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Kate Beckett didn't know when exactly Castle had become her best friend. It just sort of happened. After a few rough cases he would stop by her apartment and cheer her up and then go home, that must have been where it all started. But she didn't know why they had made it an actual every day routine. As of right now, Castle was on his way over to her apartment for another movie marathon.

After taking two bowls out of the cabinet she then placed them on the counter. Before she could take the spoons out of the silverware drawer, the doorbell rang and she found her heart rate increasing tremendously.

"Coming!" she said as she made her way over to the door.

Just before opening the door she took in her appearance in the mirror by the door to make sure she looked her best. When she finally decided that there was not a hair out of place she opened the door.

"Hey KB" he said.

She stood there looking at him with an open mouth as she took in his casual wardrobe. But gosh, he looked incredibly… sexy, even dressed down! He was wearing a pair of old faded jeans, which by now she knew were his favorite. She knew that unfortunately he did not get to wear them often because of his social status. He was wearing a loosely fitted white v-neck along with a leather necklace that Kate had given to him as a gift. He's not even trying and here he is looking so-

Her train of thought was interrupted when he asked, "KB? Can I come in or are you going to be rude to your favorite guest?"

"Oh. Sorry I just blanked out for a while. Come in, come in." she said as she began to walk back into the kitchen. "Close the door behind you!" she called over her shoulder.

Kate made her way over to the silver ware drawer and took two spoons out. As she turned around she didn't know the presence that was right behind her and walked right into his toned body while dropping the spoons on the floor.

"You know KB," he said as he leaned into her ear, "you should be more careful around me. I'm dangerous," he growled.

Finally snapping out of her reverie, she responded, "In your dreams, kitten."

"I thought we agreed not to call me that any more!" he said as he threw his hands up in the air while unfortunately stepping backwards.

Saddened by the added space between them she stepped closer to him and said, "no, you thought I agreed to that but I never did."

He sighed before saying, "Fine."

"What's up Rick? Normally you never take defeat this easily."

He didn't respond for a few seconds and he hoped she didn't' notice. "Oh, um, it's nothing really. Something's just on my mind right now."

Personally, Kate didn't like it when his mind was elsewhere while he was with her because she knew his mind could be anywhere. Being the 9 year old on a sugar rush that he is, it could be on candy. She assumed that it was most likely on the next chapter for Nikki Heat, Alexis or… the dreaded bimbo category. She was pleased however to know that he hadn't seen any of the normal bimbos after they started their every night get-togethers.

"Well, do you want to talk about it?" she carefully asked.

"Not right now, but later maybe?"

"Sure." She simply answered.

Kate went to pick up the spoons at the same time Rick did causing them to bump heads.

"Ouch." She let out.

"Sorry" he said as he noticed the distance between them and looked into her eyes.

The room stayed silent as the two got closer and closer and just as they both thought they were about to kiss, his cell phone went off.

They stayed in there place and Kate could tell he was reluctant to move away from their current position to see who the text message was from that ruined their moment.

"Aren't you going to get that?" she asked quietly.

"Sorry" he said again as he quickly kissed her forehead where they collided into one another before whipping out his iPhone.

She watched as he read the new text message and a look of disbelief and utter confusion swept across his face.

"Is it Alexis?" she asked.

"No, no it's not Alexis."

"Who is it?" she asked as she picked up the spoons, this time without Rick's help, and then made her way over to the freezer to take out the ice cream.

Should I tell her? He thought. Things were going so well between them now, they were best friends on the road to becoming more he hoped. After that almost kiss, he had to believe they would have become something more. He knew that he didn't need to tell her because there wasn't actually anything to tell.


"Answer my question Castle" she replied as she opened the freezer.

"I will, but can we maybe go out?"

She froze at his question before cautiously asking, "W-what?"

"Can we go out to dinner and then maybe a movie or something? I just-I don't know."

"You'd feel better?"


"Sure, just let me grab my coat."