Randy watched in amazement as Cody worked himself up and down faster and faster, his head thrown back for a moment, panting, groaning breathily, obviously enjoying himself. He slowly opened his eyes again, locking straight on Randy's before leaning forward hungrily to claim his mouth once more, the lust between them so visible that Randy practically gasped as their lips met, the new angle of Cody's body driving his cock in an entirely different way, and Cody seemed to sigh happily into his mouth at the way Randy reacted.

He was taking control for the first time as he bent his knees up to better drive himself into Cody's willing hole, little grunts escaping his mouth every time Randy hit the spot. Randy watched Cody's face, captivated at the way the emotion and feelings played out across his stunning features, and he wondered how it was that he took so long to notice, he powered into him with renewed vigour, making up for lost time, or something like that, overcome with such a passion, loving the way the young man's hands were gripping tight into his shoulders, digging into the skin, he loved the feel of the hard body beneath his fingers, the hard muscle rippling to his touch.

He marvelled at the way Cody's mouth dropped open in a silent gasp and his eyes scrunched shut at a particularly deep thrust and a trail of expletives left his lips in a way Randy had never heard him talk before, this was a side to Cody he never knew existed, and one he was desperate to get to know a whole lot better. Suddenly the feeling of wanting him closer overwhelmed Randy and he pulled him right down, chests flush, wrapping his arms tight around his neck as he whispered something incomprehensible into his ear.

Cody sighed happily again as he settled into the crook of Randy's neck, placing soft kisses all along his jaw line, nibbling his way down to the prominent bone protruding along his shoulder, tracing his lips over the faint scar that was still apparent, before biting down gently into the soft flesh. Randy arched off the bed again in ecstasy as the pained pleasure washed over him, "Fuuuuck!" he moaned, pleading for Cody to do it again, which he did, harder, almost in desperation, panting himself as he groaned into Randy's neck as the strong hands pulled him down hard time and time again.

"That's amazing!" Randy ground out, eyes fluttering shut as Cody did it again, licking and sucking the reddening skin, working his way further up Randy's eager exposed neck,

"I've wanted to do that ever since you got back..." he confessed, "You know when you were gone?... I..." he faltered, staring into Randy's eyes again hesitantly, biting his lip nervously as though about to divulge a great secret,

"What?" Randy stilled for a moment in concern,

"I missed you... "

Randy stilled entirely. Reeling from Cody's confession he stared deep into those uncertain blue eyes.
"I missed you too," he whispered, realising it for the first time. He had actually missed Cody while he was out injured, he had thought about him all the time, about what he was doing back in WWE, he had just never, until now, realised why he had missed him.
Smiling sweetly, Randy leant forwards and grabbed Cody's bottom lip with his teeth, sucking into his mouth and pulling Cody forwards in the process. Cody giggled, falling forwards he allowed Randy to explore his mouth, slowly and thoroughly.
"I wanna fuck you," Randy whispered pulling back.

Cody smiled down at him and tensing his muscles again he giggled, "Erm.....Randy I think you already are!" Randy arched up, the feeling of Cody so tight around him was intoxicating, he wondered how he had ever gone so long without it.
Composing himself he pushed Cody away slightly, his eyes trailing the expanse of hard flesh before him. "You're beautiful," he whispered as he trailed his fingers down Cody's chest loving the way Cody's abs tensed under the touch. "Please Codes......please let me......" his voice trailed off, not able to find the right words.

Suddenly the realisation dawned on Cody, he knew just what Randy was getting at.

"Oh I see…" Cody giggled, "You want to fuck me…" Cody let his lisp shine through as he spoke, causing Randy to shiver, there was something so innocent sounding when Cody's lisp was strong, but the words were anything but and that drove Randy wild.
Cody jumped off Randy's cock, motioning him to get up before he settled back down on his hands and knees, looking back over his shoulder Cody smirked, "This how you want me??"
Randy bit his lip and looked away, "Can you......will you lie on your back?" he said quietly, "I wanna see you…"

Cody's smile grew wide as he flipped over and lay on his back, one leg bent on the bed covers, his hands behind his head, purring he whispered, "Is this how you want me Randy??"
Cody hardly got the words out before Randy was on him, kissing the life out of him, devouring him, overcome with passion suddenly even more than before,

"Yeah, exactly like this..." Randy whispered, pulling back to gaze at the perfect face smiling up at him seductively, stroking his thumb along the flushed brow delicately.
"So what are you waiting for? Fuck me already..." Cody squirmed below him suggestively, thrusting his hips forward to grind his cock into Randy's belly and reaching down to manoeuvre Randy's still twitching cock into place.

