Harry pulled the two cake pans from the oven and frowned when he realized that there was nowhere to put them.

He sent the cookie sheets, all dozen of them, off to the corner and sighed as he caught sight of the four house elves in the corner.

'Can you start decorating and packaging the cookies, please?' he asked them, setting the cake pans down to cool before he slathered them with icing.

The elves beamed, glad to finally be able to do something.

Harry was nervous and worried and when that happened, he baked.

A lot.

The dozen cookie sheets, 6 trays of cupcakes, 2 trays of muffins, and 3 doubled layered cakes scattered about the large kitchen a testament to just how nervous Harry was.

He'd also managed to make a chicken casserole, a tuna casserole, a seafood lasagne and the pasta shrimp dish that he and Lucius were going to have for dinner.

'Harry?' Lucius asked from his spot in the doorway.

Harry let out an odd sort of gasp shriek as he spun around to face his husband, 'Lucius,' he managed still welding the spatula with the purple icing.

'What's the matter?' the blonde asked, moving to pull Harry into his arms. The brunet stammered wordlessly but let the older man embrace him.

'Hush love,' Lucius soothed, 'whatever it is, we'll figure this out together.'

It took a few minutes for Harry to calm down, and by the time he had, Lucius was even more concerned.

'Did the interview go alright?' he asked, wondering if it was the reason for Harry's baking.

'It was great, she agreed to take me,' Harry replied with a small smile. He was now the apprentice to one of the leading transfiguration professors in Europe, and maybe the world. McGonagall would have taken him and the werewolf laws in England now allowed it, but she didn't think she could help him, but she had recommended a friend in Portugal.

'So what's wrong?' Lucius asked again, now confused.

'I am so sorry! We were careful and I can't get rid of it, I didn't mean for this to happen,' by this point Harry was sobbing and Lucius pulled him closed, tighter.

'Hush love,' he whispered as he rubbed his back.

An elf tugged on Lucius' pant leg, it held up a pale blue potion.

'I need you to take this for me,' Lucius cajoled softly, and as a testament to the amount of trust Harry had in Lucius, he took the potion without question. It could have been anything but it was only a simple calming draft.

For a few minutes the pair just simply stood in the kitchen holding each other as the elves bustled around the kitchen.

'Can you tell me what's wrong?' Lucius finally asked as he moved a slightly calmer Harry to a chair.

Harry nodded, but didn't say anything. Lucius gently cupped Harry's cheek and the younger man leaned into the touch before he simply blurted, 'I'm pregnant.' He immediately turned beet red and his eyes began to tear again.

He started to apologize again, but Lucius cut him off with a forceful kiss.

'You will not get rid of it!' he stated heatedly. Harry's rant from earlier now made sense.

'But?' Harry started looking up at Lucius, his confusion taking the place of his fear. They'd had this conversation several times and every time Lucius had said no to children.

'When I said no to children, I didn't mean I never wanted children, I meant that I didn't want children until you were ready for them,' he explained.

Harry burst into great heaving sobs, startling Lucius and the house elves.

'Harry?' the blonde ask, placing both his hands on Harry face, trying to calm him again, his concern skyrocketing.

'Stupid hormones,' Harry hiccoughed, as he sobbed into Lucius.

Lucius only managed to just keep his chuckle from escaping. Narcissa hadn't been at all fun when she'd been pregnant with Draco.

'How far along are you? How did you find out?' Lucius curiosity was chasing away the concern.

'Two months and three weeks about,' Harry replied with a grin as he used his sleeve to wipe his eyes. He summoned some tissue and attempted to clean himself and Lucius' shirt up but the blonde waved him off and preformed a cleansing charm on the shirt.

'You still haven't told me how you found out,' Lucius reminded him.

