My first time posting a story! i'm actually really proud of this fanfic of mine, i've always loved the story of little red riding hood, though i always felt there needed to be more to it! so here's me take on the story! enjoy ^.~

"Red, do me a favor and deliver this gift basket to Mr. Muffin while you're in town," my mom handed me a ridiculously huge and exaggerated gift basket.

I looked at it trying to hide my morbid disgust, "Do I have to?"

"Just do it , Red"

My mother had an unfortunate habit of being completely obsessed with gift baskets…and I delivered her insanity to the world. Don't get me wrong, we made a living off these things with a gift basket business, but mom also developed a knack to just give these things away for absolutely no reason. Didn't matter why, it could've been just because it was a Wednesday or maybe because Mr. Muffin smiled at her the other day and she wanted to thank him.

The older folks in town didn't mind my moms antics but as for everyone in the youthful generation…lets just say I'm the daughter of The Basket Lady.

"Hurry up, I need some more blue ribbons and a dozen inches of lace" I shuddered at the thought of lace…trust me, some of my moms baskets were an eye sore, there was this one with pink lace that scarred me so much that never again will I want anything to do with arts and crafts…

Anyway, my name's Scarlet, not Red, my mom only ever started calling me Red when she noticed the growing hair in my bald baby scalp was the color of fire. Well actually, I mean it isn't neon red, just dark red. Just a tad darker it would be brownish…okay, okay, the real reason my mom calls me Red is the fact I'm constantly wearing red…there. Ever since I was a baby. Red. I think she gets a kick out of it…but I guess it's also my fault since I'm constantly wearing my grandma's old red hoodie. It's simple and cozy I can't help it, beside my grandma gave it to me, and she's freaking awesome.

Man oh man that lady can tell great stories! Scary ones, nice ones, ones that make you believe in just about everything. My grandma lived a wild life back in her day, I choke every time she tells me about how she used to get out of some pretty tight spots, most of them being what she thinks were potential rapes…I mean I don't know what horrifies me more, the one-hundred plus times she could have been scarred for life or the fact that she laughs herself silly when she talks about them!

Granny's a complete lunatic, but in a good way, she turned out pretty well all things considered, she's even an author of…er…hardcore romantic novels? Okay fine, it's erotica but I don't want to talk about how my granny keeps coming up with bestsellers, because quite frankly I have no idea about it, and I don't wanna know.

Alright, now I'm rambling, just ignore me, I do this a lot.

So I just got out of the house and I'm on me way off to town, when I hear the familiar humming of a Harley Davison coming up beside me.

"Hey, Red…"

"Hey, Wolf…"

Wolf. Now there was a character, and as far as name status goes, my mom calls me Red out of affection, him, probably just cuz he can…

Wolf is a biker and he's older than me, not like really old, just can-be-my-older-brother-maybe-just-a-tad-older-old. But if you need a simpler form, I'll use the term Goldie, the most popular girl in town, uses, hot-old, not icky-old. And don't you dare start thinking anything, it's just a term.

Anyway, Wolf used to be some wandering bad-ass I guess before he decided one day he'd just stalk me for the rest of his life.

"Hasn't your mom heard about S&M awareness week?"

He's also a vulgar perv that loves to make me feel uncomfortable, "Is that even real?"

"Sure it is, don't you know how many sick perverts are out there looking for pretty girls walking around in the forest?" he gave me his usual wicked little smile.

"My mom's more concerned about wolves and the other sort of predator…" it's true, the only reason my mom got into the gift basket fetish in the first place was because a pack of wolves attacked her when she was little and people gave her gift baskets while she was in rehabilitation.

"You know as well as I do that there are scarier thing than wolves around here, Red…"



"Yeah, and I am so not scared of you…"

"You really shouldn't say those things around me, Red," he smiled more widely, "You know I get butterflies in my stomach…"

I punched him in the arm, "Oh stop it, you big perv!" I giggled though.

That damn perv was my only friend, I'm sorry to say. "So are you gonna stalk me until I get to town like always?"

"I'm going that way anyhow…"


He smirked. "Climb on, I'll ride you there"

Usually I'd flat out say no, but I didn't really want to deliver this basket anyway, so I got on the back of his bike.

"Another present your mom made out of the kindness of her heart?"

"We lose more income than gain with that woman…"

He rev'd up his bike and we were off, I admit that I loved the wind that blow on my face causing my hoodie to fall off. I liked the humming and the warmth his bike made, almost like it was alive, the vibrations made me feel good to, but not in the perverted way it sounds, it sort of calmed me. I had to give credit to Wolf, to, he new how to ride his bike, I especially liked it when he made the curves, in just one simple movement the bike's leaning dangerously to far in on one side, my heads almost touching the floor, and then we're up again.

Of course these rides are always cut relatively short, Wolf always has to drop me off by the time the town is about half a mile away.

"Why is it the rides keep on getting shorter?" he grunted as I got off.

"Or maybe you're just high?"

"I'm guilty of all but drug consumption," he said quite frankly.

"Just smoking and alcohol, right?"

"Yep," he smiled again, and roared his engine, "I'll come and kidnap you later tonight!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!" I said as he drove around back the other way.

I finally make it to the quaint little town I am forcefully bond to for the time being, don't get me wrong, I it's a nice place, but it's just too nice, know what I'm saying? Wolf says my spirit doesn't belong in this place, and I don't argue that. You couldn't find nicer people anywhere else in the world, and everything's like routine clockwork. They get up, they work, they eat, they sleep, everyone knows everyone and gossip spreads fast, it's very simple here, and I love them all to death, only

Ever since I was a little girl I've always dreamed of just a little more. There's no way I'd marry someone from here, settle down in a nice little house, like every other girl wanted to do. And everyday was just like the one before, way to routine for me, I can't count the many times I daydream about big cities and faster internet connection.

I've always wanted to be a famous singer and travel the world, go see far off places and meet all kinds of people! I know everyone in this town has labeled me the crazy person for thinking like this, but I don't really mind, I'd do anything to achieve my dream. I've also taken steps to achieve it actually, that's why I---oops! almost ran into Hansel and his sister…

"Afternoon, Mr. Muffin!"

"Mornin, Scarlet!" said the old pastry shop owner, see? No one calls me Red other than people I'm close to, and Wolf, "Oh, I see you got one of your mother's baskets with you! Is it for me?"


"Oh what a dear your mother is!"

"Yeah…" I tried not to cringe as I thought of the ninety plus dollars it took to make that basket.

I turned my self around and went to the crafts shops, "Say hi to your mother for me!" I heard him say, sure, an then she'll make him another basket, more money down the drain…

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