Randy groaned as his swollen head brushed over the puckered entrance, knowing the delights held therein, "Fuck...I love it when you talk to me like that..." he ground out, thrusting inside, feeling Cody pull him forward.
"Like what?" Cody smirked cheekily, knowing exactly what Randy meant, but loving the sight of the colour rising in his cheeks, loving making him say it,

"You know…"

"Tell me!"
"Like.. when you tell me to fuck you ..." he whispered, Cody's smirk widening as his thighs found their way over the broad tattooed shoulders, his hips snapping forward to meet Randy as he thrust in deep.
"Yeah? You like that?! You like it when I tell you what to do?"
"Yeah," Randy panted, colouring even more, and Cody had never seen him like that, loving the effect he was having.
"Harder!" he commanded, pulling Randy down so their lips met ferociously, frantic now, needy, the change in angle causing Cody to cry out in pleasure time and time again into Randy's mouth as the rhythmic pounding drove him into a sweaty frenzy.

The erotic noises escaping his sinful mouth were making Randy lose control, mixing with the sound of flesh on flesh as their perfect bodies connected, Randy fell deeper than he ever thought possible at the sensations overcoming him, tightening his hold on the stunning body below him, the feel of the hot, hard flesh like fire on his skin, the sounds falling from Cody's lips intoxicating, he never wanted this moment to end.

"HARDER!" Cody screamed again, arms desperately holding on tight, scrabbling for purchase around the broad shoulders, fingers digging in. Randy obliged, holding him tightly, one arm cradling his head, the other holding him upright just enough that he could stare into Cody's face, loving the expressions flashing across his features in the throes of passion.
As he drew nearer, he wanted to see more, he pushed himself onto his knees, hardly missing a beat, pulling Cody's strong thighs over his shoulders again and gripping his hips tight as he set his rhythm, before taking Cody's neglected cock in his large hand, working it in time with his increasingly erratic thrusting.
"I wanna see you cum..." he offered by way of explanation as Cody regarded him from below, smirking as he understood, his hips now permanently off the bed as his thighs gripped the strong torso and he was almost bent in half.
"I wanna watch you..." Randy panted, his voice strained now, "I wanna watch you do it Cody... to yourself..." he whispered the last part, smiling when Cody batted his hand away and obliged.

"Like this?" he groaned suggestively, quickly matching Randy's rhythm, not sure how long he could hold on with the strangled cry that left Randy's lips as he continued to pound into his sweet spot perfectly every time.
"Fuck... fuck..." Randy couldn't take his eyes off the sight, "Don't stop..."

Cody was sweating profusely, the beads glistening on his heaving chest as he kept up pace with Randy. slamming into his willing body over and over, each thrust hitting his sweet spot dead on threatening to send him over the edge,
"Fuck Randy" Cody panted, "You're amazing.......so big, fuck......so fucking full Randy…" Cody gasped inbetween moans.

Randy growled, smiling down as he dug his fingers harder into Cody's thighs, holding him still as he pounded in over and over.

"Add a finger!" Cody demanded

"Huh??" Randy looked confused, "Please Randy, add a finger.....in me.....with your cock," he moaned speeding up his hand, thrusting into his tight fist on every back thrust. "I want you to stretch me Randy.......stretch me so I'll feel you in the morning…" he growled, staring straight into Randy's lust filled eyes.

