Author: I do not own the Sevenwaters Trilogy; that honor falls to the amazing Juliet Mariller. I do, however, own serious anger that I couldn't get to Fionn first. Girl, I would have CUT HIM. /gratuitous MadTV joke

Someday, I will be swept off my feet.

Count on it. No matter how much I'd like to look like Mother, how much I complain to Liadan, it hasn't escaped my notice that the women in tales are all like me. Golden hair, blue eyes, milk-white skin- these things add up to a happy ending.

Now all I need is the right man. Perhaps he'll be a prince or a warrior or even a great scholar; it matters not to me as long as he is handsome, kind, and utterly in love with me. I have faith that he's out there; he'll find me someday.

Liadan scolds me, tells me to come away from the window and that there's work to be done. Honestly, doesn't she know I can't be bothered? I'm too busy waiting for my true love. How will he fall in love with me at first sight so that he'll take no other for his bride if he doesn't see me?

No, I must stand here like a beacon for his sake. A candle in the darkness to guide my love home- something that dark little homebody will never be. And yet, even when I snap, she still nags on.

Sighing, I turn from the window, but not without blowing a kiss to the wide world first. He's out there somewhere; I know it. And when he comes for me, I'll live happily ever after.