'I feel empty,' Harry moaned as Lucius gently pulled his spent cock from the boys abused entrance.

'You always feel empty,' Lucius replied with a light chuckle that caused Harry to pout.

Lucius ran his thumb over that bottom lip, 'I've got something for you pet,' he offered huskily. Harry's eyes lit up but he continued to pout.

Lucius rummaged in the drawer beside him and pulled out a long box.

At first glance, Harry thought the box contained jewellery, or a collar! It wasn't what he found.

It was a dildo, a rather realistic looking one at that.

Harry looked up at Lucius in confusion, they had lots of dildos in almost every shape and size and colour. 'Another one?' he asked unable to hide his disappointment that it wasn't jewellery.

'This one is special pet,' Lucius offered with a grin, he ran a finger down it and his own cock perked up. 'It's an exact replica,' he offered as he thumbed the slit.

'An exact replica of-oh!' his eyes widened as he cut himself off mid-sentence, as he realized just what it was an exact replica of.

Lucius slid the toy into Harry's still leaking hole and the younger man moaned as his spent cock twitched and tried to harden. He had just had three maybe four orgasms?

Lucius covered Harry's body with his own and trailed kisses up his throat, where he left a hickey, and along his jaw to his mouth with its swollen lips and questing tongue and uniquely Harry taste.

'Whatever you do to it, I will feel it, I can feel you wrapped around my cock as right now,' Harry new it to be true because he was lazily playing with Lucius cock at the moment.

Harry cried out as Lucius played with the toy inside his arse.

'There's something else,' Lucius offered between kisses. Harry had to remember how to breathe, when he did, not that Lucius was helping, he found the box.

There nestled in the corner of the box was a silver chain.

'Silver?' he asked, aghast. Lucius knew that he couldn't touch silver, not after what Fenrir did to him that night.

'No fool,' Lucius gave a smile that all but melt Harry's bones, 'it's white gold.' He replied pulling the chain from the box.

Harry gently cupped the pendent that was swaying slightly. When the metal didn't burn his palm he carefully examined it. It was a crescent moon embedded with sapphires.

He flipped it over, because he was curious like that, and on the back was one word. "Love".

Harry blinked back tears, 'I do you know,' Lucius said softly.

'Do what?' Harry asked thickly.

'I love you,' Lucius replied just before he stole Harry's breathe, again.

Harry launched himself at the blond and buried himself in his neck. Lucius caught him but let himself fall back onto the bed.

Lucius sighed internally but held tightly to his own Wolf. The boy because even at 19 he still was just a boy, he had rarely known love.

His parents dying when he was still a babe.

His relatives treating him like an unwanted slave.

His friends ignoring him after he had not only defeated that monster but saved all of them and finally just abandoning him when they found out what he was.

Draco had stopped the boy from killing himself, and Lucius had welcomed him into his home. He had been weary of the older blond but they had had long talks and come to an understanding. That had been almost 2 and half years ago.

Harry hadn't known much love so when he found it he clung to it, much like he was to Lucius.