"Oh my fucking god Codes," Randy panted out as he moved a hand down Cody's thigh, feeling the spot where their bodies joined, slowly fingering Cody's already tight flesh, he really wasn't sure Cody could fit anything more in there.
"Do it!" Cody demanded, ramming up hard into Randy's already frantic thrusts, "Come on Randy......stretch me wide,"

Randy let out a guttural moan, Cody's words almost setting him on fire. Catching Cody's gaze and holding it Randy thrust his finger into Cody along with his dick, he could feel Cody stretching to breaking point as he fucked him with both his cock and his finger. Cody screamed out in pain, his blunt nails digging into Randy's biceps. Within seconds Cody was coming, stream after stream of ropey cum splashing over his own abs and hand.
Coming down from his mind blowing orgasm slightly, Cody looked up and whispered, "Cum on me Randy.......make me yours,"

Randy's head was spinning now, hot beads of sweat dripping down his glistening back as he came undone at the thought of the thick white ribbons strewn across the tan of Cody's body, marking him, making him his own. He gasped at the realisation that Cody just gave himself to him like that, almost choking at Cody's filthy words, scrambling to get his cock out and into his hand as he lost complete control of himself for the first time in his life, falling forward as his seed spilled out over the top of his hand and landed hot, thick, mixing with Cody's own on his torso.

"Cody... fuck, fuuuuck..." he practically screamed, holding himself up over Cody with one hand as his whole body spasmed and convulsed, his legs like jelly as he was forced to lower himself as they gave way at the same time as his arm, his hand still pumping along with the last thrusts as he milked himself to completion, collapsing, spent, delirious, almost sobbing as his chest heaved and he panted, desperately gasping for air.

Cody giggled at the sight, the mere thought of it being him that made Randy lose control like that causing his heart to beat loud and fast against his ribcage, he was sure Randy could hear it as he rested his head there.

"You okay?!" he giggled, wrapping an arm around him and patting him on the back, Randy opened his eyes, the sight of Cody's cum strewn torso the first thing in his line of vision and he drank in the sight, then lifted his head to quite desperately demand Cody's mouth. "I'll take that as a yes," Cody smiled cheekily down at him, and Randy nodded happily, falling back onto the pillows, feeling amazingly content.

"You wore me out," he said, quirking an eye open briefly and raising his eyebrow.

Cody laughed again, "Good!" he exclaimed, "That's exactly what I was aiming for!"
"Well you delivered." Randy smiled, turning towards him slightly, staring at him for a moment as he drank in the sight before him, "I was wondering..."
"Ah, nah it doesn't matter..."
"Say it!"
"Well it was just...."
"You know when you said, you'd dreamed about... us..."
"Yeah..." Cody leaned up onto one elbow to properly look at him, but Randy had his eyes closed, his arm cushioning his head against the wall and a small smile playing across his lips as though he was thinking about something he liked,
"Did you mean it?" he opened his eyes, turning his head at the same time to lock instantly with Cody's, looking slightly taken aback to find himself being scrutinised like that and blushed furiously at his clingy sounding question. But Cody's face split into an enormous smile as he realised what he was asking.
"Of course I did," he said gently, "I've been dreaming about you for fucking years Randy,"
"Yeah, for about as long as I can remember," he finished, stroking his finger lightly over Randy's sweaty brow. He coyly licked his finger, and they both burst out laughing.
"Gross!" Randy laughed again, pulling him in for another kiss and holding him there. "So, uh... did you ever dream about us, like... you know… the other way round?" and Cody turned to stare at him in shock, before a broad grin slowly spread out across his face.

Cody propped himself up on his elbow again, turning to face Randy completely,
"You mean…" he started, glancing down to avert his eyes, even after everything they'd done still feeling a little embarrassed about this, "You mean me fuck you?" he barely whispered.
Randy was still panting, coming down from his amazing post orgasmic high, the sweat still dripping slowly down his brow. He giggled at Cody's coy act, lifting a finger he eased Cody's chin up, forcing him to meet his gaze.
"Yeah Codes," he giggled, "Did you ever dream about us like that...... you.....fucking me?" Licking his lips in the most pornographic way, he trailed a finger down Cody's chest and into the mess they had both just made on the firm tummy. Cody's eyes never left Randy's finger as it slowly traced invisible patterns, mixing their release together.
"Because damn Cody........from what I just saw it looks like alot of fun," He drew his finger back and tentatively licked it, instantly screwing his face up, both of them bursting out laughing as Randy struggled to get rid of the taste.
"It's an acquired flavour," Cody giggled, "You'll get used to it," he shot over his shoulder as he got off the bed and headed for the bathroom, re-emerging a few minutes later cleaned up and with a warm wash cloth in his hands. Getting back on to the bed and pulling the covers back exposing the whole of Randy's naked body, he began to slowly clean him up, leaving no inch un-washed.

