Okay, the original of this was deleted with Nano design, which I still hope to maybe get back, but still, until then, here it is

Kronos Unleashed, Part 1

In a lab

A tall man with brown hair and a buisness suit was pacing back and forth.

"Master, I'm sure Nuts will prove sucessfull" a gray squirrel said in surprising english to the man pacing before them.

"Yeah, he will. Just because Omni lost that Barbtrix you need to power the smoothie purificator doesn't mean its gone, we just need to take it from a point we know he hadn't lost it, about 21 years ago." another one chirped.

"Yes, thank you Maple, same to you Acorn" he smiled. But he had no idea, what traveling back in time would do.

In the time stream

The squirel sent into the past was now sniffing inside of the past Omni's room, and found the pink omnitrix. But then as he traveled back, he set off a chain reaction. Why does things this bad and stupid always happen when his wife and daughter are away

In the present

"Got it" the squriel said jumping through the window through time.

"Great job, looks like I'm getting another billion!" he high fived his minions, before it seemed as though time turned into pudding, and not the girl. Then the air where the portal was shimmered gold. The portal cracked slowly, before bursting. And from the wreckage, stood a tall young man with pale skin, samely pale blond hair and a scar under his eye. His eyes, were disturbingly golden

"Who are you!" Tonto said, but his voice was sounding slow. The boy laughed.

"Who do you care, Mortal. I am Kronos, lord of time. You have freed me, from disintergrating when my body, wait!" he looked over his hands in panic.

"GRRR" he tried to unleash his true form, but failed. His rage then turned on Tonto.

"You, have trapped me in this acursed mortal form, you will PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!" and a giant cresent shaped sycthe formed into his hands. Tonto tried to activate his omnitrix, and his minions their power, but they were too slow.

"You can't do anything, I can slow time, and I'll thank you, by sending you to Hades!"

"Uh, no thanks" Tonto managed to say.

"Tough talk, now die" he rose his staff, before a blue sword flew out of nowhere and struck him. He barely had time to reflect it with his sycthe, as it seemed the Curse of Achilles had been lifted off his body. Then a swarm of gumballs flew at him, not affected by the slowed time space, and struck him like hail.

"I hope I'm not too late, I really hate being late to a party" a tall man in a lab coat said appearing in a flash.

"Your the time walker, I've sensed you've interfered in time before, Paradox!" Kronos glared.

"Yes, I am" he smiled. "Vector Prime, if you will"

"With pleasure" and a blast of blue light struck Kronos, sending him flying.

"I hope I'm not to late" a older looking transformer style robot, with a built like that of a old style space ship, and the same blue sword from before in hand.

"Not at all Vector Prime" Paradox smiled. Then they focused. In a flash, the binds around Tonto and the squirel's dissapeared.

"Thank's old dudes!" Tonto said jumping to the ground, with his servants behind him.

"I don't think it's over yet, you mind helping us deal with that miscreant" Vector Prime pointed at Kronos.

"Not at all" Tonto smiled.

(Tonto hit the watch on his wrist. Tonto then started to change. His body hardened into a solid stone structure. His eye merged into one. Flash and he was)


(His squirel's glowed a green aura. Two small fairy like wings grew on each of them. Small lightsabers appeared in their hands. The Jedi Fairy squriels were at full power!)

"That is pathetic" Kronos commented, before charging at the group.

"Gum ball?" Paradox asked before tossing one. It got struck to Kronos's shoe, but he kept going. Vector Prime charged and his blade met Kronos's, but with a bit of struggle, Kronos forced the ancient transformer guardian of time back

"Take this" Tonto yelled. A flash of rainbow light struck Kronos, but with his sycthe he reflected it back at Chromostone, who reflected it back in a loop.

"Master, we'll help!" Nuts yelled as he and his pals flew and struck Kronos with the sabers. But just growling, he swatted them away. Then he stamped the staff to the ground. A power wall of energy flew from it, sending the group flying. Tonto reverted to normal as he did.

"Grr, go change!" tonto yelled "Way BIg!"

"Oh, no you don't!" Kronos yelled, sending his sythe into the omnitrix that the goof multi billionaire had.

(Tonto started to slowly shrink as he was covered by soft white fur. He slowly got bigger ears, until he looked like a snow white rabbit. Then a omnitrix symbol appeared between his ears, as did two antlers. Flash, and he was)

"Tontalope, stupid god!"

"I am not a god, I am at Titan"

"What's the dif anyway. You want to kill me, Artemis wants to maim me, Ares wants my head on a stick, who cares" Tonto said still as a rabbit.

"Now, we need to take him out now!" Vector Prime advised.

"Good idea, time for a really big wad of Gum!" Paradox commented as he took out a gum ball the size of a Subaru.

"I'm with you there" Nuts nodded as their lighsabres changed into lasers.

"Cyber key power!" Vector Prime yelled as a blue and white key entered him. From his chest, a giant blue laser fired.

"Tontalope antler beam!" and a rainbow colored ball formed in his antlers. From their, a blast fired, with lasers and a giant gum ball joining the cyber planet key attack. It struck Kronos with a fiery boom.

"Good thing its fire proof" Tonto commented about his lab basement, one of his 2 dozen he had in his house slash headquarters slash lab. But as the smoke cleared, Kronos was still up, panting and covered in sticky gum, but still up.

"You, can't defeat me" he panted. "I, will have my vengence yet, especially Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, my sons and their kin, and you, TONTO!" and he dissapeared in a fiery aura.

"That's not good" Paradox commented as Tonto reverted to normal. He pointed at the watch, and the damage was repaired.

"Can you please help me, stop him!" Tonto begged them, and his minions, now off power mode, were kneeling to the two.

"I'm sorry, but as guardians of time, it is our job to make sure Time works. We can stop him from freezing you guys, but you need to figure out what you have done, on your own. I'd suggest the Greenian library" and the two left.

"So, what now?" Maple inquired.

"Only one thing to do Maple, to research. Know exactly what we may have inadventanly, in a way that isn't our fault, may have unleashed a villian. Oh, Wendy's going to kill me"