John was positive he was going to die. "Sixteen pieces! How hard could it be?" He yelled. Sierra's brow furrowed.

"Shush! I'm really close!" She went back to the computer screen and the virtual puzzle pieces spread across it. Amanda looked up from her book.

"It's going to take awhile. She's pretty stubborn. We were playing another game, and she died one hundred times in a row before she quit."

"Shut up!" Sierra leaned over to smack her friend, but after missing went back to the screen. James went back to banging his head on the table, and Amanda went back to her book. James had already solved the puzzle ten times in his head, and was very close to going crazy. Her friend Amanda was resigned at Sierra's computer, but she probably wasn't as absolutely crazy about puzzles as Watson.

" Ach! I died again!"

" How could you die when you were doing a puzzle?" James said looked up from his head banging.

" If it could be done, she would find a way to do it." Said Amanda nonchalantly, going back to her book.

"Humph. And…. Done!" Sierra looked up proudly. Amanda didn't look up from her book and said,

"Are you sure they're all connected?"

Sierra turned back to the screen and huffed. James was going crazy.

"And….do-" James pushed her away and with a few clicks has finished the puzzle. A few clicks more and he had finished the next one. Sierra stood up and brushed herself off, huffed and announced, "I'm gonna go….to the bathroom."

"You do that." Amanda said, calmly turning the page, as if all this was perfectly normal. Which it was.

A/N Dedicated to my friend Sierra, who sucks at puzzles and once died 133 times ( In an almost row!) on a kiddie game. She also typed this ( Her keyboard hates me) and laughed really hard at the rough draft, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.