"Well??" Randy asked as Cody made his way down his body, he couldn't take his eyes from the long slender fingers gently cleaning him, he couldn't help but wonder what they would feel like inside of him, Randy'd had a taste of what Cody could offer and it had blown his mind, now he wanted it all.
"Well what?" Cody glanced up at him, knowing full well what Randy was talking about.
"Have you ever dreamed about me? Dreamed about being, in me, Cody?" Randy whispered, stretching out like a cat, folding his arms behind his head. He noticed the shiver run down Cody's back at his words and gaining even more confidence from it he continued,
"You ever dreamed about your fingers inside me Codes? Ever thought what its like to push that huge cock of yours into my tight, virgin, hole?? Huh??"

That was all Cody could take, he spun round, Randy's words getting right to his core, almost crazing him as he looked down at Randy's perfect body.
"Oh my fucking god Randy....you've gotta stop talking like that before I have a heart attack!"
"You still haven't answered my question Codes," Randy giggled as he pulled Cody down into a feverous kiss, pushing his already recovering cock into Cody's thigh.

Cody's brain was incapable of any other thought and his heart hammered madly in his chest, he ground his own very interested cock back in return as he panted into his mouth, "You really wanna know... Randy?"
"You wanna know..." he emphasised his words with hot kisses up and down Randy's eagerly proffered neck, "If I've ever dreamt… of doing forbidden... sinful... things to you ... of fucking you... of being inside you... so... hard... so... deep... until you screamed my name?"

Randy was panting now, his body trembled at the imagery of the words in tandem with the hot mouth, moving agonisingly slowly over his skin causing goosebumps to break out along the wet trail as Cody blew lightly, continuing his sensual assault,

"Yeah..." he could barely get the word out as a deep guttural moan escaped his parted lips, an invitation to Cody's to join them, eliciting a sound that sent Cody into overdrive, going straight to his groin as he devoured Randy's moans.
"Tell me..." he pleaded, "Please Cody..."
"Of course I fucking have," he breathed into Randy's ear, loving the way the breath hitched in his throat as the words penetrated his brain.
"Yeah...?" he was dying to know, he wanted to know what Cody thought about, about him, about doing to him...
"All the time baby, all the fucking time..."

"Tell me more..." His back arched as Cody ran his fingers down the sides of the long, hard body, digging his nails in just enough to draw an intoxicating groan from that luscious mouth, lip clamped firmly between his teeth, and Cody almost passed out at the sight, a shiver of anticipation running through his own body.

"You were so hard for me Randy..." he whispered into his belly button as he lapped at the remnants of cum still pooling there, looking up into his eyes enticingly, "and you were so filthy,"

He emphasised the last word with a smirk, working his way down lower, hot breath ghosting over the now fully engorged head of Randy's rampant cock, "Fucking begging me, demanding, Randy... so filthy..." the musky aroma of his own body engulfed him as he flicked his tongue over the tip, moaning himself as he kissed the inside of the tanned thigh, automatically spreading for him at the slight touch, "You wanted it so bad... I just had to give it to you..."

His hand stroked languidly down the pulsing cock to rest briefly on the rock solid mound below, "How could I resist that? Huh Randy? How could I resist you, begging me like that...?"

He looked up, straight into the entranced grey eyes glued to his every move with anticipation, unbridled lust dancing in their depths, bursting from every pore of his skin as Cody's hand slid below even further, to slide slowly, cheekily, down towards his puckering entrance...

Raising up onto his knees, Cody pushed Randy's already wide thighs even further.

"Open up," he hissed with a smirk. Randy complied, stretching himself to the brink, staring up at Cody through hooded lust filled eyes he arched his back, lengthening his whole body and flexing out his pecs and abs groaning at the look of desire in Cody's eyes as he writhed on the soft cotton bed sheets.

"Mmmmmm......Codes, I like you forceful like this," he growled, a hand coming up to absently tweek at his own nipple. "Please Cody.....don't stop…" he practically cooed with a seductive wink.

