Holly stared at the target in the backyard. Her first weapon of choice was a gun; so far she wasn't doing too well with bullets. She was shaking; actually shaking and sure her dad had tried to teacher her…she could shoot close range just not long. Knives are what she was good at. Why couldn't they give her knives? "I can't do it," she sighed, her arms falling to her sides as she handed the gun over to Dean rather carelessly.

Dean reacted with a small freak out and quickly placed the safety on before returning it to the trunk of his Impala he had driven around back. "Obviously."

"Why can't I have knives?" she asked.

"Because knives aren't always going to be there."

"Well neither are bullets and a gun and I'm good with knives."

The elder hunter groaned and grabbed a few throwing knives. He swore if she didn't start hitting that target he was going to take a crowbar and just have her whack at it after all it was like she was trying to hit a fucking piñata. Rolling his eyes and grumbling obscenities under his breath he stopped when the can flew off the surface and landed on the ground with a ting. Knife imbedded perfectly in the middle. Holly looked back at Dean and Sam and smiled, excited and bubbled up.

"What else are you good at?" Sam inquired.

She began to open her mouth as she grinned naughtily but Bobby's hand covered it as her words became muffled and she tried to get away so then she could be heard. "Hunter based, that and medical," he explained.

The two brothers nodded their head. That left them more shooting practice, they had to teach her to shoot there was no way she could go without it. And they had to teach her a few terms and monsters…mainly the Latin exorcism so then she could use that if she were ever in trouble and they weren't there to save her. Finally hand-to-hand combat…Holly's mouth was finally uncovered and she glared at Bobby but then her face softened. There was no way she could be mad at him for long.

It was a big load to weigh on the boys and hell Holly apparently wanted this life. It's what her father wanted for her really but then again a lot of dad's with their kids that wound up being hunters were just plain idjits. Wanting this life for your own son or daughter? Bobby couldn't understand it but he knew that if he had ever had kids and what had gone down with his wife being possessed and he had to kill her…he wouldn't have done so. Would he? Holly was like a daughter to him since she practically lived in his house when her dad was away. In a way he was doing it and it wasn't comforting.

"Can we take a break? We don't have to cram it all in one day do we?" Holly asked.

"We better so then we can work on things the other two days," Sam answered.

Sam knew the trouble the moment she had picked up the handgun. What was she thinking? Why would she want this? No one really wanted this though or asked for it, but it was weird and unusual that she would…it reminded him all too much of Joe. Except Holly was more of a handful than Joe was when they worked with her once. Holly was…there was a word for it but he couldn't settle as a punch landed his gut and it made the air rush from his lungs. Not strong but it still caused a reaction.

"Now, you see, you have it all wrong right there," Dean pointed out, stepping up to the plate and grabbing her arms, gripping them he tried to hold them firm as he shook them a bit. "Strong, steady and sure. Whereas you have noodle arms and could wind up breaking your hand, your wrist or throw out something and you have to lead with your shoulder not you hand. Bad move."

"Okay." Holly's arms were released and she prepared herself and went again for the punch her face falling when Dean blocked it and twisted her arm behind her back. "Ow! Hey! I was just doing what you said!"

"Another bad move, you didn't expect to not hit the target, you expected me to just let you hit me. Always anticipate that every hit you give won't connect and will be put to a halt or used against you."

He released her again. This was actually getting kind of fun as he watched her remove her bracelets and rings, coming back to focus and he had to admit she looked a little cute trying to look mean and strong. Dean smirked and waited. The move she was making was anticipated as he easily grabbed and blocked, pinning her to the dirt ground as she wriggled, kicked into the air and punch at his chest trying to push him off. He actually laughed as she had her eyes squeezed shut, it was funny and yet not as she was moving so much that it was stirring things up down south. Grabbing her arms he pinned them above her head and quirked a brow.

"You done yet?" he asked, his eyes flicking down to her chest rising and falling between them before coming back up.

Opening her eyes she breathed heavily and stared into his green orbs. "Maybe fighting isn't my best quality."

"There is no maybe to it, it's a yes that you suck. We'll work on it."

Climbing off of her he pulled her up and she crashed into his chest sending him off balance only a tiny bit before he released her and walked away. Holly stared after, he was totally checking her out and hell she was frustrated that he kept pointing out her flaws but she wanted to get good and prove him wrong. Now she was checking him out. Turning to Bobby she slouched her shoulders giving a tired sigh, "Can we end training for tonight? I'm hungry and wiped out."

Bobby rolled his eyes. "Get yer stuff and go inside and order pizza. I can't promise that training is over for the night though Holly," he replied.

Holly furrowed her brows in confusion before glancing back at Sam and Dean. Would she be ambushed? It seemed likely and she wouldn't doubt Dean doing it for one second. Grabbing her bracelets and rings she put them back on before heading toward the house and inside. Once she was gone Sam ran his hand through his hair. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought. For a daughter of a hunter she had no signs of potential except throwing knives and maybe she was good fighting with bigger knives if they put her down to it. Everything else needed work and he wondered if this is how his dad felt when training them…well more like himself. Sam wasn't the best student either and was kind of weak at that time and like her didn't know how to do a damn thing without Dean beating him.

"Well this will be fun. I'm laying my hands off of this one, so Dean she's all for you," Sam voiced, seeing his brother grin he shook his head. "Not in that way and you know it."

The grin stayed but Dean shrugged his shoulders, "I have no idea what you are talking about Sammy."

"Yeah ya do. Stay away from her Dean. I'm not protectin' her. I'm protectin' you."

"Like she could really do damage to me she can't even toss me or hit me. I think I'm fine Bobby."

'Looks like he'll have to learn the hard way.'