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Chad POV

"Chad Dylan Cooper, you're needed on set!" The loud speaker blasted my directors voice for the 5'th time since me and Sonny had started kissing, by now Sonny was on top and somehow she had unbuttoned my whole shirt. Her hands were roaming up and down my chest kissing it ever so gently as I'm kissing her neck earning the slightest moan from her lips, getting me to groan in response. I flipped us over causing Sonny to giggle, as I start drawing circles on her stomach connecting our lips again.

"Oh Chad, S-s-stop teasing me." She moaned breathlessly.

"I don't know what you're talking about Sonny," I smirked down at her closed eyes and big grin plastered across her face.

I kept rubbing her flat stomach, my hand rising every second Sonny's back arched into me. All of a sudden, I hear the Mackenzie Falls theme song I get up off of Sonny reaching in my pocket for my phone.

"The Mackenzie Falls theme song? Really Chad, Really? " Haha its so cute when Sonny says that, stupid cute!

"Yes really, Sonshine," I smirked at my nickname for her, "Now hold on a second! I'm sure you can handle not kissing me for a second."

I was talking to my director,telling him I'm in the middle of something and wouldn't be back for a while, As I'm still on top of Sonny, she would trail kisses down my neck,and everywhere on my face until she found my lips. I quickly hung up, reaching for the girl I love and pulling her closer to me, yeah that's right, Chad Dylan Cooper loves someone besides himself.

"Sonny there's s-something I have to tell you." No, no, no, no, no shut up Chad, she said she loved someone else, what makes you think its you?And don't you dare say I'm CDC this is Chad talking here.

Sonny POV

Oh great, he's probably going to tell me, he doesn't like me at all and it was a big mistake. He was turning a deep shade of red, his face down, I'd never seen him like this.

"What is it Chad? You know you can tell me anything," I told him, caressing his cheek's with my hands looking deep into his gorgeous blue eyes.

"Uh...t-this is h-harder then I thought," I looked at her, her pleading eyes begging me to continue, "I'm i-in love with y-you Sonny Monroe, I was jealous when you said you were in love with someone earlier, and I had come here to t-tell you my f-feelings for you. Forget me as Chad Dylan Cooper, the Hollywood bad boy and get to know Chad, normal guy – totally in love with Sonny Monroe." I was absolutely speechless. The words couldn't come out of my mouth to tell him that I loved him too. He stared lovingly at me as if he was waiting for an answer, a response, something! All I could think is wow, both of his eyes are sparkling.

"Forget it, once again, I'm needed on set I'm really sorry I confessed to you..and Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't get rejected."

"Chad," I giggled, " I love you too." I smiled at the goofy grin plastered across his face.

Chad POV

I rested my forehead against her's just staring into her eyes, never wanting anything more, Sonny loves me! Sonny loves me!

"S-sonny?" Crap, nervous again? Come on! you just told the girl you loved her, don't be scared, Will you be my girlfriend, Its not that hard Chad! You've done this plenty of time's before...But this is different, This is Sonny.

"Yes Chad?" She asked me with a worried expression.

"Will y-you...."

"Will I....go on." Her fingers laced in my hair, slowly massaging my head making me sigh at the feeling.

"Will you...b-be my girlfriend?" I looked at her face, Once again her mouth touching the floor, Well I am Chad Dylan Cooper, I don't blame her, It's not everyday CDC tell's you he loves you AND asks you out.

She smiled her biggest grin, "Fine." YES!!




Fi-" Ok seriously, enough of that. I simply cut her off by placing my lips back on hers, our lips dancing in perfect harmony. I sucked on her bottom lip asking for enterance and she quickly responded by opening her mouth, both of us smiling against eachother, I grabbed her neck pulling her closer to me, as if that were possible. I pulled back and looked at the beautiful girl below me, " I love you Sonny."

"I love you too Chad." She giggled,and then once again, she pulled me down giving me a kiss I'll never forget , I could get used to this.

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