Cody stared in awe at the beautiful sexual creature beneath him, so wanton and willing, he truly couldn't believe after all these years of fantasizing about this it was finally happening and it was so much better that anything his subconscious could come up with in his dreams. Shaking himself out of his almost daze he grinned, scraping his nails slowly up Randy's thigh, dipping down to suck and nip at Randy's navel as his fingers finally made their way down passed his balls and began to circle at his virgin hole, just pressing gently as he licked round the bass of Randy's straining cock.

"I love it when you beg Randy," Cody murmured, eyes peering up seductively above Randy's balls as he sucked first one into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue, then releasing it slowly, his hot breath lightly ghosting over the wet flesh before drawing the other in immediately in for the same treatment.

Randy could barely form any words at all as he stared at the sight between his legs as Cody took his cock down his throat again, letting the excess saliva drip down to pool in his hand below. The same hand took over where the hot mouth left off as Cody's eyes met his again before turning their attention back to the bucking hips in front of him,

"Beg me Randy," he whispered, lips running over the mound of his balls to stop below as his other hand forced Randy's thick thigh towards his chest, granting him access as he licked a hot, wet strip all the way up his exposed inner sanctum.

Randy moaned incoherently, literally holding his breath at the action, his knuckles white as he clasped his knees to his chest in anticipation, "Ohmygod... please Cody..." he begged, "Please..."

"Please what?" Cody wondered, lifting his face to watch Randy for a moment right as he was about to take another long swipe with his tongue,

"Mmmmhhh no... please... don't stop..."

Cody swooned a little at the sound of Randy's deep velvet voice begging him and delved back in with renewed vigour, tongue running eagerly around the puckering skin, licking and sucking messily before plundering the hot hole deeply with his tongue, working it in and out faster and faster until Randy, going from completely still only seconds before, was a writhing mess below him.

"Fuck me... please... Cody..." he panted between gasps

"All in good time baby... all in good time," Cody smiled down before burying his face back into Randy's tight heat, slurping and probing deep into Randy with his thick tongue. He was mystified with the beautiful creature writhing and panting beneath him, only in his wildest dreams had he ever thought that Randy would let him do something so intimate, so utterly sinful to him.

Cody took a deep breath as he gripped Randy's dripping cock with his hand just teasing the tip with his thumb, he was going to take his time with this, he was going to make this the best night of Randy's life, before the night was over he was going to have Randy seeing stars and screaming his name..... all this he was positive of and he was going to enjoy every single second of it.

Propping himself up on an elbow, Cody took a few quick licks of Randy's bulging tip, groaning as the flavours exploded on his tongue, every one committed to memory for ever.

"Tell me what you want Randy," he purred, slipping his saliva soaked fingers below Randy's tight balls to tease very slightly at the slick entrance.
"Tell me…" Cody demanded, punctuating his words with a gentle push against Randy's tight virgin hole,
"P...please Cody.......I need you,"
"Need me? To do what Randal?" Cody cooed, loving the sudden power he had over the older man, "What happens next baby?? Huh??"
"Fuck Cody," Randy hissed, "Your fingers......please.....I need them in me......now…" he panted trying to push himself down on to Cody's waiting fingers.

Cody giggled at the sight of Randy desperately trying in vain to fuck himself on his fingers, and he teasingly ran them up and down a few more times, putting a little bit more pressure on the quivering entrance every time he ran over it, the way Randy's breath hitched and choked driving him on even more, before finally sliding one finger easily all the way in to the second knuckle.

Feeling Randy clenching tight around him, trying to draw him in further, clutching at the bedclothes, he bucked at the sight a little himself as he watched, his hips with a life of their own, knowing what would eventually be coming and wanting it sooner.

He slowly slid his finger all the way in, moving it in circles to get Randy used to the feeling of being invaded, his lips back at the entrance slurping around the stretching hole as he slid out, before going back in almost straight away with two fingers, easing them in fast as far as the first knuckle then all the way back out, before steadily faster working them back in to the hilt.

Randy was bucking into his fist as he attempted to impale himself further, his eyes scrunched shut, and Cody was entranced,

"Look at me Randy," he commanded, sliding a third finger in all the way with no warning.

Randy's eyes shot open, those grey blue pools alive, positively dancing with pained pleasure, a sight that literally took Cody's breath away. He gasped as their eyes locked, the electricity practically flowing between them as Cody eased his three full long fingers slowly back out before diving straight back in pressing and stretching at the spongy smooth flesh, completely captivated at how Randy rippled and constricted around his fingers.
"Randy.....concentrate on me.....just on me......it will get better, it will get so much better," he cooed seeing the pained look on Randy's face, the furrowed brow and the bottom lips firmly clamped between teeth.