Harry's blush deepened, 'after the interview Rosalita and I were talking and I blacked out, I was only out for like a minute,' he added hastily, 'and Estaban, he's the healer there, he ran the tests and he couldn't figure out why I had blacked out. And I haven't been sick or anything, so he was really baffled and he was asking all these questions and finally it was like a light bulb had gone off and he shoved everyone out and by everyone I mean Rosalita and Headmistress Espenoza, and he finally asked if I was gay and Merlin he was so embarrassed it was kind of cute and I immediately said yes, couldn't you tell? I mean I know you are and he got even more embarrassed and said that he was terrible at that sort of thing and then,' Lucius cleared his throat, he didn't know if he should be amused by Harry's babble or jealous of this Estaban, 'he said that he had one more test but I had to lift my shirt, so I did,' and he lifted his shirt for Lucius, and he noticed that there was a faint minty green glow on his belly, 'and he said that I was pregnant and that the glow would eventually fade, he said it was too early to tell the sex, but chances are that it'll be a boy and he looked really sad and I think something happened, he's single, I asked Rosalita afterwards, I think Charlie would look after him and he could heal Charlie whenever he got hurt and it's about time that Charlie found some-mmmph,'

Harry's eyes widened in surprise before he easily fell into the kiss.

Lucius pulled away slowly, drawing the kiss out with gentle nips.

'I was babbling, wasn't I?' Harry asked, as he fiddled nervously with Lucius' collar.

Lucius' chuckle was deep as it vibrated through Harry's chest, 'it was very impressive,' he stated with a grin, 'you've been practicing, haven't you?'

'Shut up,' he huffed, swatting Lucius playfully.

'Thank you,' Lucius said softly, pulling Harry into his arms tightly.

'I can't wait to tell Draco,' Harry grinned.

'He's always wanted a sibling,' Lucius offered.

Harry started to giggle madly, not that he would ever admit it, and Lucius gave a true laugh.

'So what are we going to do with all of this dessert?'

Harry looked around as if only just realizing how much he had actually made, 'oh, uh... I... well we could send some of it home with people when they come visit,' he suggested as he gently worried his bottom lip.

'Not all of it though, right?' Lucius asked, as he eyed one of the cakes in concern.

'No not all of it,' Harry reassured the older man.

'Master Harry? Master Lucius?' one of the elves that had been decorating announced himself, 'Your dinner is ready, would you like us to serve it?' he asked.

'Please, Baltus, that would be appreciated,' Harry replied.

'Dinner?' Lucius asked, he hadn't realized the time.

'I made that shrimp dish you like,' Harry offered.

'That shrimp dish?' Lucius repeated in surprise. 'Thank you,' he said, kissing Harry softly.

They sat and ate and talked. They wondered what they were going to name the baby, what they would need to get for it, when they should tell everyone, how they were going to tell everyone. While Lucius had gone through this once before, he seemed more nervous about it than Harry had.

That night Lucius gently pealed Harry out of his clothing, then kicked and kissed every inch of Harry's body, starting at his lips. He moved down to Harry's strong jaw and peppered kiss from one side to the other, before moving up and kissing Harry's forehead, each eyelid, his nose and then his lips again. He moved back Harry's chin to that long, taut column of flesh that was stretched before him, he suckled at Harry's Adam Apple, lavished all along the sides and front of it, even venturing up to Harry's ears before he nipped at his collar bones and licking at the hollow of Harry's throat. He continued moving down Harry's body, paying special attention to Harry's nipples then his naval and belly. He actually didn't get much farther as he splayed a hand on Harry's abdomen.

He glanced up at Harry, who was watching him with heavy lidded eyes.

'Please, Luc,' he moaned as he pulled his legs up, his feet flat on the bed.

Lucius ran his hands over Harry's hips and down his thighs, then back up the inside of his young love's thighs.

He cupped Harry's balls before running his fingers down to Harry's entrance, 'prepare yourself,' he commanded as he pulled away from the whimpering form on the bed.

Harry blindly searched for the special lube they used before coating his fingers in it and sliding two into himself, he moaned.

Lucius stood transfixed, as he watched the beauty on the bed, he quickly, frantically, stripped naked before joining Harry on the bed.

He slid into the willing body and then just positioned himself above Harry before he sat back on his thighs and then pulled Harry up to him.

Harry wrapped his arms around Lucius' neck and kissed Lucius as they both began to move, Lucius helping to guide Harry as he rode Lucius in a slow, steady pace.

It was over an hour before Harry finally howled his release as he bit down on Lucius' shoulder. Harry continued to ride Lucius as the older man babbled endearments to him as he filled Harry.

The pair sat interlocked, panting into each other for a long time, eventually, as Lucius slipped from Harry's body he laid them both down.

He curled into Lucius' body, wrapping himself around him.

Lucius tightened his hold on the body in his arms. He still found himself amazed at what he had with Harry. He kissed Harry softly, before settling to sleep with a small smile, much like the one that Harry had.