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Chad POV

I went to the cafeteria to get some froyo wondering why I haden't seen Sonny yet..where the heck was she all the other Randoms are here!

"Hey Random's where's Sonny?"I asked Blondie.

"In our dressing room, she wasn't feeling good, why do you care Pooper?" She sneered back.

"I d-don't." I hesitantly replied as her castemates rolled there eyes. NO ONE ROLLS THEIR EYES TO CHAD DYLAN COOPER AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!

I need my fight, it helps me get through the day!! Oh wow,I really need to stop thinking about Sonny, She distracts me when I'm working, Earlier today I messed up my line so many times my director called for a break, thats why I'm here on my little froyo run waiting for her to start yelling at me. I swear to god each time we have our little fights it gets harder and harder not to just kiss her, Her stupid pretty hair and gorgeous smile, not to mention her gorgeous chocolate eyes..ugh stupid cute! No, stupid beautiful! Stop it Chad! You're Chad Dylan Cooper, you dont fall in love with anyone. But Chad does. And I was madly in love with the Bubbly Brunette from So Random, AKA little miss Sonny Monroe.

As I was returning to my set I decided to take the long way, maybe actually seeing Sonny would help me focus more. I walked right up to her door about to open it up when I hear crying..wait crying? Is Sonny okay!? I barge in, stupid Sonny making me care, I'm Chad Dylan- Yeah I get it, but I don't care anymroe she deserves to see my sweet side, the real me. I see Sonny sitting on her orange couch her head down, "He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not." When the last pedal fell she bursts into tears again.

"Sonny..are you allright?" I carefully asked as I sat next to her reaching for her hand.

She looked up and pulled her hand away, "What do you want Chad? Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?" Her hand gesturing to the hundereds of pedals on the floor below us.

"Sonny, destroying flowers doesn't mean your busy, now why are you crying? " I asked her trying to look her in the eyes, dammit Sonny, stop looking at the floor, look at me please!

"I'm not destorying them!" She finally looked up and I gave her a look as if I were saying, "Really Sonny, Really? "

"Okay Fine! I am...every girl does it."She shyly said again blushing and looking away.

I tried to wipe the tears away with my thumb but she kept turning her head away so I tried speaking again, "Seriously why are you so sad Sonny, whats the reason behind all of this, Please tell me." I begged her.

Sonny POV

Why on earth was he being so sweet to me? Just what I need to tell him I've fallen madly in love with him and have him laugh in my face. Yeah right would he feel the same way...all the flowers said he didn't anyway,I stopped my train of thought and looked and Chad but looking away before I got lost in his pools of blue. "Chad, I think you should leave." I stated simply.

"Not until you tell me whats wrong." God stupid Chad and his being stubborn, and stupid me for not being able to say no to him when he acts like this!

"Fine..I really like this guy..Maybe even love him, but there's no way he feels the same way about me." I swear I could see his face drop a little bit and some..disappointment in his eyes? Nawwww.

He quickly got up from the couch and headed towards the door, " Well good luck with him Sonny."

"Wait Chad please don't go!" I pleaded for him to say, stupid Chad, don't you know I'm talking about you?

"Why should I stay Sonny? I have reherseal to go to anyways breaks over." Wow, he sounded mad.

Why do I care anyways? He doesn't feel the same way, and her he goes again being a jerk, I knew thinking he maybe felt the same way for me was too good to be true.

He interupted my thoughts, "Why Sonny?" He spoke softly, his back facing towards me.

I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder turning him around, "Time for talking's over Cooper." Next thing I knew Chad's hands were resting on my waist as he slowly brought his right hand to rest in my hair. My hands around his neck clutching his blonde golden locks begging for him to never let go.

Chad POV

"Why Sonny?" Thats it, I had cracked and Sonny Monroe finally saw my weak side, I didn't want to be here anymore. She loves someone else CDC doesn't do heartbreak, and Chad doesn't like the idea of it either. I felt her hand on my shoulder turning me around, "Time for talking's over Cooper." Hey that's my line on Mackenzie Falls when i'm about to kiss someone, Is Sonny about to-I was soon being shocked with the most amazing feeling that I have ever expirenced. It's like everything we had been holding in the past 6 months had finally been released, Wow, I guess she does feel the same way. Somehow we had made our way back to her couch, without getting a chance to breathe, I pushed her down onto the soft cushions as I carefully layed down on top of her, feeling her legs wrap around me pulling my body closer to her, I moaned against her soft lips at the closeness. Is this a dream? Her hands start to go down my chest slowly unbuttoning my shirt teasing me as her hands massage me in ways I never knew possible. I slowly detach my lips from her's leaving a trail of kisses down her neck finding her pulse and sucking leaving my mark, Sonny is mine! "Oh Chad." I stop kissing her admiring her face right now asking myself how I even got into this situation, oh yeah In the cafeteria getting a froyo becuase my director told me to go on a break, and I came by to see Sonny..CRAP! REHERSAL! I quickly get off Sonny even though that was the last thing I wanted to do, trust me. And start buttoning my shirt, She looked like she was about to cry again. I quickly go up to her again cupping her face in my hands "No Sonny please don't cry..I just forgot I was on break and my director told me to come back in ten minutes and that was almost half an hour ago!" Hmm thats weird, her face went from almost crying to a big smile..what the? This girl is so bipolar sometimes, I swear to god.

"You , are not going anywhere." She replied pulling me backdown for round two. And let me tell you, I was not complaining.