Randy looked down, his hands fisted in the sheets as he tried to relax around Cody's skilful fingers, "Shit Codes........fuck......this is so......intense," he choked out staring straight into Cody's eyes, grounding himself slightly.
"Sorry.....fuck, its just...damn Randy, you're so damn tight, I've never felt anything like it before........you're driving me crazy," Cody whispered, his gaze never leaving Randy's as he eased back on the pressure to Randy's virgin hole.
"Just let me......." Cody let his words hang in the air as he curled his middle finger, searching for that little bump deep inside Randy that would make his world explode.

Randy's eyes bulged out of his head for a moment as his back arched off the bed, his whole body frozen as if he wasn't sure whether he was meant to laugh or cry. All he was capable of was crashing back onto the mattress, legs flailing as he gasped for air. Cody smiled, still for a fraction of a second before repeating the action, harder, longer, watching Randy come undone as he experienced something he never even knew existed,

"Cody... Cody..." he panted, thrashing his entire body as he struggled to control himself. But Cody just smiled even wider, his fingers continuing their slow drive in and out, right on target every time as he leaned forward, waiting for the right moment, just as Randy was starting to calm down, to take his cock right to the back of his throat in one swift motion once more.

Randy's back was off the mattress in a split second, his fingers fisting into Cody's short hair as Cody easily took the whole of Randy's thick cock into his throat.

"Fuck Cody!" Randy yelled, "Fuck....please, stop! Oh god no, don't stop…"

Randy didn't know what to do, his whole body was shuddering in pure pleasure, he had never felt this way before, he couldn't believe that Cody, his Cody, could be so spectacular, and as Cody gurgled around Randy's straining cock a stray tear leaked from Randy's eye and down his sweaty flushed cheek.

Cody stilled instantly, slowly he eased off Randy's cock. "Randy? Baby? Are you ok?? Did I hurt you......I'm so sorry," the concern was evident in Cody's tone.

"Fuck.....no.....I'm fine," Randy panted, trying to push his cock back into Cody's practiced mouth, "Its just....well.....you're incredible," he gasped, his flush cheeks turning an even deeper shade of red.
Cody positively beamed down at Randy's words, "Oh you haven't seen anything yet," he quipped as he pushed down on Randy's sweet spot again.

As Randy lost control again he was grasping desperately for Cody below him, trying to pull him off his cock, Cody wondering what he was doing until he made sense of the garbled words, "Please... Cody... I need you, here...please..."

Realising what Randy wanted, he withdrew his fingers slowly and climbed erotically back up the heaving body, only for Randy to practically accost him, devouring his mouth urgently and violently, the need in him so intense as he panted into his mouth and their tongues wrestled for dominance,

"Please... do it, I need it Cody, I want you so bad..."

"What do you want Randy?" Cody breathed, feeling the thrust of Randy's groin solidly against his thigh, rubbing his own back slowly, teasingly, "Tell me..."

"You..." Randy gasped as Cody bit down on his collar bone again, rutting furiously now against his leg, "I want you... please, Cody please..."

"What do you want me to do to you Randy?" Cody was panting himself now, the force of Randy's need as he captured his mouth again almost making his head spin with desire,

"Fuck me... for fucks sake, please... fuck me..."

The look of desire and desperation in Randy's eyes as he spoke those final words were almost too much for Cody, his dreams were finally coming true and were turning out to be so much more amazing than he could have ever imagined. He squeezed his eyes shut for a second, taking a deep breath, inhaling Randy's unique scent. Opening his eyes Cody seated himself firmly in between Randy's huge thighs, leaning down to kiss him thoroughly Cody quickly placed both Randy's long legs over his shoulders and pulling his body down to meet his hips he smiled down, a soft genuine smile that calmed Randy's shot nerves in the sizzling atmosphere,

"You ready?" Cody whispered as he slowly trailed down Randy's sweaty body and once again took hold of his painfully hard cock, stroking gently,

"I didn't realise just how ready I was," Randy grinned.

