "I just started to... feel it..."


Randy shrugged, the casual gesture attempting to mask his actual knowledge of the exact moment he realised, albeit with the benefit of hindsight. But how long it'd been stirring inside him before that he wasn't entirely sure.

"When I saw you again... properly I mean, after all that time ..."

"What time?"

"Off with my shoulder..."


Randy couldn't help a smile play across his lips as he gazed up affectionately into the demanding blue eyes, "You ask too many questions..." he rumbled, not entirely sure himself what the answer was. He knew he'd felt it for quite some time, but actually recognising it for what it was took a little bit longer. Accepting it, that didn't happen until earlier that very night, when the desire finally overwhelmed him.

"Too many questions?"

"Yeah," Randy kissed him again

"Does that mean you just want me to shut up so you can get to the part where you fuck me quicker?"

Randy's eyes nearly flew out of his head as his cheeks flushed, not used to hearing Cody talk like that, "That's.. that's not what I meant..." he stuttered as Cody just smirked at him.

"I know.. but you want to, right?"

Randy just stared up at Cody's smirking face, he had no idea how to answer that question and was totally caught off guard by it, his mouth opened and closed a few times, each time he closed it without saying a word, Cody giggled and stilled his hand, still keeping a firm grip around Randy's more than ample erection.
"It's an easy question Randy," Cody purred pressing his whole weight down onto Randy and gripping his cock a little bit tighter, "Either you do what to fuck me tonight......." he smiled as he felt Randy's dick jump in his hand at the very mention of the word, "Or you don't." He sighed dramatically and looked away, really laying it on thick.

Randy sat up, easily dragging Cody up the bed with him. He'd seen through Cody's obvious manipulation and realised that not only was he willing to play this game, but he could really get off on it. Putting on his best coy face he fluttered his lashes at Cody, "Why Cody, I couldn't possibly know what you mean..........I think you'll have to show me how its done…" he drawled, really letting his accent come through as he finished the final words.
Cody grinned a really genuine smile, letting his gap teeth shine through, "Oh Randy, I can show you.......I can show you it all…" he purred as he leant in and claimed Randy's soft lips once more, his hand snaking down between their bodies to take hold of Randy's leaking cock once more as he started to jack him slowly and firmly causing Randy to mew into the kiss. Cody knew by the end of the night he would have Randy seeing stars.

Cody slowly began to worship every inch of skin as he worked his way down the writhing body towards his goal, making sure to 'accidentally' rub against it with his own body every chance he got. He loved the way Randy's back arched at the smallest touch, the way he bucked into him wanting more, wanting him. He stroked the length of the muscley thigh, groaning his appreciation, the skin practically sizzling to the touch, hardly able to believe he was actually allowed to.

"You are so fucking hot..." Cody looked up briefly, his best come to bed eyes meeting hooded eyelids as Randy gazed at him in anticipation, "Who's the best blowjob you've ever had?"



"I dunno..."

"Me..." Smirking cheekily he squeezed again at the throbbing member already in his hand and in one swift motion took it down the back of his throat.

Randy practically screamed as his ample length fucked the back of the hot willing throat and he bucked uncontrollably into the sensation, the vibrations of Cody chuckling around his girth nearly sending him over the edge before he'd even begun.

"Fuck..." he panted, and Cody smiled to himself, working up a lather in a steady rhythm as he bobbed his head, rolling the taut balls around his hand and pressing in gently to the sensitive patch of skin below them. "FUCK!" Randy screamed again as Cody massaged his head with his tongue before plunging back down, "You're right, you're right..." he panted, eyes glued to the talented mouth.

Suddenly Cody's fingers were demanding entry into his mouth and he swirled his tongue around the digits for a moment before Cody took them back, Randy wasn't exactly sure what that was all about, but he had a fair idea a moment later when Cody suddenly jumped up, straddling his hips, and before Randy even had a chance to raise an eyebrow in question, he'd lowered himself down onto the thick cock, plunging Randy inside the hot, tight heat ball deep with a sinful moan.

"Oh my fucking god Cody," Randy yelled out as Cody impaled himself fully on Randy's rock hard length. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.." he panted as Cody stilled in his lap, groaning as he leant forward, Randy's cock sliding slightly out of his practiced hole.
"Look at me…" Cody demanded.
Randy slowly opened his screwed shut eyes, gasping as he saw the flush across Cody's face, the lusty desire dancing in those ice blue eyes.
" tight......I've never…" Randy stuttered out, not able to finish a sentence in his head before a new one started, the feelings coursing through him were almost overwhelming.
Cody giggled, "Yeah I get that a lot," he smirked arrogantly, "I meant what I said Randy, before this nights out you'll be begging me, screaming my name," he said as he slowly lifted himself fully off Randy's dick, reaching backwards he took the swollen member and held it in place, sinking down on the tip just a few inches before pulling off. Setting a painfully slow pace he began to fuck himself with just the tip of Randy's dick, loving the way Randy gasped every time he lowered and attempted to rise up with him every time he pulled back off.

"You never done this before??" he said wiggling his eyebrows down at Randy.
"Well no......" Randy choked out as Cody clenched his muscles mid sentence
"Not even with a girl?" the look of disdain on Cody's face almost made Randy giggle if he had been able.
"Erm......well I guess a little…" Randy continued, "But its never this…" he gasped again as Cody sank down fully, seating himself fully on Randy's cock once more.
"Oh there's nothing as good as this Randy," Cody said, punctuating his words with short sharp snaps of his hips.
Randy blinked a few times, looking up at Cody, was this really his little Cody, was this sinfully sexual being really his cute little Cody? Shaking his head and laughing slightly he finally moved his hands, placing them on Cody's hips as he sank into the soft hotel pillows.