Cody grinned back, wasting no time in running the slick head of his cock over and over Randy's already clenching hole. "Mmmm, we are eager, aren't we?" he breathed, feeling the muscle attempting to draw him in, "Easy tiger..." he giggled, running his hand faster up and down Randy's straining shaft, holding his cock in place, still, just waiting. As he felt Randy relax each time he ran his hand over his leaking slit, his puckered entrance twitching, he pushed in a little further, letting Randy do all the work in his own time as his body relaxed slowly around his wide girth.

Cody's eyes were fixed to the spot their bodies were slowly joining, their skin sliding together in and out, his fingers drawn to feel where Randy's stretched entrance was accommodating him as he slowly pushed further inside.

"Fuck..." Randy was panting and gasping incoherently one second and holding his breath the next as he impaled himself, the strange sensations taking some getting used to, but blowing his mind at the same time as the incredible feeling of being completely full from the inside out washed over him.

"P..please.." Randy panted as the first few inches of Cody's impressive cock made their way fully into his willing heat, squeezing his eyes shut he attempted to steady his breathing and relax his lower half, feeling a little more of Cody's slick cock easing in. Randy's begging brought Cody out of his daze, ripping his gaze from Randy's stretched quivering hole he looked up, biting his lower lip hard, trying not to come on the spot at the scene above him.

Randy was sprawled out, his entire perfect body on display just for Cody. He raked his eyes all over the expanse of tanned rippling flesh, a soft sheen of sweat causing Randy to glisten ethereallyunder the soft lights. His eyes were scrunched tight shut, handsome face contorted slightly in pleasure and pain, hands fisted in the sheets tight. Cody reached out, tracing the dents of Randy's prominent abs, "Please what Randy?" he murmured, "What do you want?"

Randy slowly opened his eyes, locking those almost silver orbs on Cody, so much desire and passion flowing between them it nearly took Cody's breath away, "Harder," Randy whispered, "Harder Cody! C'mon, please!"

"Yeah?" Cody all but growled, his hips obliging before he'd even ground out the word, barely unable to control himself after holding back so long. His eyes were torn between the stunning view laid out before him, the penetrating wide silver eyes staring into his soul, and the sight of his cock disappearing up to the hilt in the tight, clenching heat.

He gasped as a strangled cry escaped Randy's throat, holding his breath as he watched him throw his head back against the pillows, eyes scrunched tightly closed, tears leaking from the corners as he panted Cody's name over and over, and Cody knew he was hitting the spot, directly on target to blow Randy's mind, make him see stars, make him scream his name. The thought caused a shiver to run through him, goosebumps breaking out all over his body at the image of Randy screaming out his name as he came, and his hips bucked forward uncontrollably and he knew he was close to the edge. Forcing his eyes closed to prolong the inevitable as long as he could he concentrated on the feeling of his slick shaft fully ensheathing itself in and out of the tight heat, and his eyes were drawn back without him even realising, the sight of Randy so wanton and open below him a sight he couldn't deny himself for long. But as he glanced back up, it was the eyes that locked instantly onto his the moment they met that owned his soul.

He gasped as he watched the range of emotions play out behind those beautiful eyes, eyes that were piercing so hard into his own he felt he might pass out with the intensity. "You ok?" he managed to choke out as they continued to move rhythmically, each thrust hitting Randy's sweet spot dead on sending waves of pleasure through them both. He gripped Randy's thighs tight, breathing deep, trying to block out some of the pleasure, quell some of the coilling in his belly signalling his rapidly aproaching release. "I......god yes," Randy all but sobbed as Cody powered back into his willing body, "You feel......incredible....Cody…"
Every muscle in Randy's body was tensed, Cody could see them rippling and straining under the silky, sweat soaked skin, every movement sent him spiraling closer and closer to the edge as Randy moaned and writhed beneath him. Sitting up slightly Randy pulled Cody down into a sloppy, teeth shattering kiss.

"Fuck Cody....oh my fucking god Cody…" Randy whispered over and over as Cody nipped and kissed his way down Randy's neck. Cody felt Randy shift under him and a hand snake its way between their bodies, slowly fingering the stretched skin where their bodies became one, the moan that escaped Randy's pouting lips as he explored their coupling was like honey to Cody and before he knew it he was falling hard into the most intense orgasm of his life.

Randy watched wide eyed holding his breath as Cody's body went into overdrive above him, the most intoxicating sight he'd ever seen in his life, feeling his hips driving harder, faster, so deep inside of him, once, twice, hitting the spot with such intensity, then jackhammering madly as Cody cried out, arms tense and trembling, literally shaking as he flung his head back, eyes tight shut, holding his breath as the feeling came crashing up from the very depths of his body, thrusting wildly and spasming out of control.

It was too much for Randy, gasping for air himself at the sight alone, and he felt himself lose control at the vision of Cody lost in the throes of passion above him, and he found himself pushed over the edge in turn as the hot body collapsed on top of him trembling arms finally giving way. He clutched him close, desperately holding him firm to his chest as his own hips bucked uncontrollably, spurting furiously as his cock milked itself dry, trapped firm between their sweaty torsos.

Forcing himself almost off the bed as he thrashed about, he clenched violently around Cody's ample girth like a man posessed, the feeling like nothing on earth he'd ever experienced before, his legs like jelly, brain incapable of any thought whatsoever.

So lost he was in the feelings filling his loins he was completely oblivious to his strangled cry, muffled into the crook of Cody's neck as he repeated his name over and over, fingers clutching so hard into his skin he was sure to mark the tanned back with numerous bruises, literally seeing stars behind his eyelids.

Feeling lips frantically devouring his own, needy and passionate, whispering his name, fingers holding their faces together desperately, resting their foreheads together as their breathing slowly subsided, he opened his eyes, not even realising they'd been closed, as they locked on a sea of questioning blue.

Cody brought a shaky hand up to Randy's cheek, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow as they panted, breathing into each other, clinging desperately to one another as the after shocks from their incredible orgasms wracked their exausted bodies.
"Are you ok Randy?" Cody whispered almost silently, not wanting to break the calm and satisfied spell that seemed to have fallen over them. Randy pulled back slightly still trying to steady his racing heart and focus on Cody's sparkling orbs.
"I'm...I'm incredible Codes," he giggled, pulling Cody back into his sweaty chest.
Cody smiled a toothy grin muffled in the crook of Randy's neck, "Good...I mean, I didnt hurt you, it was ok......wasnt it??"
The apprehensive tone in Cody's voice took Randy by surprise, as far as he was concerned he had just had the most amazing and mind altering experience of his life and it was all because of Cody, his mind raced as he thought for the first time about the events of the past few hours. Seeing Cody in the gym, the first realisation that he wanted him, the panic and confusion all the way through to the incredible clarity that he was experiencing now. Sighing contentedly he rolled them over so they were laid side by side, entwining his legs with Cody's he wrapped his strong arms round him once more.
"Cody, I'm so good right now I dont even have the words for it........I'm exausted and sticking and thoroughly spent, but I couldnt be happier," he whispered into Cody's sweat soaked hair.
"I was just worried you know? Worried that maybe it had all been too much…"
"I'm not going to lie Codes, it's all pretty intense.......but I wouldn't change tonight for the world." Randy said, not used to the insecurity in Cody's voice.

"See, I told you I was gonna make you scream my name…" Cody whispered throatily, smirking at Randy cheekily through hooded eyes,

"You sure did, and it was fucking incredible…"

"Yeah? So does that mean you might fancy a rematch sometime?" Cody waggled his eyebrows suggestively, a cheeky smirk gracing his face as he curled in contentedly, feeling thoroughly sated, and more than satisfied at Randy's answer.

"How about first thing tomorrow morning?!" Randy's eyebrows waggled suggestively in return, kissing him again as he reached over and turned out the lamp on the bedside table, snuggling in comfortably, suddenly exhausted.

"Oh really?!" Cody couldn't have stopped the excitement in his voice no matter how hard he tried,


"So that means you're not gonna run out on me and mysteriously have disappeared by morning then?"

"Uh, nooo, not unless you want me to go? I mean, I don't really know how you... usually play this..."

"Randy," Cody laughed, "I've spent so fucking long dreaming about having you in my bed, that there's no chance in hell I'm letting you out of it now that I've finally got you here!"

"Aw, so sweet of you, well in that case," Randy smiled into his neck again, kissing gently, "It's a date..."